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Nordstrom's Eclipse Page Is Live Plus Advanced Screening Info, Contest, & More!

Preview the new Eclipse clothing that is available to pre-order on the Eclipse Nordstrom's page now!


Advanced Screening Gift With $50.00 Purchase!!

Beat the crowds to summer's hottest movie! Starting June 4, with your in-store BP. Nordstrom
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advance screening of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Just bring your receipt
to the Customer Service desk to redeem. Advance screenings will be on
June 29. Times will vary by location. Offer valid while supplies last,
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Win a VIP experience!
Enter for a chance to win* 10 movie passes for you and 9 friends for a special screening of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, followed by an
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Nordstrom's Cast Tour!!!

Don't miss your chance to meet select cast members from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse!

Stay tuned!
In June, selected Nordstrom stores will host in-store cast appearances in the BP. department. More details
about locations and cast participation are on the way!

Twilight Takeover Parties!!

June 19 & 20, All Day

Love fashion? Can't get enough of the Twilight Saga? Then join us June
19 or 20 at your
nearest BP. Nordstrom
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Saga: Eclipse! BP. will be buzzing with fun activities inspired by your
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looks with our exclusive fashion line. Don't miss it!

See a BTS video of the BP Eclipse clothing and see story boards from Eclipse in the background!


Want to be at the June 24 Los Angeles premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse? Then show us your style savvy! Build a look inspired by our
exclusive Eclipse for BP. fashion line and The Twilight Saga on for a chance to win tickets*! Contest ends May 31.
Here's what you do:
  • • Visit our community challenge to create a look inspired by The Twilight Saga and BP. Nordstrom
  • • Use at least one apparel item from our Eclipse for BP. fashion line in your set
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Here's what you can win:
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By clicking the button below, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the Official Rules.


Peter Facinelli & Jennie Garth @ Step Up Women's Network 2010 Inspiration Awards

How cute are these two?  I LOVE them together!


Kristen Stewart Makes Moviefone's ''Sexiest Women Of Summer Movies 2010''

She Plays: Bella Swan, the teenage girl lucky enough to win the affections of sexy vampire Edward Cullen.
Where Else You've Seen Her: As Joan Jett in 'The Runaways' and in the other 'Twilight' saga movies.
Why She's Hot: Kristen doesn't fit the textbook "hot Hollywood actress" template, and that's what makes her so attractive -- and it's probably the reason Edward and Jacob continually fight over her in 'Eclipse.' She's subtle, not overly flashy or flirty, and has a dark, slightly sourpuss edge to her. Plus, if you saw 'Adventureland,' you no doubt have a crush on her like we do.

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Are The 'Twilight' Vampires -- And Their Big-Budget Film Series -- Migrating To Louisiana?

twilight saga eclipse for web.jpgRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.'

Bloodsuckers? Oh, Louisiana knows bloodsuckers.
We've already got HBO's vampire series "True Blood" shooting up Baton Rouge way. Back in late 1993 and early 1994, New Orleans hosted the big-screen version of Anne Rice's novel "Interview With the Vampire" and its dreamboat double-billing of Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.
And don't even get me started on City Hall.
Now it looks as if there's a chance Louisiana could add to its vampire cache by landing the undead granddaddy of them all.
Lured by the promise of the state's filmmaking tax incentives -- and, more to the point, the production costs it could save -- Summit Entertainment is taking a long, hard look at coming to Louisiana to shoot the last two films in the uber-popular "Twilight" series, according to a recent report about the tween romance series in the trade paper The Hollywood Reporter.
I know. Like, OMG, right? 
1120 twilight saga new moon 1.JPGRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in a scene from 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon.'
There's talk of the "Twilight" franchise shooting in Louisiana, but it wouldn't be the first time many of the film's stars have shot in the Bayou State.
Kristen Stewart: The actress portraying the main character, Bella, has shot two small local dramas during the past three years: "The Yellow Handkerchief," with William Hurt, in Abita Springs in spring 2007; and "Welcome to the Rileys," with James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo in New Orleans and Mandeville in fall 2008.
Billy Burke: The 43-year-old actor, who plays Bella's dad, Charlie Swan, in the movies, is part of the cast of the Nicolas Cage thriller "Drive Angry," which wraps its two-month Shreveport shoot this weekend.
Ashley Greene: The actress who plays Alice Cullen in the "Twilight" films also is in Shreveport, on the comedy "Butter," co-starring alongside Jennifer Garner, Alicia Silverstone and Hugh Jackman.
Kellan Lutz: The actor who plays Emmett Cullen in "Twilight" is working on the New Orleans romantic comedy "Love, Wedding, Marriage" with Mandy Moore, Jane Seymour and James Brolin, after which he's headed to Baton Rouge to star in "Deathgames" with Samuel L. Jackson.
An inquiry to Summit went unanswered this week, and officials with the state film office were mum, which is standard procedure when courting a high-profile production. 
"I can't confirm or deny anything," Louisiana Entertainment film honcho Chris Stelly said in a statement provided by his office. "But our office is hearing the same rumors that have been on the Internet, and we'll do what we can to make it happen if it is, indeed, reality." 
Translation: If the "Twilight" folks are sniffing around, Stelly and his office have no intention of being the ones to scare them away with too much publicity. But with neither party talking, it's unclear exactly how serious the production is about shooting here, or even what part of the state they're eyeballing.
The text of "Breaking Dawn," the fourth and final book in the young-adult series on which the film franchise is based -- and which is expected to be broken into two movies -- doesn't offer many clues, either. It's set mostly in the Pacific Northwest, so you'd think nice, tall trees would be a necessity. That could mean the north shore, with its wealth of piney woods. It could mean Shreveport. It could mean any number of places in between.
A reliable accumulation of snow also would be a plus, since the "Twilight" vamps do dig their cold, but every part of the state would be at the same disadvantage there, requiring a certain amount of movie magic.
The Hollywood Reporter mentioned the production's potential move to Louisiana almost in passing earlier this week, in the penultimate paragraph of a larger story on an effort by the series' producers to rein in costs on the billion-dollar franchise. Of primary concern to them, at least according to the story, are the salaries of some of the secondary characters.
The actors cast as the three main characters -- Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner -- are all said to be on the verge of signing their deals and locking in for the remainder of the franchise. Presumably there would be handsome raises built in, given the series' success and the actors' own newfound teen-idol status. That apparently has made some of the series' other actors -- the Hollywood Reporter story named Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene specifically -- hungry for pay hikes, too.
Only problem is, the series' budget-conscious producers reportedly aren't sure whether they should give in, and that has raised the specter of casting changes for the last two films.
But those salary demands could be small potatoes compared to the savings that could be realized by shooting in Louisiana, which offers a 30 percent tax break for qualifying in-state expenditures.
It wouldn't be the first time the Seattle-set series pulled up stakes. The film based on the first book, "Twilight," was shot in Oregon and Washington state, but the production moved to film-friendly Vancouver, British Columbia, for the second and third films in the series, "New Moon" and the forthcoming "Eclipse" (due June 30; see trailer below).
Aside from making local teenage girls swoon at the thought of seeing Jacob or Edward in person, having the film relocate here would be a boon for the state. First, there's the obvious dollars-and-cents angle. The budget of each film in the series has been higher than its predecessor: an estimated $37 million for 2008's "Twilight," $50 million for "New Moon" and in the neighborhood of $65 million for "Eclipse." 
Not all of that money would be spent in-state -- as with most Louisiana-made movies, a certain amount of post-production work likely would be farmed out to West Coast labs -- but a sizeable chunk of the money would go to Louisiana crew members and businesses, resulting in millions of dollars flowing into the state economy.
Then there are the bragging rights. Whenever the state hosts a high-profile picture such as "Twilight" -- or "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" or "Cirque du Freak" or "Green Lantern" -- it adds another arrow to the quiver of economic-development types trying to lure the next big production.
Wherever they shoot, the two "Twilight: Breaking Dawn" movies are expected to go into production soon -- as soon as this fall, in fact -- with targeted release dates of Nov. 18, 2011, and summer 2012, respectively. Oscar-winning screenwriter Bill Condon (for "Gods and Monsters") will direct both of them.
You might want to start stocking up on garlic now.


New Still From 'The Runaways' Featuring Kristen Stewart

Image and video hosting by TinyPic other words needed!


Preview & Pre-Order New Eclipse Merchandise From Hot Topic + See New Eclipse Images

Pre-order new Eclipse merchandise as of today and it will delivered to you on June 4th. The new Eclipse items will be in the store on June 4th or 5th to buy in person. The theme for Eclipse is RED.

Check out all the items....

This time everyone's team is represented. I love the Emmett shirt with the saying "So we track down and kick his blood thirsty ass." He must
be talking about Bella's intruder.

See the first picture of the vampires that discovered & turned Jasper!!! Maria is in the middle.

2 New Bella photos used in the 4 piece pin sets.

New Jake!

New Demetri and the Volturi.

Preview the rest of the shirts & items. Julia, 2 Alice shirts, Jasper shirt, and much more! Pre-order merchandise 

Find more photos like this on Twifans


Official Info About Eclipse Premiere: When & Where The Camp-Out In LA Begins

Here’s the very first official info from Summit on when you can grab your space for the event of the Summer–a peek at the hullaboo surrounding the Red Carpet Premiere of Eclipse that happens on June 24th, 2010!

The camp-out will begin for the premiere at Monday, June 21 at 6am PT, with the premiere happening at the Nokia Theater at LA Live in Los Angeles. Keep in mind that LA Live is not public property, and no camping or lineups will be allowed to occur before that time. Also, no camping around the streets around LA Live is permitted.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Nikki Reed Calls 'New Moon' MTV Movie Awards Nods 'Wonderful'

LOS ANGELES — While "The Hangover" is the flick to beat at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards next month, "New Moon" comes in a close second with five nods. And "Twilight" saga star Nikki Reed admitted that all the fan adoration still feels good.

"I mean, it's wonderful — [especially] when you make a movie and you have absolutely zero expectations," she told MTV News at the Young Hollywood Awards on Thursday night. Reed added that the cast had no idea that the "Twilight" phenomenon would resonate so strongly and passionately with their fans.

"When we made 'Twilight,' none of us knew what it was going to become. There's inevitably a certain amount of pressure going back," she continued. "You want to make sure the second one is just as good, so I guess we're all really happy and relieved. All the actors love the books and the movies just as much as the fans."

The other big "Twilight"-related headline these days is all about the business of making sure "Breaking Dawn" gets made. Rumor has it that Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz are asking for bigger pay for the last flicks, but Reed declined to comment on the reports, nor would she confirm the report that she is close to finalizing her deal for the final films.

"I can't comment on my business affairs, sorry. I can't comment on other people, either," she said, but did add she had yet to speak to "Breaking Dawn" director Bill Condon. "I haven't, but I'm looking forward to it."


Pre-Order Your 'Eclipse' Movie Tickets Now & New Info About IMAX Viewing

Click to pre-order: Fandango |


So if you want to see Robward in IMAX you'll only have two weeks for that!!!  IMAX theaters are not yet se
lling tickets in the Boston area.  I've got no idea when the on-sale for that starts.  Grrr...

'Eclipse' Fashion Week EXCLUSIVE From Nordstrom - Days 3 Through 5 Wrap-Up

'Eclipse' Fashion Week Day 3 EXCLUSIVE: Nordstrom Adds A Dress, A Hoodie And Some Makeup!

Hello, people! I'm an intern at MTV News. Since writing is my passion, and Hollywood Crush has given me the opportunity to share some top secret fashion news with you during “Eclipse Fashion Week," so here’s the scoop! 

The weather is warming up, sunblock is on sale and the school semester is coming to a close. I’m sure you’ve made your shopping list for summer must haves, and we've got a few to add to it! 

Today I get to model the “Team Cullen” hoody in heather gray ($52), which feels oh-so-soft — you know the feeling when you just take something out of the dryer? Yes, it is that warm! 

If you are very feminine, you will love the plaid dress with lace hem detail ($52). Both the criss-cross shoulder straps and the bustline screams I am stylish. While this could be a bit too feminine for Bella, we could totally see Alice rocking it! 

The Luna Twilight "Team Edward" Color Palette ($28) brings together a collection of lip, cheek and eye colors that reflect the mood and spirit of our main man, Edward Cullen. The palette features four different eye shadows. The first shade is a the shimmery gray with a highlight of silver. The next, a calming shades of blue and pink, and finally, for evening, we suggest the deep black because we love the energizing silver sparkles. Finally, a pale pink lip gloss will set your "Eclipse"-inspired look.

Nordstrom's line, which will be found will in the BP. department in stores, will be available for preorder beginning Saturday, and in-store and online purchasing will start June 4!

Be sure to keeping checking back to Hollywood Crush this entire week for more "Eclipse" fashion!
'Eclipse' Fashion Week Day 4 EXCLUSIVE: Who Do You Love, Edward Or Jacob?

Hey there Twihards! We hope you’ve been enjoying our “Eclipse Fashion Week” festivities, featuring the hottest “Eclipse” trends (check out day one, day two and day three).

Today, Danielle and Janice have a few more Edward and Jacob tees to show off from the Nordstrom line.

If you missed Tuesday’s blog, the two ladies didn’t exactly agree when it came to their taste in men. By the looks of today’s pics, it’s obvious they still haven’t settled their Taycob/RPattz quarrel.

We’ve decided once again to let them take the wheel and duke out this Jacob vs. Edward controversy that is not only found in the hallways of MTV, but all over the world.

JANICE: Hey everybody! To say I’m a die-hard Jacob fan is an understatement. If you need more proof, check out what I’m wearing in these pictures.

DANIELLE: Really Janice? I mean, come on! First off, my shirt — besides the fact that it shows my mad love for Edward — is white with black writing, and we all know white is a cooler color to wear during the summer.

JANICE: Well, I think most would disagree with you because black will always be in no matter how hot it is outside.

DANIELLE: OK Janice, maybe you’ve made a few good points. I guess the facts are that both of these vintage tees are great and can be worn at any time. Let’s hug it out!
So, maybe we have finally settled their fashion clash, but the debate between Team Jacob and Team Edward is not one that will die so easily. With the “Eclipse” movie and Nordstrom’s line getting ready to drop in June, this brawl has just begun!
Nordstrom's line, which will be found will in the BP. department in stores, will be available for preorder beginning May 15, and in-store and online purchasing will start June 4!

'Eclipse' Fashion Week Day 5 EXCLUSIVE: Nordstrom Heads To Camp Cullen

OK, so I know I argued a little with my fellow intern, Danielle, about who is the better man in the “Twilight,” saga but I also have a soft spot for British accents.

I'm on Team Jacob forever, but since I'm so excited for “Eclipse” I've decided to show a little support for the Cullen clan by wearing Camp Cullen top from Nordstrom's "Eclipse" fashion line. Don't worry Jacob lovers, I have not abandoned you!

The “Camp Cullen” boyfriend tee ($30) is loose-fitting, so it fits perfect with a pair of skinny jeans! I didn't mind representing the vampire clan because I kind of felt like Bella for a minute being on both sides.

After I wore the “Camp Cullen” top, I couldn't want to put on the “Forever JB” v-neck ($30). Lest we forget: I am forever on Team Jacob.

Show your allegiance by getting one of these shirts and more from the special "Twilight" fashion line. Feel free to show love to both sides, like I did! No one has to know!

Nordstrom's line, which will be found will in the BP. department in stores, will be available for preorder tomorrow, and in-store and online purchasing will start June 4!

Here's a recap of our week of exclusive "Eclipse" fashion:
- On Monday, we looked at a tank top, a Newborns tee and some major lip gloss!
- On Tuesday, we oohed and awed over more Jacob and Edward apparel
- On Wednesday, we checked out a Cullen hoodie, a dress and eyeshadow
- Yesterday, we took to tank tops to debate our love for the vampire and the werewolf

Source| Source | Source

Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Peter Facinelli & BooBoo Stewart At The 12th Annual Young Hollywood Awards


Picture above are Ashley Greene, Peter Facinelli, Nikki Reed & BooBoo Stewart who all attended the 12th Annual Young Hollywood awards last night!

So you are young and hot in Hollywood. You look good, you make people money (some of you), and you have a ton of fans. But you're not quite at award status yet. No Emmys or worries, in the land where people get an award for putting on awards shows they've got something for you. The 12th Annual Young Hollywood Awards went down in LA last night (May 13) and the young starlets (and some not that young) flocked to the scene.

My mama would have never let me out in the Antonio Berardi frock that Ashely Greene is sporting, but I love it. It just says, why pretend you're not picturing me in my bra anyway and let's make it easy on everyone. The Twilight actress was under a lot of pressure for her red carpet look as she received the Young Hollywood Style Icon Award that night.


Save Ashley and Kellan! More Deets On 'Breaking Dawn' Salary Negotiations

Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz

We knew we loved Ashley Greene for a reason. Well, Kellan Lutz and his abs, too, obviously, but let's stick to the ladies first.

While salarygate is still oh so on, we're hearing more rumblings via Deep Twi about what exactly is going down behind the scenes over at the Twilight studio:

Summit very much means business, as if you smart Twi-hards haven't figured that out already. We hear the studio isn't exactly budging as much as Team Ashley and Team Kellan would like about the alleged 2 million big ones they want for each Breaking Dawn flick. Or 4 mil, depending on which outlet you read. Although we too hear 4 for each flick is higher than what's really being thrown around by the vamp's teams.

But some more perspective for ya: We hear this game of chicken going down isn't as much in the stars hands as you'd think. Seems everyone around Alice and Emmett Cullen are convincing the two they "easily" can get more money from the recently rollin'-in-cash studio.

However, a source close to Greene tells us she hardly is in it for the green.

"Or course she would like more money, who wouldn't?" dishes an insider familiar with the situation.

"Especially when [the studio] has made billions from not only the movies but from franchising all the stars on the side, too. But at the end of the day [Ashley] doesn't want money over the franchise. She loves her fans and really wants to do the final film even if it means not getting the dollar sum she hopes for."

The insider adds that while A.G. and K.L. realize they're no Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart or Taylor Lautner, when it comes to carrying the movie or even being so heavily promoted on the sidelines, they both carry their weight, too.

Let's not forget that.

Interesting to note, also, that Ashley and Kellan both have the same agentso aside from being BFFs, that makes sense why they both are going down the same route right now.

Look, we adore the babes—both babes. But trust us on this: We've got our ears at Summit (yes, even if it's not just Robsten related) and the buzz over there is hardly pleasant.

Take your current offer, kids.

More moolah isn't worth it in the big scheme of things. Hell, if you finish it out at least you can count on still having tons of press. Not many actors your age can say the same damn thing.

If not for us, then do it for the fans, Kel and Ash! We all want you both back. Right? Chime in below to start campaigning to save Ashley and Kellan! 'Cause trust us, the situation could get dicey for one, if not both, stars.
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