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Pattinson & Kristen Stewart -- Cops to the Rescue

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart finally had a moment to themselves the other day -- thanks to the actions of some quick thinking cops.


Sources involved in the situation tell us Rob and Kristen were on their way home from LAX airport earlier this week -- when they noticed several paparazzi weaving through traffic to keep up.

We're told ... the couple -- concerned for their safety -- ducked into a nearby police station, hoping the cops could help out.

We're told the officers figured out a way to sneak the "Twilight" stars out of the building ... and they were able to get back on the road ... without the paps on their tail.

TDG: It's TMZ - so grain of salt needed.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pictures Of Rob & Rosie On The 'Water For Elephants' Set Now HQ & Untagged

Rob & Rosie now HQ & untagged!  Cuteness!

Robert Pattinson, Tom Sturridge & Sam Riley's Wife At Boris Bistro In Montreal

I'm not sure when these pics were taken - probably a few days ago since we now Rob & Kristen flew back to LA earlier this week.  Rob was spotted having lunch with TomStu & Sam Riley's wife in Montreal.  

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Montreal Gazette Wonders If Rob & Kristen Gossip Will Overshadow 'On The Road'

MONTREAL - You'd think the big excitement in film circles in Montreal would be the fact that the acclaimed Brazilian director Walter Salles is here shooting an adaptation of one of the most iconic American novels of the 20th century, Jack Kerouac's On the Road.
But no. All that anyone is talking about is the local sightings of vampy Twilight lovebirds Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

The are-they-or-aren't they couple was spotted wining and dining at chi chi Old Montreal resto Le Club Chasse et Peche the other night, which prompted much online chatter around the globe and a sudden interest in the Montreal film scene from folks at gossipy mags like People and US Weekly.

Stewart, whom you might have heard of thanks to her star-making turn as sultry teen vampire fan Bella in the Twilight pictures, has a supporting role in On the Road, playing Marylou, the young wife of messed-up rebel without a cause Dean Moriarty.
Moriarty is portrayed by Garrett Hedlund, who stars in the much anticipated upcoming film Tron: Legacy.

Kerouac alter-ego Sal Paradise is played by British actor Sam Riley, best-known for his riveting turn as the late, great Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis in the 2007 flick Control.

Pattinson is not in the movie, but was -and perhaps still is- up here to spend quality time with Stewart, who may or may not be his real-life gal-pal.

What bothers me is that the two Twilight stars are hogging all the attention -at the expense of what just might be the most exciting film shoot of the year happening anywhere on the globe. The 1957 novel about Paradise and Moriarty hitchhiking across the U.S., drinking cheap wine, smoking good weed, getting all intense at smoky jazz bars, and generally burning the candle at both ends was the defining book of the Beat Generation. On the Road is a literary rite of passage for wannabe teen rebels everywhere, and it's not that far-fetched to suggest Kerouac set the stage for the much bigger social revolution that exploded just about exactly a decade after his book was first published.

Filmmakers have been trying to bring this saga to the big screen for decades, which is why it was such a momentous event when cameras began filming here a couple of weeks back.

Francis Ford Coppola, who remains one of the producers, first bought the rights to the novel for a measly $95,000 way back in 1980, and Brazilian auteur Salles signed on to direct a couple of years back, and he actually re-created Kerouac's '50s odyssey, criss-crossing the U.S. himself, while filming a documentary on the making of On the Road.

And the cast is just as intriguing as the behind-the-scenes talent, with Hedlund, Stewart, Riley, Kirsten Dunst, Amy Adams, Tom Sturridge, and Viggo Mortensen as Old Bull Lee, a character based on Naked Lunch author -and Kerouac pal -William S. Burroughs. This week, it was announced that Steve Buscemi, Elisabeth Moss from Mad Men, Alice Braga, Danny Morgan and Terrence Howard have also been added to this mighty impressive cast list.

The Ottawa Citizen reported that the crew was filming in Gatineau yesterday, and On the Road will move to Hull today, to film scenes in La Taverne Montcalm. They continue in and around Montreal until Aug. 27, then they go to New Orleans for a month, followed by three weeks in Mexico. Then the $25-million France-Canada co-production wraps with another month of work here, starting in mid-October.
But that's not what's generating the buzz in both the old and new media. On the web, all the talk is about the first photos of Stewart and Pattinson taken in Montreal and how it looks like he's nuzzling her neck. This apparently is a big deal for millions of folks because, for reasons known only to their publicists, the two actors have never confirmed or come right out and denied that they're a couple.

Montreal entertainment reporter Herby Moreau was the guy who spotted them at Le Club Chasse et Peche and his tweet kick-started a veritable online avalanche of chatter. He says that within 20 minutes of his news flash on Twitter, People magazine was calling the restaurant and the blog he later penned was translated into several languages by rabid Twilight fans around the planet.

He told me yesterday he was kind of dismayed by the magnitude of the response and the endless inquiries about his star sighting.

"Sure, they're two stars, but what we're forgetting is that they're shooting one of the great classics of American literature right here in Montreal," Moreau said.

Source | Via

Fans Expose Robsten's Posh L.A. Love Nest

Robert Pattinson, HouseTeles Properties; Dennis Van Tin/LFI/
As we've told youRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been shacking up together in Rob's rented five-bedroom, five-bath home (that Stewart helped pick out) whenever the two are in Los Angeles. And that's apparently straight where they went after they landed at LAX Tuesday!

Here are some peeks of the gated abode with a guest house, and no we did not take them. (They were on the original listing from earlier this summer.)

The listing boasted how perfect the "one kind of hideaway" is for those desiring "privacy and serenity," but unfortunately, that's not exactly the case...

You know we protect out dear Robsten and wouldn't want to out where they've been hiding (some new pics of the pad hit the Internet today, taken while Rob was home at the time, super creepy, and Us Weekly months ago), so that's exactly what we're not doing.

But some crazy (or maybe they prefer the term curious?) fans have discovered Rob's address and have attempted to scope out the scene for themselves.

We're told by sources in the Bel-Air community that fans have found the property and have been caught roaming around the premises. Luckily neither babe has been home while fans were literally lurking around in the bushes. No joke, we're told the gate leading to the house is usually left wide open, leaving the home totally exposed to paps and curious Twi-hards.

Rob rented this place before he started filming Water for Elephants, but it's not his main hideout with Stewart. Oh, no. Those two are much craftier and have another secret spot for their rendezvous, which we, of course, would never reveal.
Time to pack up and get out, Robsten! Or else just keep this place for party time. Sure is fab enough.

In order to satisfy your curiosity, and so you to keep your distance, below are a few more shots that were featured on the listing (so don't give us s--t about it; they're public photos, people).

Robert Pattinson, HouseTeles Properties
Robert Pattinson, HouseTeles Properties
Robert Pattinson, HouseTeles Properties


Nikki Reed Talks Bella's Baby Decisions In 'Breaking Dawn': 'It's Her Need To Be A Mother'

We all were big fans of Nikki Reed's one-on-one scene with Kristen Stewart in "Eclipse" and, fortunately for us, there are many more to come in "Breaking Dawn: Part 1." For those who haven't read the books, though, it might seem a strange shift for Nikki's Rosalie to quickly become such a staunch supporter of Bella's cause.

That cause is Bella giving birth to her half-human, half-vampire baby. While everyone surrounding her — including BFF Jacob Black and husband Edward — tell her to give up the baby that is draining her of strength and forcing her to drink animal blood, Rosalie encourages Bella to keep the baby.
While promoting her upcoming indie, "Last Day of Summer," Nikki discussed Bella's controversial pregnancy with MTV News.
"Here's how I look at it: I try not to be super opinionated and vocal, because in Hollywood, that seems to only lead you in the wrong direction," she said. "I try to relate this particular case to Rosalie and not make it metaphorical or symbolic of anything else."
She explained that Rosalie's support of Bella's birth comes from her own personal bitterness over not being able to have a child and be a mother.
"I think that Rosalie just always wanted to be a mom, and that's how I look at it," Nikki said. "It has nothing to do with being pro-life or anything. I think it's about her want, her need to be a mother, and this is the only opportunity she's every going to have, so she's willing to let Bella die so she can have that and fulfill that, and that's how I look at it. It's her own personal desires."

Entertainment Weekly's 'Ultimate Sexy Beast' Poll - Vote For Rob/Edward!


Who is the ultimate Sexy Beast? Vote to crown the champion: Damon from 'Vampire Diaries' (NOT) or Edward from 'Twilight' (YES)! The winner will be reveqaled next week!

Vote HERE!

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Video Of Rob & Kristen Arriving At LAX Yesterday


Robert Pattinson Wins Glamour's List Of '50 Sexiest Men of 2010'

THE WINNER: Robert Pattinson

Age: 24

Single? R-Patz is allegedly dating his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, but we’ll leave it up to you to work out whether the tenuous rumours are true or not. We’re hoping he’s still on the market. See Him Next: In Bel Ami, a film adaptation of a French novel, where he’ll be acting alongside Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci. Ooh la la!

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