Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Fan Photo Of Rob In London Last Night At Marcus Foster's Gig

Rob and @ppompam at Marcus' gig last night in London. Tom and Laura Marling were also there.

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'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Hits $300 Million In Domestic Sales

Finally, the day has come where The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has hit $300 million on the domestic front, per Gossip Cop. While the site notes that Summit Entertainment has not yet confirmed those figures, and Box Office Mojo does not show the same information yet, GC reports that "The film has now earned more than $300 million in North America" becoming "the fourth release to cross the $300M threshold in 2010, joining Toy Story 3,Alice in Wonderland and Iron Man 2."
Eclipse was re-released to more than 1,000 theaters last weekend for a birthday celebration event for "Bella Swan," the series' main character.
It had already surpassed predecessor The Twilight Saga: New Moon in domestic sales (though itsopening week trailed just behind New Moon) back in August of this year, but the $300 million milestone was, until today, always just over the horizon forEclipse.
Eclipse pulled in over $120 million in just three days, and it set the record for widest release for number of theaters and enjoyed the widest Wednesday release ever. It also took New Moon's record forbiggest midnight opening.


Robert Pattinson Through His Co-Stars Eyes

 Everyone who has ever worked with Robert Pattinson - from Ashley Greene to Pierce Brosnan to Christina Ricci - has been falling over themselves to heap praise on the down-to-earth star.

"As a person, he's not like anyone I've ever met in Hollywood, and as an actor he's a complete natural. He has no ego. Everyone loves him, but he's una ffected by that and never seems fazed by the attention that comes his way." - Ashley Greene (Twilight Saga)

"And working with Rob was amazing. He's such a great guy, so talented." - Christina Ricci (Bel Ami)

He's is a super nice guy. I'm really happy for him that he's gone on to be so uber successful."- Emma Watson(Harry Potter)

"Rob Pattinson is a sex symbol. Rob Pattinson is a genuine sexy guy." - Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)

"[Robert is a] shy guy...humble. I don't think anything can get to him really.He's so talented. I've never met someone who can just do anything and everything!" - Kellan Lutz (Twilight Saga)

"I think he wants to be a serious actor, and he is a lovely guy. So realizing what he has to deal with, all the demands of the Twilight popularity and the distractions, I think he's handling it amazingly well." - Chris Cooper (Remember Me)

"He's a really great actor and a really good guy." - Hugh Jackman (Unbound Captives) 
I noticed the article was missing a key co-star, here's one of my favorite quotes about Rob:
"I think he's bold and different" - Kristen Stewart (best friend, girlfriend & co-star of Twilight Saga) 

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Sara Gruen Talks 'Water for Elephants', Working With Rob And The Release Date

Sara Gruen talks about 'Water for Elephants', Jacob, working with Rob and what he does between scenes (at 5:35 in a new interview with KARE TV. She also talks about the April 15 release date for the movie.

Click here to watch the interview.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

“Twilight” Star Elizabeth Reaser Takes On “Good Wife” Role

Elizabeth Reaser is heading from the big screen to the small screen.

The Twilight star has booked a recurring role on “The Good Wife.”

Reaser, who plays Esme Cullen in the Twilight series, will make her first appearance on the CBS hit on October 19 as a sports journalist named Tammy, who potentially has a romance with Josh Charles’ Will, reports.

The actress is no stranger to TV or CBS. She was the star of “The Ex List” in 2008, which the network canceled after just a few episodes.


Photos Of Kristen Stewart Heading To The 'On The Road' Set In NOLA Yesterday


'Breaking Dawn' Filming Returns To Vancouver On January 11th

According to Production Weekly:

Filming (in Baton Rouge and Vancouver) is scheduled from November 1 - March 15

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Xavier Says He Went on Double Dates with Rob & Kristen “All the Time!”

Xavier Samuel and Shermine Shahrivar and Robert Pattinson and Kr 

Xavier Samuel turned some Twilight heads when he stepped out with his model girlfriend on Monday in NYC. So since the Twilight star is attached, did he ever go on double dates with his co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart?

Xavier and his girlfriend Shermine Shahrivar walked around holding hands in Soho after having lunch at Bar Pitti in NYC on Monday.

Even though Xavier’s role as Riley in Twilight was short lived, fans are almost as jealous of his girlfriend as they are of Rob’s!

So OK! caught up with the Twilight star Tuesday night the grand opening of Lavo Nightclub in NYC to see whether Xavier ever went on double dates with his Twilight co-stars.

“All the time!” he told OK!. “Whenever we can!”


“No, we haven’t done that yet, but it’d be fun to set that up sometime,” Xavier admitted to OK!. “I don’t know. It’s hard to get everyone in the same place at the same time.”

Maybe instead of spending time with Rob and Kristen, Xavier was spending time with Charlie Bewley — their senses of humor sound the same!

But who knows, maybe Xavier will set that double date up!

Surprise! Kristen Stewart Still Not An "Aloof Bitch"

Kristen StewartJordan Strauss/
When are reporters—and, more importantly, readers (aside from those at the Awful Truth, duh)—going to finally realize Kristen Stewart is not a total beyotch? Kristen herself has talked about it enough that she actually deserves to get bitchy, but people still keep asking her why everyone thinks she's the celeb from hell.

Of course it came up again in Kristen's latest interview with Telegraph (we're sure you've caught wind of it, it's the one where K.Stew reveals she dropped out of school at 13). In fact, analyzing whether she truly is a bitch—or not—is pretty much the majority of the interview:

"I am quite shy and people think I'm aloof," K.Stew says, echoing a point she's made a million times during her Twilight saga press tours. Sadly, that doesn't seem to cut it because people still argue that if she doesn't want the attention, then she should get the hell out of Hollywood.

To which K.Stew says:

"Do you have a choice? I want to be an actor. I am just not very comfortable talking about myself."

That doesn't seem to be an option in T-town anymore. When you become an actor you also become a celebrity, which is a full-time gig and if you don't play the game by the public's rules then you're a miserable bitch. Hell, sometimes even if you do play it you're still a bitch.

Why can't we accept that the gal might be, oh the horror!, normal?

We're totally bored with it. Wouldn't you rather hear reporters actually ask her interesting Q's? Maybe if they stopped asking her why she's a b-babe all the time she'd let her guard down a little and show some personality.

But if not her ‘tude, then her "rumored" BF: Robert Pattinson.

Sorry to break your Robsten loving hearts (especially you fans who are still dying for one of the two to confirm), but K.Stew told the reporter, while chatting about Rob: "It doesn't matter how many times I've spoken to someone or how well they know me, I'm just not going to talk about that."

Unless you're Oprah, that is.

Time to think of new topics, people!


Robsten Rumor Roundup: Did Rob Just Visit Kristen?

Kristen Stewart, Robert PattinsonFotonoticias/Getty Images
We've been trying to ignore the blatantly ridiculous stories of Robert Pattinson andKristen Stewart, but you all are frantically emailing and seem so concerned we'll clear them up here.
Who is ready for a game of One Truth and Two Lies?
So, which is which?
Yes...we can confirm R.Pattz and K.Stew have been together in Louisiana!
After a long bromantic road trip, Rob finally made it to New Orleans.
Kristen is in the middle of filming On the Road in NOLA and beyond, and we're told by sources he's been visiting the ├╝ber secret set by day and hanging with his girlfriend by night.
There have been some Facebook and Twitter spottings of the two out at a pool bar and other joints over the weekend. We always take those with a grain of salt, but we do know R.P. was most def with K.S. over the weekend on set.
"He would hang out on set while she would film," says our source. "He's really chill and nice in person the crew likes having him around."
Does that sound like a needy boyfriend to you? Yeah, no way!
As for the Rob being possessive of Kristen and jealous of her and Tom Sturridge's non romantic relationship, both of those rumors are "ridiculous" adds a source close to the couple.
So enjoy knowing our fave duo has been spending some quality un-papped time together!


Rumored New Project For Rob With Emma Watson & Casey Affleck?

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An individual approached us stating they had breaking news that Rob’s next project has been green-lighted and signed! The details I received from “The Insider” are listed below:

The film is a remake of the 2004 film “Dark Arc”.

A major studio is behind the project.

I was given the names and personal cell phone numbers of the potential director and one of the producers.

Potential co-stars are Emma Watson and Casey Affleck as the three lead characters with Rob.

Rob and Emma Watson have signed but Casey Affleck is still in talks.

We have confirmed “The Insider”’s location and found it consistent with the other details that were provided.

“The Insider” provided me with phone contacts for major players involved. I researched the individuals who are allegedly involved with the project and their potential whereabouts. The phone numbers I received were personal cell phone numbers and were consistent with where these individuals could potentially be by their area code. I made two phone calls on Saturday, September 11, 2010 around 2:30pm ET/11:30am PT. I was sent to voicemail on both. Each voicemail greeting was a personal recording by the individuals who said who they were by their first names in their greeting.

I do have some more specifics but “The Insider” requested that I do not release it at this time. I was asked to wait and see if the involved players would return my calls yesterday. Sadly, they did not. The studio and the individuals behind the project may have “No Comment” or say this story is”100% False”. Hard to say…. but the information presented to me was compelling!

I want to thank my “The Insider” for coming to us and trusting us with potentially damning information that could put their job at risk. Like us, they are excited to see Robert in this project. Many of us have been waiting to see what his potential next project might be and this just might be “The One”.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Peter Facinelli Gets Ready To Greet His Family, And Soon, The Breaking Dawn

Peter Facinelli was rolling solo yesterday when he touched down at LAX. He's home in California again after his latest traveling adventures, which included stops in Dubuque, IA,Chicago, and even Monroe, MI. Now Peter's looking forward to spending time around home with his wife, Jennie Garth, and their three daughters. He'll soon head off to film Breaking Dawn and has already gotten his wardrobe for the film fitted. As soon as production on the next installment of the Twilight series starts, there's sure to be renewed interest in Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's romance — Peter, though, isn't one to discuss their situation. Costar Kellan Lutz also won't touch on their private lives, and he recently told fans in Israelthat he won't comment.


Christina Ricci Talks 'Bel Ami' And Says Rob Is A "Lovely Individual"

Was Broadway always part of your plan?
No, I had terrible stage fright, so people eventually stopped bringing it up. But when I was coming back from making Bel Ami with Robert Pattinson, my agent, who also represents Laura Linney, asked me if I wanted to read for Time Stands Still, and I completely forgot I had stage fright. Literally, walking home from the audition, I was like, Oh, shit, I just remembered I hate acting in front of people. So now I’m sort of ignoring it.

I love how casually you just namedropped R-Patz. Are you a Twilight fan?
OK, first of all, publicists train you to say your credits along with your costars. You can’t be shy about self-promotion; it’s like Kathy Griffin or something. [Laughs] I’m a very lazy pop culture fan—if it involves leaving my living room, I’m pretty clueless—so I’ve never seen a single Twilight movie, and I guess I missed it when it was on Starz. But Rob’s a lovely individual.

Do you two share a love scene in Bel Ami?
We do. But he’s like your best friend’s little brother, so we would just laugh and make fun of each other the entire time. He thought it was outrageous how comfortable I was being naked. I was like, “That’s because I’m 20 years older than you.” Seriously, I’ve never felt so old in my entire life.

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