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Twilight's Nikki Reed Excited To Become Immortal Aunt In 'Breaking Dawn'

Twilight's Nikki Reed Excited to Become Immortal Aunt

Edward and Bella may become proud parents in the soon-to-be filmed Twilight: Breaking Dawn, but it's Nikki Reed who may be the most excited about the introduction of baby Renesmee. 

"Selfishly, I'm really pleased with my relationship with this kid," the actress, 22, tells PEOPLE while attending a Cirque du Tacori event in Santa Monica, "but I really like the way it affects my relationship with Jacob." 

Reed's character, Rosalie Hale, has always had a sizable chip on her shoulder when it comes to
Taylor Lautner's shape-shifter, but after reading through the new scripts, Reed is looking forward to exploring her vampire's softer side. 
"In the first part of the books Jacob and I hate each other," she says, "but we bond over this baby and we develop this connection that is really powerful." 

It's a connection that Reed says is reminiscent of her off-screen friendship with costar Lautner, 18. 

"It feels similar but at the same time more volatile than the relationship that I have in real life with Taylor," she says. "We're obviously buddies, but there's a playfulness that we get to explore that wasn't there before."


CONFIRMED - Kristen Stewart Arrives In Louisiana For “Breaking Dawn” Filming

Scene Magazine has confirmed that Kristen Stewart, the star of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn,” has arrived in Louisiana for the start of principle photography.

During a Q&A following the premiere of “Welcome to the Rileys” at the 2010 New Orleans Film Festival, director Jake Scott confirmed that he and Stewart shared the same flight into New Orleans.


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Robert & Kristen's Romance Heating Up Just In Time For Breaking Dawn

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Heating Up | Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are taking their onscreen relationship to the next level in Breaking Dawn – and it seems the couple are getting more serious in real life, too. 

The famously press-shy pair, who earlier this summer were photographed 
nuzzling on the set of her movie On the Road, have been spotted during several PDA-filled nights out together in Los Angeles recently. 

On Oct. 4, the couple enjoyed a candlelit dinner and sipped wine at Ago in Beverly Hills, followed by a Jenny and Johnny concert at L.A's Troubadour the next night. 

"Rob and Kristen were very affectionate and had their arms around each other for most of the show," says a concertgoer. "They looked very happy together."

A few nights later, Pattinson, 24, and Stewart, 20, enjoyed dinner at the popular Japanese restaurant Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills, where they shared several dishes with friends. 

"They seemed very happy and comfortable with each other. Rob was attentive to Kristen and made sure she had food on her plate and a drink in her glass throughout the dinner," says an eyewitness. "They sat very close and Rob had his arm around Kristen for parts of the night as well." 

After dinner, the low-key couple shared a cab with friends. "Rob and Kristen are not at all flashy. They don't have drivers, or bodyguards but just seem very down-to-earth," says a second eyewitness. 

Up next for the pair: They are expected to travel to Baton Rouge, La., in the next few days to begin filming 
Breaking Dawn


Nikki Reed & Ashley Greene To Join Kristen Stewart At Scream 2010 Awards

2ND UPDATE – 10/15/10 
Nikki Reed will be in attendance at the Scream 2010 ceremony.

Gossip Cop has learned that Robert Pattinson will NOT be at the show.
UPDATE – 10/14/10 -

Ashley Greene has just been added to the Scream 2010 event.

ORIGINAL POST – 10/7/10 -

Kristen Stewart is among the stars just added to Scream 2010.

She’ll be joined by Megan Fox, Alexander Skarsgard, Mickey Rourke, Chris Hemsworth and Marilyn Manson, in addition to previously announced celebs like Sigourney Weaver and Aaron Eckhart.

There will also be a tribute to the end of “Lost,” the premiere of footage from Scream 4, a 25th-anniversary celebration of Back to the Future, and a musical performance by M.I.A.

The event airs on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 19.


Kristen Stewart A 2011 Best Supporting Actress Oscar Contender?

Kristen Stewart, "Welcome to the Rileys"

Kristen Stewart, "Welcome to the Rileys"

Pro: She gives a strong and sympathetic performance as a young hooker who agrees to try and turn her life around under the guidance of a visiting salesman (James Gandolfini).  She also gave a pretty great turn as Joan Jett in "The Runaways" earlier this year and has an impressive resume that has built up goodwill with roles in "Into the Wild," "The Yellow Handkerchief" and "Adventureland."
Con: The problem is the movie's distributor may not send out screeners (a big need for this one) and there's that "Twilight Saga" elephant in the room.  She might need that series to be over before she's taken seriously again by the industry.


Kristen Stewart's Stripper Style: "Difficult" But "Gorgeous"

"She just looked gorgeous. Her looks inspired a thousand fashion editorials. She looked so fabulous."

—Welcome to the Rileys costume designer Kim Bowen when asked about Kristen Stewart's onscreen style

Totally a compliment, right? Thing is, K.Stew wasn't supposed to look ├╝ber-fab. In fact, she was supposed to look the opposite of totally hot, which made it tough for Bowen to do her job.

How so?
"She's such a beauty and very naturally stylish—like a young Kate Moss," Bowen gushed about the gal she was lucky enough to dress. Hmmm. Those fitting sessions Kim and K had must have been fun, huh?

And just FYI, while others may not think K.Stew is the newest fashion It girl, Bowen used to work at Harper's Bazaar before turning to movies, so she knows a thing or two about the chicest of chicks.

"It was difficult [costuming her] because her style is captivating, and she couldn't look like that. She had to look obscure and private and hidden."

Explains why it took three tries to get K.Stew's stripper style, which includes mostly hoodies and sweat pants (off stage, of course), exactly right.

"She's got the perfect exhausted glamour. She personifies it," Bowen said. "Finally, we went to grungy, nasty stripper stores and got clothes from the Salvation Army to make the look."

Now that Kristen's among the ranks of Hollywood's most stylish, will hoodie chic be all the rage? Or has Kristen already made it so?


Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Make Scott Feinberg's List Of Top Acting Talent Under 30


Over the past decade (2000-2009), only 24 of 200 nominations for acting Oscars have gone to individuals who were 30 years old or younger (at the time of the nominations announcement); of those, only 6 went to men (4 for best actor and 2 for best supporting actor), while 18 went to women (11 for best actress and 7 for best supporting actress); and in no year did more than 5 of the 20 nominees fall into that demographic (that happened once, but in most years the number was 1 or 2). There is, however, reason to believe that these trends will be halted, if not reversed for the long-term, when this year’s nominations are announced on January 25, 2011.

I find ample reason to believe that on that date, as many as 8 nominees — and possibly more — could still be 30 or younger. The most likely candidates: Jesse Eisenberg (“The Social Network”) for best actor, Andrew Garfield (“The Social Network”) for best supporting actor, Anne Hathaway (“Love and Other Drugs”) for best actress, Mila Kunis (“Black Swan”) for best supporting actress, Jennifer Lawrence (“Winter’s Bone”) for best actress, Natalie Portman (“Black Swan”) for best actress, Hailee Steinfeld (“True Grit”) for best supporting actress, and Justin Timberlake (“The Social Network”) for best supporting actor.
Following is an extensive list of Hollywood’s top actors and actresses who are currently 30 or younger, with those who gave standout performances in 2010 appearing in blue. (Some, such as “Blue Valentine” stars Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling, will turn 31 prior to the nominations announcement, which is the primary reason for why they are not included among the names listed above.)

Top Actresses (30 or younger)

Eva Green (7/5/80)
Michelle Williams (9/9/80)
Bryce Dallas Howard (3/2/81)
Julia Stiles (3/28/81)
Catalina Sandino Moreno (4/19/81)
Jessica Alba (4/28/81)
Natalie Portman (6/9/81)
Beyonce Knowles (9/4/81)
Jennifer Hudson (9/12/81)
Alexis Bledel (9/16/81)
Sienna Miller (12/28/81)
Jessica Biel (3/3/82)
Thora Birch (3/11/82)
Hayley Atwell (4/5/82)
Kirsten Dunst (4/30/82)
Rebecca Hall (5/19/82)
Elisabeth Moss (7/24/82)
Anna Paquin (7/24/82)
Romola Garai (8/6/82)
Abbie Cornish (8/7/82)
Anne Hathaway (11/12/82)
Melanie Laurent (2/21/83)
Emily Blunt (2/23/83)
Kate Mara (2/27/83)
Gabby Sidibe (5/6/83)
Amber Tamblyn (5/14/83)
Greta Gerwig (8/4/83)
Mila Kunis (8/14/83)
Zoe Kazan (9/9/83)
Olivia Wilde (3/10/84)
America Ferrera (4/18/84)
Freida Pinto (10/18/84)
Jena Malone (11/21/84)
Scarlett Johansson (11/22/84)
Rooney Mara (?/?/85)
Keira Knightley (3/26/85)
Carey Mulligan (5/28/85)
Anna Kendrick (8/9/85)
Amanda Seyfried (12/3/85)
Gemma Arterton (1/12/86)
Kat Dennings (6/13/86)
Lindsay Lohan (7/2/86)
Emmy Rossum (9/12/86)
Olivia Thirlby (10/6/86)
Ellen Page (2/21/87)
Blake Lively (8/25/87)
Evan Rachel Wood (9/7/87)
Emma Stone (11/6/88)
Shareeka Epps (7/11/89)
Mia Wasikowska (10/14/89)
Keisha Castle-Hughes (3/24/90)
Kristen Stewart (4/9/90)
Emma Watson (4/15/90)
Jennifer Lawrence (8/15/90)
Emma Roberts (2/10/91)
Miley Cyrus (11/23/92)
Keke Palmer (8/26/93)
Dakota Fanning (2/23/94)
Saoirse Ronan (4/12/94)
Abigail Breslin (4/14/96)
Hailee Steinfeld (?/?/96)
Chloe Moretz (2/10/97)
Elle Fanning (4/9/98)

Top Actors (30 or Younger)

Jason Schwartzman (6/26/80)
Macaulay Culkin (8/26/80)
Chris Pine (8/26/80)
Ben Whishaw (10/14/80)
Ben Foster (10/29/80)
Ryan Gosling (11/12/80)
Jake Gyllenhaal (12/19/80)
Elijah Wood (1/28/81)
Justin Timberlake (1/31/81)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (2/17/81)
Michael Pitt (4/10/81)
Hayden Christensen (4/19/81)
Rupert Friend (10/1/81)
Jay Baruchel (4/9/82)
Seth Rogen (4/15/82)
Andrew Garfield (8/20/83)
Jesse Eisenberg (10/5/83)
Jonah Hill (12/20/83)
Paul Dano (6/19/84)
Emile Hirsch (3/13/85)
Robert Pattinson (5/13/86)
Shia LaBeouf (6/11/86)
Armie Hammer (8/26/86)
Haley Joel Osment (4/10/88)
Michael Cera (6/7/88)
Nicholas Hoult (12/7/89)
Taylor Lautner (2/11/92)
Kodi Smit-McPhee (6/13/96)

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Unlock Secret 'Eclipse' Footage & Pics With Wrigley's Eclipse Gum Promo

Wrigley’s Eclipse gum is collaborating with Summit Entertainment to release never seen secret footage from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse!
"Eclipse gum teams up with Summit Entertainment to present exclusive secret footage from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Collect codes from specially marked packs of Eclipse gum to unlock The Twilight Saga: Eclipse secret footage and images.
Every code reveals secret footage when the specially marked pack of Eclipse gum is held up to a webcam. There are five videos and 30 images featuring exclusive content from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse."
Collect all 7 and go to the Eclipse Gum site HERE to unlock the codes. Please be kind to share your piece of information!

'Breaking Dawn' Breakouts: Will New Castmembers Become Big Stars?

Noel Fisher
Last summer, no one knew who Xavier Samuel was. Then he was cast as the vampire Riley in "Eclipse" and suddenly found himself an object of fascination in the "Twilight" community.

Now a new crop of actors, many of whom are largely unknown, have joined the franchise for "Breaking Dawn," the two-part finale of the supernatural series. Summit Entertainment announced on Wednesday that the studio had cast the members of the Amazon, Egyptian, Irish and Romanian vampire covens and the American and European nomads. Following on the heels of Samuel in "Eclipse," which of these folks might become the fresh breakout stars of "Breaking Dawn"? Let's take a look.

Lee Pace: The 31-year-old "Pushing Daises" star is easily the biggest name announced this week. And that gives us a hint that his character, Garrett (one of the American nomads), will likely play a meaty role in "Breaking Dawn." Canceled last year, "Daises" was a critically lauded show that was perhaps a bit too quirky to attract a mainstream audience. Pace, though, is an immediately likable fellow with a boyish grin and an old soul. Expect to hear a ton about him in the coming months.
Lee Pace will play Garrett of the American nomads

Noel Fisher: This former child actor is perhaps best known for his part in "The Riches," an AMC drama in which he excelled, going to toe-to-toe with Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver. He's one of those actors who can communicate a damaged rage with just one intense stare. His character, Vladimir (part of the Romanian coven), is not so much a smoldering vamp in the vein of Edward Cullen as a straight-up creep show. Yet that won't stop fans from clamoring for the 26-year-old Fisher's attention.

Judi Shekoni: The glamorous British actress is set to portray Zafrina of the Amazon coven. The part, which draws her into close contact with Bella and Renesmee, should give Shekoni a bunch of lines. That screen time, combined with her striking good looks, could set the actress up for an outpouring of affection from Twi-hards.

Joe Anderson: It's unclear how large Anderson's role, as European nomad Alistair, will end up being. But the guy has got acting chops: He turned what could have been a disposable supporting part in "The Crazies" into the film's most compelling character. It'll be interesting to see his look in "Breaking Dawn," as Alistair is described as having dark hair, while Anderson is a natural blond. Regardless, the 28-year-old Brit deserves more than a passing glance from the "Twilight" community.


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New 'Welcome to the Rileys' Trailer Featuring Kristen Stewart


Official 'Breaking Dawn' Casting Update From The Twilight Facebook Page


Summit Entertainment announced today the following have been cast in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN for roles in The Amazon Coven, The Egyptian Coven, The Irish Coven and The Romanian Coven as well as the American and European Nomads as outlined below.


Senna - Tracey Heggins
Tracey Heggins Actress Tracey Heggins arrives at the 41st NAACP Image awards held at The Shrine Auditorium on February 26, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

Zafrina - Judi Shekoni
  • 88601548.jpg
Among the oldest vampires in the world, Senna and Zafrina are descendants of an ancient Amazonian tribe.  They have lived outside of civilization for centuries and therefore make no attempt to keep up a human facade. Though they drink human blood, the Amazons have long been allies of Carlisle.

  • Amun - Omar Metwally
  • MV5BMTUwMTc3OTMzMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNjM4OTI4._V1._SX291_SY400_.jpg
  • Kebi - Andrea Gabriel 
  • Kim083.jpg
  • Benjamin - Rami Malek 
  • RamiMalek136683690.jpg
  • Tia - Angela Sarafyan 
  • portrait_forum.jpg
The Egyptian Coven consists of Amun, Kebi, Benjamin, and Tia, with Amun as the leader. It is stated that even though they are not a biological family, they could pass for one. Amun is extremely protective of his family and fearful of Aro.
    • Maggie - Marlane Barnes
    • Marlane Barnes Headshot Print smaller.jpg
    • Siobhan - Lisa Howard
    • Lisa_Howard_30.jpg
    • Liam - Patrick Brennan
    • PatrickBrennan.jpg
    The Irish Coven, a relatively young group, was founded by Siobhan and Liam, but Maggie's talent made her an important element of it. They are not vegetarian but they are civilized.

    • Vladimir - Noel Fisher
    • riches-fisher37.jpg
    • Stefan - Guri Weinberg
    • Guri_Weinberg.jpg
    The Romanian Coven is one of the oldest covens in the world and they were the ruling vampire family until they were unseated by the Volturi.  For that reason they harbor a centuries old resentment of the Italian coven.

    • Garrett - Lee Pace
    • 0000042371_20070828175302.jpg
    • Mary - Toni Trucks
    • DSC_2495.gif
    • Randall - Bill Tangradi
    • MV5BOTYwODk2NjQwN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDI1NTMyMg@@._V1._SX640_SY427_.jpg
    • Peter - Erik Odom
    • Erik Odom Picture
    • Charlotte - Valorie Curry
    • ValorieCurry-200x300.jpg
    Turned during the Revolutionary War, Garrett has chosen to live a nomadic existence, wandering the world on his own. Garrett has never lost the rebellious spirit of his human life, and loves a good fight, always rooting for the underdog. Though not a vegetarian, Garrett is among Carlisle's closest and oldest friends.

    Mary and Randall are American nomadic vampires.

    Peter and Charlotte are nomadic vampires and mates.  They were created during the aftermath of the Southern Vampire Wars, in which Jasper was a key player.  They have remained friends with Jasper ever since.

    • Alistair - Joe Anderson
    • joe_anderson1.jpg
    A nomadic vampire from England, Alistair has a misanthropic, brooding personality and a deep mistrust of all authority.  Although he counts Carlisle as his closest acquaintance, he doesn’t visit more than once a century.

    • The next chapter of THE TWILIGHT SAGA will be released as two separate films with the first of the two slated to be released in theatres on November 18, 2011 and the second coming to theatres on November 16, 2012.
    • Academy Award® winner Bill Condon will direct both films starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. The project, based on the fourth novel in author Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, is currently being written by Melissa Rosenberg with Wyck Godfrey, Karen Rosenfelt and Stephenie Meyer producing.
    • THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN illuminates the secrets and mysteries of this spellbinding romantic epic that has entranced millions.
    About the TWILIGHT film series
      The TWILIGHT film series stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and tells the story of 17-year-old Bella Swan who moves to the small town of Forks, Washington to live with her father, and becomes drawn to Edward Cullen, a pale, mysterious classmate who seems determined to push her away. But neither can deny the attraction that pulls them together...even when Edward confides that he and his family are vampires.  The action-packed, modern day vampire love story TWILIGHT, the first film in the series, was released in theatres on November 21, 2008 to a blockbuster reception. The second installment of the film franchise, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON was released November 20, 2009 and the third installment, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE was released June 30, 2010.

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