Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Pics Of Kristen & Rob At The Louis Vuitton-Marc Jacobs Exhibition In Paris


Vanity Fair Italy Scan @winnie_is via @victoria1985

Other pics of RK at the Louis Vuitton-Marc Jacobs Exhibition posed here
Hola Magazine Scan:


Scan by lasagarobsten HQ Scan via @Uchiland Untagged Scan/pic KStewDevotee
Thanks to  patsystew for the translation.  "Enigmatc and feline, Kristen Stewart  of Twi Saga and the owner of great legs, posed to the cameras in a very sensual way. Together with her bf, Robert Pattinson, whose love has surpassed the movie screen limits, went straight into the VIP area, avoiding any possible questions."

Small print - "Just as the vampire BellaS of Twi saga, Kristen Stewart seemed she was willing to devour the camera, dressed in a feline print mini dress....of the prefall LV collection, combined with heeled vanilla coloured shoes with a metallic pointer. Her bf, Robert Pattinson, let her pose...alone, but didn't separate from her after that for a single moment"

via SkylarLSpencer Thanks mah ladies. Rob's pic in the mag was posted in HQ HERE
From LuluRobsten A quote from upcoming Us Weekly about RK's night at Le Baron in Paris "They snuggled on a velvet couch and stayed till the early hours" xx Scan via epnebelle


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