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Full Videos Of Eclipse Live Chat With Bryce, Nikki & Julia From Last Night

In case you missed it last night, here's the full Eclipse trailer live chat with Bryce Dallas Howard, Nikki Reed & Julia Jones!  It would have been nice to hear from a Cullen gal besides Nikki.  Maybe Elizabeth Reaser?  Esme doesn't get enough love & Nikki is such a crab.  Just sayin'...


Nikki Reed, Bryce Dallas Howard & Julia Jones Reveal 'Eclipse' Details & Great Stories From The Set

In honor of the release of the second "Eclipse." trailer (press play below to see it!), last night was the first ever live Facebook chat between fans and the stars of "The Twilight Saga," hosted by Summit Entertainment. While only about 8,000 viewers tuned in (we say "only" because we know there are millions of you out there), it was a nice chance to let the stars — Nikki Reed, Julia Jonesand Bryce Dallas Howard — show off their chemistry and tell some tales from the set of "Eclipse." Even some news worthy stuff slipped in.

Click the jump to read about Jackson Rathbone's battle wound and who is most terrifying to fight with!
Rosalie Hale in the 1930s
Yesterday we had questioned whether or not Rosalie and the wolf pack would be getting flashbacks in the film for their backstories, and Nikki answered the former during the live chat. She said they had been able to do a decent amount of filming in the 1930s and get a chance to explain where Rosalie's character was coming from.
"Kristen and I shot a really intense seven page scene where I was just pouring my heart and explaining why I am the way I am," Nikki said, adding that Rosalie was "not a one dimensional character." "It's a frustrating feeling. You don't really get to say what you want to say, and you hope that you can convey what you want to say in the two seconds you're on screen."
She also tossed out Jack Huston's name as the actor playing her ex-fiance Royce King, who you will know best from the TV show "Eastwick."
David Slade's goofy side
While all the actresses said that director David Slade was a great person to work with and was very detail oriented and personal, they shared tales that he also had a very silly side on set.
"David likes to step into these characters. He's incredible with accents. He would invent like these hypothetical situations and would create these characters and we would all play along," said Nikki, adding that it takes a certain type of person to go along with the silliness. "When you have five pounds of white make up on, it's really important to have a light atmosphere."
The most terrifying actor to fight with in "Eclipse"
Bryce and Nikki spent a lot of time talking about the grueling fight training they had to go through to become physically fit in the film. It meant weeks of personal training, fight training and running on huge treadmills to learn how to move evasively at a fast speed. Bryce said, of all the burly men on set, the person she was most terrified of during these training sessions was Nikki.
"I never partnered with Nikki because she was terrifying in fight training," Bryce admitted with a laugh.
"I get really intense," Nikki agreed.
Jackson Rathbone's battle wounds
Thanks to harnesses and trained professionals, there weren't many serious injuries sustained while filming the fight sequences in "Eclipse." But Nikki said there was one scary moment when Jackson Rathbone was hit by a stray punch and got pretty injured.
"He got punched in the head by Kellan [Lutz], of all people," she said. "He went to the hospital, he had a huge egg on his head. I would not want to get punched by Kellan."
Apparently not everyone agrees with Nikki's final statement. Bryce turned to her and said with a laugh, "I would prefer to get punched by Kellan than Nikki."
Also, in case you missed it, the official Eclipse movie site is now up and running!
Did you tune in to the chat last night? Were you glad to hear some stories from the set, instead of just facts about the film?

Final Eclipse Trailer Music Discovered - 'Underworld' By Two Steps From Hell

Here's the music from the final part of the new Eclipse final trailer. Two Steps From Hell has been used for all of the Twilight Saga trailers so far!  


FearNet's 8 Things We Loved About the Final 'Twilight: Eclipse' Trailer

Werewolves and Volturi and newborns, oh my! The final trailer for June's The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was unveiled today, revealing lots of interesting things about David Slade's take on the third novel.
Summit's been rather tight-lipped with previews for the third Twilight film; we've only had one previous teaser trailer thus far, in comparison to the endless clips and trailers and trailers for trailers we've had on the last two installments. So they decided to unveil their final look at the darker, more violent Eclipse in a big way… on Oprah!
Some fans may have wanted more of the same old Edward-Bella-Jacob mooning, but the finalEclipse trailer delivers something perhaps more important: in the span of just 90 seconds, it packs in wolves, vampires, Cullens, Volturi, intrigue, action, and plenty of glimpses of the new enemy inEclipse, Victoria's army of newborn vampires. It gives a sense of the suspense and violence inEclipse (out June 30) and of the darker and hopefully bloodier atmosphere set by Victoria's vengeful rampage across Seattle. This promises to be a Twilight movie with more, well, menace.
Herewith, eight things we kind of-sort of-loved about the trailer!
David Slade's dark and gloomy Seattle
With that aerial shot of rainy downtown Seattle, Slade opens up the Twilight world beyond the small town scope of Forks and Quileute country. Even during the span of the trailer, stakes feel higher than before, especially since more emphasis is placed on the killings in Seattle than there was in the book, where Bella's life was always front and center. Whether it's Riley being attacked in a darkened alley or later, leading a pack of newborns as they crawl insidiously over logs and machinery to gather at the dock, you already feel the tension mounting towards the big showdown between the Cullens, the wolves, and Victoria. 
Jacob the Bad-ass
Ever since Bella chose Edward over his wolfy self at the end of New Moon, Jacob's been rather hostile. Distant. Hot. The Eclipse trailer opens as Jacob shows up to surprise Bella and Edward with a warning -- but this isn't that old familiar warm 'n' cuddly Jacob Black. It's a new, metrosexual, "I wear a black muscle tee because I'm tough" Jacob Black. With a steely Seagal-esque gaze he speaks for his pack with a resounding, "We're in." He wants really bad to KILL something. Later, he PUNCHES something in anger! Taylor Lautner conveys a confidence that we haven't seen before, and we like it.
The Wolf Pack!
Surely the final Eclipse trailer could have included more shirtless boys (tally: one brief shirtless Jacob shot), but we do get to see plenty of the Wolf Pack in wolfy, fighting form. Slade appears to have kept mostly to the wolf models that Chris Weitz created for New Moon, although in some shots they look a bit more photorealistic -- the sensitive eyes are less emphasized since they're in hunt mode. Sure, they still look oversized and otherworldly, but the vision of the newborn fight exploding with snarling, slo-mo wolves has me excited. 
The Cullens!
We were wondering when we'd get to see more of our favorite veggie vampire family, and the Eclipse trailer does not skimp. Carlisle and the gang show up to formulate their plans to figure out who's creating the vampire army in Seattle, Alice has a nice close-up line of dialogue, and Jasper gets his moment to shine as he leads the clan in to battle with his Confederate Army know-how. (The fight in the clearing looks amazing.) What I'm still not crazy about is the Cullen family hair, which looks a bit updated (Alice's bob has a nice little flip to it) but still looks, well, just a tad silly (check out Jasper's fabulous mane!). Not coincidentally, Peter Facinelli and Ashley Greene are probably two of the more popular fan fave cast members. Did they get more face time because of their popularity?
The introduction of Riley
Curiously, the trailer downplays Victoria's presence in favor of showing more of Riley. (Perhaps this is on purpose to deflect fan attention from the New Victoria, Bryce Dallas Howard.) But since Riley is played by Aussie actor Xavier Samuel, star of the recent horror flick The Loved Ones, I really didn't mind. Samuel strikes a few menacing poses himself as Riley leads Victoria's army closer to Bella, and that shot of him and the newborns walking out of the water like Martin Sheen inApocalypse Now is kind of awesome.
The newborn fight in the clearing
The biggest gift the final trailer gives us is the newborn fight, which should be the most action-packed moment in Eclipse. Slade's vision of how it goes down is pretty thrilling, even in snippets -- his camera rushes in as both sides, good vampires vs. evil vampires, run headlong into each other from the left and right. In the battle, a figure that looks like Alice runs toward a baddie and vaults out of the way just as one of the wolves grabs him. A wolf with reddish fur (is it Jacob?) tumbles with a vampire. Victoria, who's evaded captors with her super speed in previous movies, shows off some new moves as she leaps from tree to tree in a forest chase.
The tent scene
Since this trailer's all about action, we don't really see much of the love triangle at the heart of the story. But we do get a brief glimpse of a scene between Bella and Jacob -- he's shirtless and it's snowy, so this could be part of the famed "sleeping bag/tent scene" -- which is laden with heavy emotional glances and shot in gorgeous natural-looking light with what looks to be a handheld camera, an element that promises to give parts of Eclipse a feel more akin to the intimacy of the first film.
Edward in action! Kinda…
While the fight in the clearing shows mostly the Cullens and Co. vs. the newborns, Edward does get a bit of action here. It's probably him chasing Victoria through the trees (it's hard to see in this trailer) but it's definitely him guarding Bella as Victoria gets closer, and it's him pushing over a massive tree that Victoria's hiding in. Fear not, fans -- as the teaser and previously released stills show, Edward should get plenty of the other kind of action in Eclipse (you know, the kind that involves making out), and shots of him looking concerned and adorable and proposing to Bella elsewhere in the trailer solidify his hold on Bella's (and our) hearts.
What did you think of the final trailer for Eclipse? Does the promise of more action and killing and evil vampires gone amok give you as much of a tingle as the promise of Jacob and Bella in the infamous sleeping bag scene?


Will ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ Make Fans Mourn Riley’s Loss?

Xavier Samuel as Riley, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, by David Slade
Xavier Samuel as 'Riley' - David Slade
One of the most immediately noticeable (and perhaps impactful) aspects of the new The Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer is the amount of Riley it brought.
By now, it’s no secret that the character Riley will have more than just the few seconds of face time he had in the book version of the story (much like Felix in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, but probably even more so). Not only did the character get a last name for the film (“Biers”), but Xavier Samuel was one of only two castmates whose on-set photograph director David Slade shared on Twitter (the other was, of course, Taylor Lautner). So, it’s no surprise that we saw him in the trailer. What was a little surprising was how much we got to see of him. 
Now, there are some conjectures being thrown around on this issue, such as the idea that the action end is being promoted to encourage an expanded audience or that some sequences involving other choice characters are still being worked on. Whatever the issue with that may be, the amount of content containing Riley in the trailer certainly indicates that he’ll be a character of heightened importance for this movie.
Here are the number of times each character appeared in the new trailer.


Riley beats out Jacob in trailer time? Just below Edward? That’s a good bit of inclusion.
In the book, Riley’s a character whose destruction you, as a reader, become eager for. His death means the near end of this epic battle, and we don’t know enough about him to hesitate in that conviction.
So, with him becoming so much more critical and expanded upon in the film version of Eclipse, one has to wonder whether Twilight fans will begin to sympathize with him.
With Twilight, the villain was James. James was difficult to care about because he basically snaps to a decision to destroy Bella with no logic or persona to speak of (except that he was a tracker who liked a challenge).
With New Moon, the bad guys were Laurent, Victoria, and arguably the Volturi. The level of investment that we as film-goers had with these characters was rather slight. We didn’t follow Laurent around or hear what he was up to before his demise in the meadow, so it wasn’t hard to swallow his death. With Victoria, she was looming in the background, and we knew that she wanted justice for James’ death, but she was more just there for the special effects potential. The Volturi certainly weren’t overly sympathetic characters in New Moon.
So, with these characters, it was a matter of watching what happened in the book pan out on-screen. Nothing was new except the method of delivery, really.
Now that we’ve seen this fragment of Eclipse, though, we can see that not only will we the movie bring us Riley’s excruciating (and rather sad) transformation experience, but we will also witness him raising a newborn army for his creator and love interest. The parallels between Jasper Hale’s history and Riley’s present-day circumstances will be quite clear and drawn upon, it seems.
Add that to the fate we already know from the book (that he’s doing it all for his creator and love interest), and we might just experience the substance of this story in a new way . . .
So, is it possible we will begin to mourn Riley, a character we wanted to see perish in the book? Do you feel more invested in the character thanks to the trailer?


The Great 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Trailer Debate: Bella's Engagement Ring

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Bella engagement ring
Bella's engagement ring in 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' trailer
Right now, there are a great many conversations and debates being waged about the newest The Twilight Saga: Eclipsetrailer, but one that seems to hold particular significance for a lot of fans is the question of whether Bella's engagement ring fits the literary bill. The ring was shown in passing in the first trailer for Eclipse, but it received undeniable and prominent placement in the latest.
Coming off of the reveal, there seems to be a split in the fandom as to whether the ring matches popular perception of Stephenie Meyer's description.
Only trouble is there may not be a common perception at all.
A number of vendors have come out with their own versions of the Bella engagement ring, and the results are quite varied. While there are a couple (here and here, for instance) that look a lot like what we see here in the picture, there are others still that look very different (like this one or this one).
Thus, there doesn't seem to be any achievable market consensus about the way the ring looks.
So, here's how the book describes it:
Nestled into the black satin, Elizabeth Masen’s ring sparkled in the dim light. The face was a long oval, set with slanting rows of glittering round stones. The band was gold — delicate and narrow. The gold made a fragile web around the diamonds.
Comparing the image with the text, it seems that the ring chosen has all of the description's elements. It's certainly nestled in black satin, and there is indeed a long oval face with slanted, web-like settings and round stones. We can't see the entire band, but it looks pretty dainty from what is visible here.
So, in a technical sense, the ring has hit all of the right notes.
Still, any time you conjure up a mental image as important as something like Bella's engagement ring (or Edward's Volvo, or the sparkling effect . . . etc.) from the books, it's difficult to displace that vision for another offered by the film.
It seems that this is just one of those film fragments that will please some but not others. It is one of those situations, though, where you could go to Vegas with the bet that Stephenie Meyer was a key player in the selection decision.
So, would you care to weigh in with your thoughts on the ring? Yeah or nay to it matching the book's description (or how you imagined it)?

TDG Note: IMO, the rings it totes fug.  Just sayin'...


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Eclipse Official Website Is Revealed Plus New Cast Promo Pictures

The Official Eclipse Website is finally up and these are the new cast promo pictures that you can find there.

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