Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Robmas - Part 2! Four New Photoshoot Outtakes

From the Stewart Shining photoshoot:

From the Carter Smith photoshoot:

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Merry Robmas!!! 2 New Photos Of Rob In A London Pub On Christmas Eve


on our way to the pub, fingers crossed rob pat will pop in.
casual bit of rob pat on xmas eve


from flippystew:

"RPatz @ “pub” in London
It’s from tonight, it’s London, about an hour ago (thats about 00.30 in London) N ( the one on the right) spoke to him for about 40 mins, shook his hand, got a ciggie from him (she doesn’t smoke) and he KISSED her cheek!- carol Saxon

Friday, December 24, 2010

New Official Breaking Dawn Set Photo Tweeted By Bill Condon

"Happy Holidays from the Swan home to yours." -Bill

Did you count the stockings? Must be from BD part 2 since Bella is already a vamp when they go to visit Charlie for the holidays!

The 12 Days Of Twilight 2010 - Merry Christmas!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

'Water For Elephants' Gets A New Release Date

According to Box Office Mojo, 20th Century Fox has shifted the release date for 'Water for Elephants'. The new release date is April 22, 2011 (previous date was April 15,2011). 

'Breaking Dawn' Officially Goes On Holiday Break

Here are some updates from the cast in Baton Rouge this week:

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Can Christoph Waltz & Reese Witherspoon Help Robert Pattinson Transcend Twilight?

Robert Pattinson as Jacob Jankowski and Reese Witherspoon as 
Marlena Rosenbluth - "Water For Elephants" (2011)

Fangs or suspenders ... which shows off Robert Pattinson's sexy side more? 

That's the question pre- and post-tween Twi-hards still swooning over Rpattz's Edward Cullen may be pondering when they glimpse set snapshots from his upcoming Great Depression-era epic Water for Elephants. Those who appreciate Pattinson for his more serious, less supernatural roles in Remember Me and Little Ashes are probably asking themselves the same question.

Whether or not you respect Pattinson's cinema presence doesn't really matter, though; there are plenty more reasons to get butterflies in your belly in anticipation of the April 2011 adaptation of Water for Elephants. Based on Sara Gruen's best-selling historical novel, it's a tale imbued with the sort of enchanted nostalgia that makes one feel like they've stepped inside a faded, sepia-tinged photograph or yellowed newspaper clipping scene and traveled back in time to tiptoe through the lives of the strangers in the pictures. Or as if they've perhaps snuck into the memories of a 93-year-old former circus veterinarian -- like the hero of Gruen's book, Jacob Jankowski. 

Jacob narrates the beginning of his memoir from a nursing home as he surveys the installment of a traveling circus from his bedroom window. It stirs up memories of his youth as a 23-year-old carrying water for elephants and otherwise caring for a menagerie of circus animals during the 1930s. If that's not enough of a plot to entice you into Jankowski's circus, add to it the love triangle he forms with his married amour, the dazzling equestrian star Marlena (Reese Witherspoon), and her charismatic but brutal husband August (Christop Waltz replacing Sean Penn). (Rumor has it, in the movie August may end up being an amalgam of two of the novel's characters: August and tyrant circus owner Uncle Al.) Pile onto that paralyzed drunk pal Camel, who hides out in Jacob's train car; his ally Walter the dwarf; Rosie the marvelous and mistreated elephant; and the scandalous Coochie Girls. Set it all in the hard-knocks landscape of the Great Depression and you have the makings of a spectacularly thrilling, poignant, and romantic adventure. And not airbrushed rom-com romance, but rather love with gritty, witty, engrossing, true-to-life twists and turns that resonate like they've been lifted from the pages of your intrepid grandpa's diary. 

Need more reason to add Water for Elephants to your spring movie schedule? Two words: Christoph Waltz. When the talent behind the nutty Oscar-winning Nazi from Inglourious Basterds slips on the shoes of a schizophrenic ringmaster, odds are good he'll give a show-stopping performance -- the kind that could earn him Academy Award number two. It will also be interesting to see if Pattinson holds his own with Witherspoon and if the two can make sparks fly. Water for Elephants is directed by I Am Legend's Francis Lawrence with P.S. I Love You screenwriter Richard Lagravenese penning the adapted script. So far, Water for Elephants seems like a cinema circus worth buying a ticket to see.

Rob Makes EW's 30 Sexiest Stars Of 2010

ROBERT PATTINSON (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse)
Yes, Edward's still dreamy enough to make a girl want to turn vampire to spend eternity with him, but honestly, we're never more drawn to Pattinson than when he's being himself, whether it's playfully arguing with Stewart on the Eclipse DVD commentary or going door-to-door in Chicago inviting Twihards to a taping of Oprah

Eclipse Makes Moviefone's Best Movies Of 2010


49. 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'
We know what you're thinking: 'Twilight'? Really?! But before you judge, hear us out: While it didn't exactly reinvent 'Citizen Kane,' at the end of the day, 'Eclipse' was a pretty fun time at the movies. Sure, it had its fair share of 'Twilight' trappings, and we still think Bella would have been better off with Jacob, not Edward. But as an action-thriller, 'Eclipse' totally worked. (The scene in which Bryce Dallas Howard gets her head smashed? Awesome.) If ever there was a time to embrace 'The Twilight Saga,' it would be 2010. -- Andy Scott

Only #49???  Fail...

For the rest of the list check out: Moviefone

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rob Is #6 & Kristen Is #7 On Forbes' "Hollywood's Highest-Grossing Actors In 2010"


In Hollywood it's all about the box office. If your film brings in big bucks, expect producers, studios and casting directors to come calling. Here are the actors whose films grossed the most in 2010. We gave each star credit for the entire global box office of each film he or she starred in. We didn't count animated movies.

For the sake of this list, we're only looking at box office gross. We looked at the earnings for the top films of the year and credited each star the entire box office. So if an actor starred in two big movies (like DiCaprio did) he got credit for both. We did not include animated films, although they were some of the top-earning of the year, because the stars aren't really the big draw for those films. 

#6 Robert Pattinson
$749 million
The Twilight films have been perennial earners, so it's no surprise to see Pattinson on this list. He ranks above his costar Kristen Stewart thanks to Remember Me, a weepy romance that earned a healthy $56 million on an estimated budget of $16 million. Pattinson's next film is an adaptation of the bestselling book Water for Elephants.

#7 Kristen Stewart
$698 million
Like her costar Pattinson, Stewart starred in a non-Twilight film this year. It didn't perform very well though. The Runaways brought in only $4.7 million. The final Twilight book, Breaking Dawn, has been divided into two films that are both sure to be big earners. The first hits theaters in November 2011.


Jimmy Fallon - 'Robert Is Bothered' By Christmas

Last night, Robert Pattinson is back with an all new installment of Robert is Bothered! This time, he's really bothered by Christmas shopping.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Jimmy Fallon Preview - Robert Pattinson Is “Bothered” By Christmas Shopping

Jimmy Fallon will air a new “Robert Is Bothered” tonight.
For the uninitiated, these popular segments feature the “Late Night” host as a brooding, tree-residing “Robert Pattinson” explaining why various things bother him.
So what will tonight’s installment cover?
A source involved in the production tells Gossip Cop, “It’s about how Christmas shopping bothers him.”
Holidays have bothered “Pattinson” before.
We look forward to hearing tonight’s gripes.


Kristen Stewart - 2010 The Stylish Year In Review


{L-R} Azzaro, Chanel Couture, Emilio Pucci, Custom Monique Lhuillier and Doo.Ri

The originator of this compilation has asked that only one picture be posted from her work. For the rest of the compilation please head over to the source below.


Kristen & Rob Come In At #2 And #3 On IMDB's 2010 STARMeter

(Last year: #2) 

Messrs. Depp and Pattison did a do-si-do around Ms. Stewart, who holds steady at number two thanks to continued Twilight frenzy, while also expanding her acting horizon in The Runaways and Welcome to the Rileys.

3. Robert Pattinson

(Last year: #1) 

Our favorite sparkly vampire tumbled from the top spot this year, even as EclipseTwilight fever to unforeseen heights. Don't worry, Edward -- Remember Me, we don't. escalated

These STARmeter™ rankings were not based upon critical assessments or box-office performance but the actual search behavior of the more than 100 million monthly unique users of The results are an aggregate of weekly STARmeter rankings from

Kristen Stewart Makes ELLE's Celebrity Makeovers 2010

The most dramatic morphs of the year:

Joan Jett is pretty fabulous—and her iconic mullet do has definitely left its mark (see the Jean Paul Gaultier spring 2011 runway for evidence). But let’s face it—it’s not always the easiest cut to pull off. Though Stewart rocked the style awesomely for her role as Jett in The Runaways, we were happy to see her return to Bella Swan–esque strands in 2010.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Top Ten Heart-Stopping Moments Of The Water For Elephants Trailer


Much to our squealing delight, the Water For Elephants trailer debuted last night. Ladies, hold on to your ovaries. It’s chock-full of tanned, coiffed Robert Pattinson (photos) doing more than his fair share of longing stares and lip licking. We love us some Edward Cullen, but Rob’s styling for the role of Jacob Jankowski may have just taken the cake for his hottest look ever. The movie actually looks quite good and the editor threw us all a bone(r) by including no small amount of RPattz eye candy. For your on-loop viewing pleasure, we’ve rounded up the top ten Rob-laden moments that made our hearts stop.
10. Rob’s best Chuck Bass impression.
9. Rob lip-licking whilst spying. Yes, please!
8. Rob in his 1930s casualwear, furrowing like he means business.
7. Gulp. Rob experiencing love at first sight.
6. Rob stumbling upon the circus.
5. Giggly card shark Rob.
4. Reese Witherspoon licking the frosting off Rob’s face. At least, we hope that’s what she’s doing.
3. Sweating, lusting Rob.
2. Playing 3rd wheel, as a GQ motherf*cker.
1. The only thing more precious than Rob with an elephant is Rob with an infant.
Did we miss any drool-worthy moments? Let us know in the comments.

A whopping 57 high-quality stills from the trailer below. Poster-worthy ones of RPattz included.


Breaking Dawn Production Update - Cast Tweets For The Week

Sounds like Lainey Gossip's report from earlier this week was right on the money.  Cast tweets confirm that they've been filming scenes from Breaking Dawn Part 2 including the battle scene.  

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