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Rob & Kristen Get Cozy At Breaking Dawn Cast Dinner In Baton Rouge

Robert Pattinson, Kristen StewartKevin Winter/Getty Images
The Breaking Dawn cast got some much deserved free time out in Baton Rouge, La., recently, hitting up Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar.

"It was a lot of the cast and crew," a source who was also at the restaurant confirms to E!. "They were in the private back room and seemed in great spirits. Everyone had a really great time."

This obviously included Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, who make no effort to hide their relaysh these days.

Here's the PDA scoop!

"They were sitting down and talking together most of the dinner," dishes our insider who snooped at what was taking place in the private digs. "Wherever Kristen was, he was, and visa-versa."

"[Rob and Kristen] were holding hands at some point, and when they got up to mingle with everyone for a bit he kept his hand on her back," adds the source. "They were really cute. And no one in attendance seemed surprised at their affection."

Jeez, maybe that's because Robsten was so on the moment they first met while making out on Catherine Hardwicke's bed!

With each movie the couple has become increasingly more public with their romance, aside from blabbing about it in the media of course.

And since we have been lucky enough to witness such cuddlefests before, we're sure this dinner was no different.

Love it, or love it?


Rob & Taylor Make Cosmopolitan Mag's 20 Hottest Guys Of 2010

 'The 20 Hottest Guys of 2010'

Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner
"We just can't choose between Team Edward or Jacob — we're Team Hot, and these two both play for that side."

Friday, December 10, 2010

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Get Romantic in Louisiana

Onscreen lovebirds Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are making no secret of their real-life romance while shooting the latest Twilight installment.

The pair, along with the rest of the film's cast, are now filming Breaking Dawn in Baton Rouge, La., after a stop in Brazil, and have been seen getting cozy around the southern city.

Pattinson, 24 and Stewart, 20 recently joined about two dozen other cast members for a private dinner at Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar, but seemed to only have eyes for one another.

"Kristen and Rob were very couple-like," a restaurant source tells PEOPLE. "There was a lot of hand-holding, sitting next to each other. Everyone was talking around the room, but Kristen and Rob were just talking to each other, not really into the conversations everyone else was having."

At another outing to Cadillac Café, a strip-mall karaoke bar less than a mile from the studio where shooting is taking place, the two were spotted looking "very much a couple," says an onlooker.

"I mean, they weren't slobbering all over each other … but they sure looked like a couple and were talking with each other like a couple," the onlooker says. "They [seem like] a couple in love."

Another hot romance in the cast, which breaks for the holidays next week, is Joe Jonas, 21 and Ashley Greene, 23. The duo have been seen together all over Baton Rouge, at restaurants including TJ Ribs and California Pizza Kitchen.

An employee at Fred's Bar tells PEOPLE that Jonas and Greene have shown up "a couple of times" to listen to bands. "They were definitely together, holding hands," the source says. "A few people recognized them, they were pretty cool."

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Robert Pattinson #1 On PopSugar's Top 5 Singing Stars of 2010

A few celebrities known more for their acting than singing gave some surprisingly great musical performances this year....Rob's performamce (see it below) for 'Songs from a Room' tops them all.


'Water for Elephants' Trailer With Robert Pattinson Coming NEXT WEEK

Squees & jumpy claps!  Merry Robowski Christmas to us all!

Robert Pattinson Gets Hot & Sweaty Late Night At Louisiana Gym

Robert Pattinson is spending his nights getting hot and sweaty at a local Baton Rouge, La., gym, we’re told. has learned that Rob was spotted working out at Fusion Health and Fitness in Prairieville, La., right after Thanksgiving, and our source tells us that he “looked like a total pro!” (No word on whether he went shirtless for the workout.)

“Rob came in at night right before closing, and he spent the entire time lifting weights,” a source tells us. “He seemed like he really knew what he was doing, but he spent the time keeping to himself, not talking to anyone really.”

The source added that Rob’s reason for picking this low-key gym is its close proximity to one of the Breaking Dawn set locations. We’re guessing Rob is trying to compete with his costars Kellan Lutz and Taylor Lautner’s hot bods.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vampire Sex & Major Script Spoilers From Breaking Dawn Part 2


You’ve been wanting to know about Breaking Dawn, the movie(s). Details from the Part 1 screenplay are here. As previously noted, they are filming both parts concurrently. Last week after Thanksgiving, on a sound stage in Louisiana, Stewart and Pattinson worked on the Vampire Sex Scenes that take place immediately after Bella gets turned. They’ve also shot some Christmas sequences. Pattinson’s had a few days off since last Thursday – today being the last – and Stewart had almost the same days off save one in the middle. Then they both resume shooting for the next week or so at the Cullen House where she’s pregnant and feeling like sh-t. 

As for the script details...

Please note there are spoilers below. Some people don’t mind spoilers. Some can’t handle it. Please consider yourself warned. And I’ll give you more warning as we progress. But this is your chance to change the channel. 

As I’ve already said, the screenplay is SO MUCH BETTER than the source material. There are the obligatory Twilight cheese moments, sure, but considering that this is adapted from a book that was embarrassingly bad, I’d say the writer did a pretty impressive job, especially with this second part. 

I like the tension between Bella and the wolves when she finds out Jacob has attached himself to her baby. She smacks him around. And then his wolf friends try to step in and she smacks them around too and everyone’s all like – oh Bella she’s so strong, roar.

You sappy types will enjoy some tender family moments between Bella and Edward and the child with the dumb name as they come together for the first time. Oh and backtracking for a minute, the movie is supposed to open with some loveness too as Bella “meets” Edward as a vampire and they bump hearts. 

K, so after the baby business they head over to the Cottage for what’s described as a “second honeymoon” with notes from the screenwriter that stress that this is to be VAMPIRE SEX and totally different from when they had sex before. Which basically means that they start mashing up against each other without restraint. Especially him. So there are a lot of accelerated motion quick cuts – him on top, then her on top, the camera’s speeding around them, they’re speeding around each other, like porn on 30x, legs and arms are whizzing by, at one point, a wall is smashed; she does it when she’s the aggressor, pinning him like he’s the weaker one, it’s his wrist that breaks the brick in the wall, until he throws her off, but landing on top of her, wildly and when I was reading this I kinda pictured mechanical monkeys but I think the close-ups on the face will make up for that. In between the quick edit speed sex, they’re supposed to zoom in on faces, all lusty and wanton and she puts her hands through his hair a lot. 

Time passes. 

Hours. Days. 

Maybe weeks. 

They’re so lost in the f-cking. 

I like how it concludes. Limbs entwined on a chair in front of a fire. Specific instructions that they are not to look like human beings who’ve just had each other. Vampires do it like Victoria Beckham. Don’t mess with the makeup. No redness, no exertion, no flushing, no sweat. And then some pillow talk about how they can’t imagine how any other couple could be hotter and they could out jungle-sex Brad and Angelina. I may have made up the part about Brad and Angelina but that’s the general idea – that Bella and Edward think they’ve won the gold medal in f-cking. Then they f-ck some more. Now I’m told this was the intent. And the actors were all for it. They filmed it with this as their guide. But, well, there’s the issue of the authorMeyer and whether or not she’ll agree to how erotic it is in the final edit. 


Blah blah blah happy montages. 

Ok, here’s where it gets really, really interesting. 



I’ll give you a few lines to go away or to think about going away... 








When I read Breaking Dawn and reviewed it – click here if you missed that – my major complaint was that the “battle” wasn’t a battle. It was the lamest sh-t climax ever. Some people talk. Bella protects everyone. They talk some more. Then theymake up and go away. Happily ever after.

You put that in a movie and you get eggs thrown at the screen. 

There has to be more to keep the audience. And that’s what the audience will get. 

This is a crucial spoiler. Be responsible with this spoiler when you post it on your own blogs. Please. And don’t yell at me about not wanting to be spoiled and reading it anyway. You were warned. 






I’m told there will be a battle. You will “see” a battle. A vicious battle. And ... 


Some Cullens die. Wolves too. It’s total carnage. 

If you know your sh-t, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out how they manage this and what the conclusion will be. Good interpretation though, non? So that at least there’s suspense. We can talk about it some more on the LiveBlog next week. I’m happy to be more specific during the LiveBlog. We’ll open up the floor for 10 minutes to Twilight questions. See you then?


New Stills From 'Bel Ami' With Robert Pattinson

source | via | via | via | via

Breaking Dawn Filming Details - Vampire Bella Films JJenks Scenes?

"They filmed at the Sazerac Restaurant inside Roosevelt Hotel in NOLA."

December 7th

December 6th

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Kellan Says Rob Has The Best Abs & Looks Forward To Filming Breaking Dawn With Kristen

Really, Kellan?  I think you kinda wanted to say yourself, but felt like by saying Rob all the fangirls would be happy.

Rob Makes #2 & #4 On PopSugar's Top 10 TV Moments Of 2010

#2 - Jimmy Fallon's 'Robert Is Bothered' and #4 'Jimmy Kimmel's Handsome Men's Club'


'Eclipse' DVD Commentary: Robert & Kristen Battle It Out Over Bella, Jacob & Edward's Jealousy


The Twilight Saga: Eclipse hit DVD and Blu-ray over the weekend, and the commentary track provided by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart is among the highlights. Listening to it, you realize two things: She really hated the wig she had to wear (her hair was still Joan Jett short from filming The Runaways), and this could be the longest you’ve ever heard them talk as themselves. She’s a lot looser than she was on the commentary for the first film, and he’s even more willing to comically question Bella’s and Edward’s motives. They laugh constantly — especially throughout their disagreements below about whether Bella should continue her friendship with Jacob even though she knows it upsets Edward. He may just have been pushing her buttons (had they been in the same city when recording the track, he would have been slapped, playfully, repeatedly), but he might also be on to something: Is there a double standard when it comes to women in relationships being able to have male friends but men in relationships not being able to have female friends? Discuss.

BATTLE OF THE SEXES, PART 1: An angry Bella leaves Edward at school to catch up with 

Pattinson: I just don’t get that. I don’t get your decision-making process to leave here. I didn’t even understand it at the time. I was just like, “I gotta break up with you immediately.” [He's] like, “Please, please don’t go. Don’t leave me, don’t leave me, please.” And [she's] like, “Shut up. I’m gonna go with this guy who wants to cheat, who wants to sleep with me” or whatever.

Stewart: Whoa.

Pattinson: I just said the wrong word. “Who wants to kiss me, who wants to hold my hand.” [Laughs]

Stewart: Shut up… I mean, that’s the whole first argument that they had in the beginning is she’s allowed to have other relationships.

Pattinson: Why? No, she’s not allowed to have other relationships.

Stewart: And she knows him a way that you don’t know him…. It’s cool. It’s sweet that he’s being–
Bella’s greeted by the shirtless wolf pack.

Pattinson: Geez, if I ever saw my girlfriend go around to this bunch of guys’ house with all their little bellies out [Both laugh]… and their fake-tanned nipples and their iron-on tattoos.

Stewart: Edward is just a little bit more mature than you.

Pattinson: Mature?

Stewart: Yep.

Pattinson: Nah.

Stewart: He can handle it. He’s a little bit more secure.

Pattinson: Let me just ask you something… Did the weather affect shooting today? [Laughs]
Stewart: Let’s look at the wig. We can just judge by that.

BATTLE OF THE SEXES, PART 2: Jacob tells Bella he’ll fight for her until her heart stops beating, then kisses her

Stewart: Everyone’s always questioning her, you know. God.

Pattinson: Yeah, but Jesus, so would I. Apart from Edward. Edward’s not. Edward’s like, “Listen, this is how it is…”

Stewart: Edward’s not questioning?! Are you kidding me?

Pattinson: He doesn’t question her. He just tells her how it is.

Stewart: Exactly, which is basically always the opposite.

Pattinson: No question. But he knows.

Stewart: [Melodramatically] Completely disregards any of her feelings or opinions. He doesn’t listen.

Pattinson: Yeah, obviously, he wouldn’t. Why should you listen to some girl say she likes some other guy maybe more than you? It’s like, “Well if you do, leave me then.” [Laughs]

Stewart: That — no, no, no — that he listens to because that’s something that he can easily kill himself about. But all the stuff that’s anything even remotely complimentary to him, and making everything easier, and just being brave and jumping into something and being like, “It’s gonna be okay,” he’s always inserting all of these fake, pragmatic reasons that they can’t do stuff.

Pattinson: They’re not fake, pragmatic reasons.

Stewart: They are.

BATTLE OF THE SEXES, PART 3: Bella prepares to be carried up the mountain to the tent by a shirtless Jacob

Pattinson: You just give him so much hassle all the time.

Stewart: [Laughs] Okay, we can’t do this again, seriously.

Pattinson: I feel really sorry for him. I remember seeing this at the premiere, and I was talking to people afterwards and just going like, “It’s like the most depressing story in the world. You got this little guy coming around with his shirt off all the time. It’s so close to reality, that there’s always some punk who wants to get up in your business all the time.”

Stewart: What are you talking about?

Pattinson: What are you talking about?

Stewart: How is this related to your reality?

Pattinson: [Laughs] And girls can never understand it. Literally, you can only talk to guys about it ’cause girls never get it. Girls are like, “Why? I should be able to do whatever I want.” [Both laugh] And the guy’s like, “But I’m in love with you. You’re supposed to, like, respect that.” It’s like you can’t just keep going off with the naked guy all the time. If I started hanging out with girls with their boobs out all the time, then you just would not like it. [Long pauseBooobs!

Stewart: [Laughs] Are you drunk right now, seriously?

Pattinson: I’m so tired.

Stewart: You have like a pack of Heineken next to you. I know it.

Pattinson: I don’t. I have to drive.

Stewart: I don’t know if that’s such a good idea.

Pattinson: I’m not drinking, I swear to God. I’m just sitting in a room by myself. It’s so easy to go nuts.


Okay, whose side are you on? (And if you’ve listened to their commentary, how great is their chemistry?)

Three Million 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' DVDs Sold So Far

According to Home Media Magazine, there have already been three million copies of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on Blu-Ray/DVD sold since the December 4th release.

Back in March, 2009, Twilight sold over three million copies in its first weekend, and in March of this year, The Twilight Saga: New Moon sold over four million on opening weekend.

According to a spokesperson from the studio, "With the first two titles, we had massive March opening events involving thousands of retail stores . . . We were going for a big bang, right out of the gate. This time we are releasing the film during the holiday season, a much more crowded time and one with vastly different consumer shopping patterns. So our whole plan is to look at what we're doing over a four-week period of time, and not a single night."

Given the nearness to the holiday giving season, there is no doubt more to come from Eclipse sales.

The magazine also reports that totals for Twilight sales are up to 10.5 million units, and those for New Moon have reached 9.5 million units so far.

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Reese Witherspoon Talks About Rob, The Fervor Around Him & 'Water For Elephants'

Reese Witherspoon became a household name in the late '90s with a string of scene-stealing turns in films like "Pleasantville" and "Election." Around the same time, Leonardo DiCaprio was transforming from teen heartthrob to mature Hollywood A-lister, thanks to the nearly $2 billion success of "Titanic."

Over a decade later, Witherspoon has been thinking back to that pop culture period. It's the only way she can make sense of the overwhelming popularity of her "Water for Elephants" co-star Robert Pattinson.

"The only thing I can compare it to is when Leo was in 'Titanic,' " she told MTV News while promoting her upcoming movie "How Do You Know." "It was that kind of fervor about a person. The women lining up outside the set — it was just unbelievable — till 5 o'clock in the morning waiting to just glimpse him."

The Tennessee set of "Water for Elephants" was basically no different than what happens when the "Twilight" vamp goes anywhere. As director Francis Lawrence told us in the fall, "[E]very day there would be, like, 50 people [staked out] ... . [T]here would be people camped out in the hallways of our hotel. All day, all night long, it didn't matter. People were there to try to catch a glimpse."

Witherspoon, of course, got an up-close-and-personal glimpse of RPattz, and she was happy to report back to us: "He is extraordinarily attractive. I'm not gonna lie," she said.

"Robert is such a great guy from a great family," she explained. "That's the thing that's so funny. He's not really this bad boy; he's just a great guy and really worked hard on 'Water for Elephants.' He really worked long hours, long days. He looks totally different in the movie."

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