Friday, September 2, 2011

Details About Marcus Foster's 'I Was Broken' Video Featuring Kristen

ThisisLondon Singer-songwriter Marcus Foster has been able to call on famous friends including the stars of the Twilight films in his quest to make the big time after 10 years playing in London pubs and bars.

Foster, 25, who has a debut album coming out this month, enlisted Kristen Stewart to star in his new video, launching today on YouTube. And growing up in south-west London, Robert Pattinson - Stewart's co-star in the vampire movies franchise - was Foster's best friend at Harrodian School in Barnet.The Boat That Rocked star Tom Sturridge, whose siblings were fellow pupils, became another pal. So when Foster got a record deal and decided the first single, I Was Broken, from the album needed a boost, Sturridge devised a script and Stewart responded quickly to an email request to star."I called in favours. I'm really lucky," Foster said. The video was wrapped up in five days in Kentish Town last week. The single is out on September 19 with the album, Nameless Path, a week later.
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PhotobucketStayLooseUk Marcus Foster premiered the video for his new single 'I Was Broken' yesterday afternoon on MSN Music. The video features as exclusive appearance by Twilight star Kristen Stewart and in a little over 24 hours the video has been viewed a staggering 223,000 times. Already it's become MSN's second most-viewed music video in 2011. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Edward/Bella & Edward Solo Breaking Dawn Stills From The Calendar

From the Breaking Dawn Calendar:

More pictures from the calendar (other characters) HERE | cybermelli

Lots More New UHQ & HQ Water For Elephants Stills

Robert Pattinson Moms| Via

Kristen Photographed At The Playstation Event In London Last Night


foforks | Via

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Water For Elephants Stampeding Into Stores Nov. 1 & New HQ Still

The Official Water for Elephants Facebook just confirmed the release date of the US Blu-Ray/DVD

Just announced!! Water for Elephants will be available on Blu-ray, DVD and On Demand November 1st!!

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Pre-order your copy at Amazon-US
Those of you who missed the chance to see "Water for Elephants," best known as the grand cinematic romance in which Robert Pattinson does not play a vampire, make sure you mark your calendars! The BluRay and DVD of the film are being released this November, along with special features that ought to make movie-lovers (and RPattz aficionados) everywhere jump for joy.

In addition to getting the epic love story between a struggling young veterinarian and a jaded circus star, the BluRay disc also features:

-A Robert Pattinson spotlight
-A Reese Witherspoon featurette
-A visual effects special feature
-Inside looks at script development and set design
-Historical circus trivia
-And, of course, an audio commentary from the film's director and script-writer!

Of course, we know what you like, so we've gone ahead and included a few more selling points for this prime piece of entertainment ephemera:
-Robert Pattinson wearing 1930s anything
-Robert Pattinson interacting with cute animals
-Robert Pattinson doing a charming American accent
-Just... Robert Pattinson! He's in this! ROBERT! YAY!

The DVD will be released November 1, so if you'd like to unwrap your very own RPattz (not to mention a complete three-ring circus) this holiday season, we suggest you put it on your wishlist.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

New Breaking Dawn Still With Bella, Charline & Renee 
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I love this shot!!!

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Oodles Of New Water For Elephants Stills With Rob

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