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New Pictures From The Set Of Breaking Dawn In Baton Rouge



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Official Title Treatment Revealed For 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1'


The Newest 'Water For Elephants' Still Of Rob & Reese Now In HQ


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New Robert Pattinson 'Bel Ami' Still & Possible Release Date

According to Optimum Releasing, it says Autumn release date!  Not so sure about that since Breaking Dawn will also be coming out in November.  We'll have to wait and see...

Twilight Star Peter Facinelli To E!: "We're So Busy, We Don't Even Eat Anymore"

Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser, Jackson Rathbone, Peter Facinelli, EclipseKimberley French/Summit Entertainment

We're sure Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are having fun making the last of the Twilight flicks, but Breaking Dawn is anything but a walk in the vampire park.

"We're so busy, we don't even eat anymore," says Peter Facinelli, who plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the hit movie franchise. "We just stopped eating."

Maybe the Nurse Jackie star is exaggerating a wee bit, but even so...

"It's a little bit more difficult," he told me at the Golden Globes about making the two movies at the same time. "It's a little more intimidating because there's so much work to be done, and you're jumping from one movie to another. It's not in any kind of order so it does get daunting as you figure out which movie you're in and what sequences you're in...

"It's long hours," he continued. "But we're putting in the work and hopefully it will come together as it always does."

That's not to say that Facinelli has any issues with director Bill Condon. "He's got the task and pressure of having the final two movies," he said. "[But] he never lets you see him sweat. He's always relaxed and he always takes the time to work with actors and he's always open to ideas."

As for the recently released sex scene pic of Edward and Bella, Facinelli insisted he hadn't seen it. "We're in the middle of work mode, so yeah, I don't get to see any of those because I'm on set," he said. "I never get to see any of the internet stuff."
Asked what the cast and crew has planned for their final wrap party, Facinelli smiled, ""I don't know. We're not there yet. We've still got like four more months to go."

While it may be sad to think about the end of Twilight, we'd love to hear what you think Pattinson, Stewart and the rest of the gang should do to toast (and mourn!) the end of their bloodsucking work. Give us your best wrap party ideas in the comments below.


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Official 'Water For Elephants' Website Goes Live & International Trailer Released

Check the Official "Water for Elephants' Website HERE

And here's the International Trailer 


Robert Pattinson's New Co-Star In 'Cosmopolis' Is...Keira Knightley!

UPDATE: Keira's name is not in Alfama's Film's site anymore. Marion's name was removed too. So who is Rob's co-star in Cosmopolis? Maybe they weren't ready to announce this yet? We don't know. Let's wait for official word.


According to Alfama Films'  website, Keira Knightley will be co-starring with Rob in Cosmopolis. Marion Cottilard, previously linked to the part, recently announced that she's expecting her first child.

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Reporter's Notebook - 5 Questions About The Kristen Stewart Vogue Interview

kristen stewart q/a
Photographed by Mario Testino
Five questions for Vogue'Eve MacSweeney about February cover girlKristen Stewart. Where did you interview Kristen?Eve MacSweeney: Since she had just started a year’s worth of filming of the two-part finale of the Twilight Saga in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I went there to see her. It’s a fairly small town, so at first I thought it would be fun for her to show me around and visit the local places she likes. Wrong! I totally underestimated how hard it is for her to go anywhere without being mobbed. We met in the house of a friend of hers on a gated property, and even then, if she caught sight of a teenage girl in the distance, she would virtually drop to the floor so as not to be seen. Did anything surprise you about Kristen?Eve MacSweeney: Since, as she herself put it, “I just can’t go to the mall,” she’s developed some unexpected hobbies. She likes golf (lots of space, not a lot of human contact), and she really is an excellent self-taught cook. She told me she reads food magazines and watches a lot of cooking shows. When we met, she made an amazing tortilla soup with all kinds of accoutrements, (see recipe here) along with pulled pork. Delicious! What did you learn about her approach to fashion? Eve MacSweeney: She had fun with the Proenza Schouler boys in our photo shoot, and she definitely keeps a young spirit in the way she dresses, like wearing short, not long. When she’s dressing for an event she likes to keep things spontaneous—she has her stylist pull three or four looks and puts on whatever she feels best in at that moment. How does she feel about playing Bella Swan?Eve MacSweeney: Kristen takes her responsibilities to Twilight fans incredibly seriously, because she knows how important it is to them that the Bella they see on-screen is true to the character in the books, which she reads and rereads on set. She was joking about the honeymoon scene in Brazil, which she had just come back from filming. As she tries to seduce Edward (Robert Pattinson) in a sexy negligee, the crew was urging her to “shake it up a bit.” But she said, “I was like ‘Aaaah!’ I couldn’t do it. It would have gone against everything I’ve ever been used to playing with her.” What did she tell you about her personal life?Eve MacSweeney: She won’t talk about Rob Pattinson, which is smart of her because if she started, it would never end. And she described how she keeps her sanity by “building a perimeter of people” around her that she can have fun with and not have to feel so aware of the strange circumstances her fame imposes on her. She has a very solid, close family and is really very down-to-earth, as well as being passionate about acting and intelligent about thinking up ways she can use her success to do good. Her plan is to find a way to help teenage runaways get back on their feet, a subject close to her heart after her role in Welcome to the Rileys.

Kristen Stewart's Tortilla Soup Recipe...FINALLY

Kristen Stewart Tortilla Soup Recipe

Need something yummy for dinner?  DomesticStew knows her food!

Kristen Stewart's Red-Carpet Résumé - Her Most Fashionable Moments According To Vogue

Hervé Léger by Max Azria 
Kristen Stewart at the Los Angeles premiere of Adventureland.
March 16, 2009

While Kristen has been working in Hollywood almost her entire life, it was the wild success of Twilight in 2007 that pushed her—and her fashion choices—into the spotlight. She gamely took up the challenge by stepping out in short, stylish looks that are pretty without being too sweet. After reviewing the past few years of photographs—from her premieres, awards, and appearances in LA, New York, and beyond—here are a few of the fashion favorites.

Proenza Schouler 
Kristen Stewart attends The Twilight Saga: New Moon in London.
November 11, 2009

Jason Wu 
At a screening of New Moon in Tennessee.
November 17, 2009.

Oscar de la Renta 
At The Twilight Saga: New Moon Los Angeles premiere.
November 16, 2009

Stewart at the Orange British Academy Film Awards.
February 21, 2010

Monique Lhuillier 
At the 2010 Academy Awards.
March 7, 2010.
(My favorite!)

The actress at the L.A. premiere of Love Ranch.
June 23, 2010

Elie Saab 
Stewart arriving to the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.
June 24, 2010

Kristen Stewart at the premiere of Welcome to the Rileys in New York.

October 18, 2010.

Sources Say Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are "Just Fine"

Kristen Stewart, Robert PattinsonLester Cohen/
Boy, you Twi-hards love to pick and choose when it comes to what you read.

After pointing out there was an unfamiliar female face with Robert Pattinson and Andrew Garfield's entourage during the HBO Golden Globes afterparty, a wildfire of debate set off in the comments.

Naturally, half of you decided to ignore the three times where we said Rob acted like the perfect boyfriend all night.
But now rumors are swirling that Pattinson and the blonde went home together.

So let's just get it out of the way and do a Robsten update shall we?

First off, as we said, R.Pattz left the party solo instead of raging into the night like most of his Hollywood peers. Let's repeat that again: He went home solo and early. There was no two-car conspiracy involving the blonde in one coming to meet up with him later. Trust.

Pattinson was in town all weekend (doing Water for Elephants reshoots) and stayed in the entire time he was here. A single R.Pattz wouldn't do that.

In fact, rumor has it Stewart came back with Rob for his quick trip to L.A. (and we're digging more into this, promise). 

Was it a secret fitting for an Oscar gown perhaps?

But onto Robsten's relaysh:

"No," was the to-the-point answer we got when we begrudgingly asked our Robsten source about those ridiculous rumors that Stewart had dumped Pattinson.

"They seem happy as usual together," adds the insider, despite Kristen dodging the Pattinson bullet in the latest issue of Vogue.

Look, we told you before when R and K briefly split, and we'll do it again if we have to. But Kristen and Rob are as good as ever.

Does that ease your hearts?

Of course not.


More NEW Pictures Of Rob On The Water For Elephants Set Yesterday & Director Francis Lawrence Tweets "All Finished"

And director Francis Lawrence tweeted earlier that the re-shoots are all finished

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