Friday, December 9, 2011

New 'Snow White & The Huntsmand Trailer' From Mexico - Features New Kristen Scenes + Screencaps & Gifs

Translation by @planetKristen via @vonch
"This story is more than legend. I witnessed. I was there.A beauty so cruel that with its wickedness poisoned the land. And a kindness so pure inspired us" - The Huntsman.
"I want you to follow her and bring me her heart." "And if I refuse?" "You, hunter, are going to do what I'm saying."
"Now, that the darkness is over us, I will fight with the bravest, the most beautiful of all." - The Huntsman
"Mirror, mirror, just tell me one thing, who among them is the most beautiful?" - The Queen.

Caps via patronuska and   todotwilightsaga 

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More GIFs and screencaps under the CUT

More screencaps and GIFs at todotwilightsaga

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