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'Remember Me' Press Junket Photos Of Rob



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'Remember Me' Press Junket Videos With Rob & Emilie

All 5 videos in 1

Never A Normal Guy
Robert Pattinson tells MTV News why filming 'Remember Me' off the heels of his 'Twilight' success was so appealing.

Critical Thinking
Emilie De Ravin and Robert Pattinson discuss who's more critical of their onscreen performances.

Love Scenes and Modesty Patches
Robert Pattinson talks about how nervous he was during his sex scenes with Emilie De Ravin.

Pattinson On 'Bel Ami'
Robert Pattinson dishes on his upcoming sexually charged drama 'Bel Ami.'

RPattz In 3-D
Robert Pattinson reveals why the thought of making 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' a 3D film gives him a headache.

Videos on MTV Player

"Enter Robert Pattinson"

It's blurry, but it's him!

US Release Date Changed For 'The Runaways'

“Remember Me” Premiere Location In NYC On March 1st Confirmed

The “Remem ber Me” Premiere will be at 7pm March 1st, 2010 at the Paris The ater in NYC!


Ashley Greene Attends The Gucci Show At Milan Fashion Week

Ashley Greene is seen here hitting up the Gucci show at Milan Fashion Week.  New dress = check, new shoes = check, new bag = check!


Kristen Stewart Talks Eclipse And On Screen Kissing

First they talk about Rob & 'Remember Me.'  Kristen's part starts at 0:48.


Ashley Greene Attends The Giorgio Armani Fashion Show in Milan

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Ashley looks just stunning!  Love the dress, shoes, makeup...everything!  She was photographed attending the Giorgio Armani fashion show in Milan, Italy.  Rumor has it she will also be attending the Dolce & Gabbana and Moschino shows today as well!

Rob & Kristen Spotted Arriving At JFK Airport In New York

Rob & Kristen were photographed arriving at JFK airport in New York!!!  TomStu is also  

Hopefully we'll have some more Robsten/KPattz sightings in NYC this week with Rob scheduled to do a ton of promo for Remember Me!


Moviehole Reviews 'Remember Me'; Rob Is 'Pretty Bloody Good' While Taylor Hasn't 'Proven Himself Yet'

Saw "Twilight" heartthrob Robert Pattinson's new movie, "Remember Me" yesterday. Didn't quite know what to expect - though the apt support cast (Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper in particular), and Allen Coulter's ("Hollywood") anointment as director, indicated that it might be something less mush and more meat. And that's exactly what it was. It's Pattinson riding in Coach, as opposed to First Class (the smooth, trouble-free ride that offers a prettier, but not always stunning, view), and you know what? I think he proves his worth here. He's actually pretty bloody good. And nothing against the film adaptations of the Nicholas Sparks' novels (in fact, I've enjoyed every one of those bar "NIghts in Rodanthe", which sucked worse than a toothy hooker in a butcher's strike) but I sure as hell believed the romance at the center of this pic - between Pattinson and co-star Emilie de Ravin ("Lost") - a lot more than the slightly manipulative passionate plays of say, "The Notebook" or "Dear John", "Remember Me" just plays a lot realer. I'll review the flick down the track, but for the moment, let me just say I'm truly convinced at least one of the "Twilight" 'hunks' (that's what you gals call 'em, right?) has some legitimate acting ability.

The next part of the article talks about Taylor:

Taylor Lautner, on the other hand, hasn't really proven himself yet. I liked the guy in "New Moon", in fact, I think he was one of the better things in the film, and I'll admit he does seem to have 'something', but cinema's former 'Sharkboy' hasn't really done enough for anyone to really warrant screaming in the streets 'Next Redford! has he? And yet, every Hollywood studio seems to be knocking down his door to get him onboard their flicks. Of course this has more to do with getting bums on seats (Hollywood knows that if they build it, they will come - Lautner's the 'it guy' at the moment) than crystal ball's recognizing head-turning performances in the future. It's actually quite amazing - but solely on his involvement in the popcornish "Twilight" pictures, Lautner has been thrown huge bucks to star in some fairly major movies (It's funny that Lautner seems to be taking the 'Blockbuster' route, whereas Pattinson seems to be following the substance-over-style indy flicks). One of those films, up until last week, was a feature film adaptation of the toy line (!) "Max Steel". The Mattel film, set up at Paramount, and produced by Joe Roth was to tell of "an orphan exposed to nano-technology becomes imbued with superhero powers".


Friday, February 26, 2010

Caught! Rob & Kristen Continue Pub Crawl of Love!

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted fitting in one last round of pub hopping before R.Pattz is due back to the States to promote Remember Me this weekend.

Robsten, who seem more far lovey-cozy than usual, of late, hit up the Macbeth in London Thursday night and were inseparable per usual.

Now, are you ready for this? We have it confirmed by multiple sources at the venue that Rob and Kris were:

"100 percent there together," says a sober eyewitness.

Now, take that to mean what you will (as we so know you will)!

A lucky fan at Macbeth last night that twitteredshe did in fact see Rob and Kristen at the pub together, tho she only took a pic with R.Pattz. Don't you love technology nowadays?
British politician Nicolas Clark (who has had to protect his tweets since most likely getting hounded by Twi-hards) also twittered Tuesday night he saw Rob and Kristen at the Marquis of Granby share "just a couple of kisses on the lips," later adding "R+K were acting like a couple."

Then, after getting twitter-tipped that R & K were out together Wednesday night, we were able to confirm they did in fact grab "a bite to eat and a few drinks" at the Halfmoon pub in London, before watching R.Pattz's little sister Lizzy perform.

Just loving how comfortable these two are across the pond, aren't you? We're feeling so selfless that we just say stay there! Less paps and attention, for sure.


Blurry Pics Of Rob & Kristen Spotted At Heathrow Airport In London Today!

They're very blurry! I definitely see Kristen, Rob isn't as easy to make out!


Site Uses Old Kristen Stewart Comments To Give "New" Robert Pattinson Answer

An interview with Kristen Stewart on caught a lot of people’s attention today, as part of it seemed… familiar.

The Q&A is presented as a recent conversation arranged during promotion for The Yellow Handkerchief, Stewart’s new film. And most of the discussion sticks to that dramatic role.

But at the end is a very curious bit of Robert Pattinson talk.

“So what’s really going on with you and Robert,” asks the interviewer. “Are you dating?”

To which Stewart is said to reply, “The whole rumor tabloid stuff is so obviously false to me and I knew it was false even before I became a part of it. It has been like some sort of ridiculous show. It’s like a soap opera, but filled with false realism. I don’t take it personally. It might seem real to fans, but it isn’t.”

Hmm. Sound familiar?

Take a look at this interview (with audio) from last November, when Stewart was promoting The Twilight Saga: New Moon and said of her growing celebrity:

“I’ve gotten more comfortable with the whole rumor, tabloid stuff, it’s so obviously false to me. Look, even before I became a part of it, once I sort of became a star… it’s like a show. It’s like a ridiculous show.”

["A soap opera with your name in it?" a reporter prompts]

“Exactly. With false realism like a soap opera that seems real but you’re not quite sure. It doesn’t bother me. I don’t take it personally.”

Gossip Cop contacted BettyConfidential, and the site confirmed our suspicions.

The answer to the “What’s going on with you and Robert?” question, the site admits, was taken from the previous roundtable discussion with reporters Stewart staged in November.

It was not an answer Stewart gave during her current promotion for The Yellow Handkerchief.

Importantly, Gossip Cop will also observe that in the original setting back in November, Stewart’s response was not even to a question about Pattinson, but, rather, regarding her overall comfort level with interviews and celebrity status.

So don’t give any weight to the “answer” BettyConfidential presents as a recent answer to a Robsten question.

It is several months old and taken completely out of context.


Taylor Lautner Drops Out Of 'Max Steel' For 'Stretch Armstrong'

Just last week we marveled at the sheer number of projects "Twilight" star Taylor Lautner had in development, and perhaps he was starting to feel the pressure too. After dropping out of "Northern Lights" earlier this week, the 18-year-old has parted ways with another project, "Max Steel," based on the Mattel toy, reports New York magazine's Vulture blog.

Sources say it was his "Stretch Armstrong" collaboration with rival toy company Hasbro that was the impetus for Taylor's departure. According to Vulture, Taylor realized Hasbro was doing a better job with its movie properties than Mattel. To wit, the toy company has leveraged board games Candy Land, Battleship and Risk into high-profile projects and had earlier success with a couple small flicks called "G.I. Joe" and "Transformers." Added one source, "When you sign up to make a movie with Hasbro, you know it will be in theaters a year later."

Less of Taylor Lautner is never a good thing, but we can't say we're too sad to see "Max Steel" go. While the toy is wildly popular internationally, it doesn't seem to have much name recognition here in the U.S. Though we will mourn those could-have-been shirtless scenes. Sigh. 

So to recap, Taylor's current project list is comprised of "Cancun," "Abduction" and "Stretch Armstrong." And "Breaking Dawn" if Summit ever gets around to it. Still a lot for the rising actor, but a more manageable list, for sure.

Robert Pattinson: Your Guide To His 'Remember Me' TV Press Appearances

The good thing about Robert Pattinson coming out with a new movie — you know, in addition to the fact that he's coming out with a new movie — is that his ever popular face will have to make obligatory stops at all many popular TV outlets to promote it. While the "Remember Me" tour will be a bit less involved than the "New Moon" on was, we're pretty excited about all of the TV shows he is going to be frequenting. What's even more exciting is that most of the visits will be firsts.

"THE TODAY SHOW"- March 1 

Rob's first stop on the press tour stars March 1, where he will be kicking it off with a visit to "The Today Show." This isn't quite a debut, considering he already visited Matt Lauer "New Moon." However, we really dug the interview at the time, and we're sure Matt will pull out a great repeat performance. while promoting


It might seem surprising that March 1 will also mark Rob's first appearance on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" (Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner both made appearances here for "New Moon") considering as recently as February 10 he "made" a cameo appearance. Hopefully Rob will be able to get back at Jimmy Fallon for all his "Robert is Bothered" skits, maybe with a "Jimmy Fallon isn't as funny as he thinks he is and that bothers all of us" one? Yeah, we know it's not as catchy, but we're working on it.


On Tuesday March 2, Rob will make his debut appearance on "The View" alongside costar Emilie de Ravin. ABC seemed pretty excited about it on their website news post, and they should have every reason to be. In fact, we're surprised it took them this long to find an excuse to get him on!


If old women fawning over our favorite Brit isn't quite your think, Rob will also be making his first appearance on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" (!!!) that night. In fact, we are so excited about this appearance that we aren't even going to waste our times speculating on how Jon Stewart will treat Rob. Hopefully however that appearance goes, it will blow our minds. 

As for Rob's "Twilight" costar, Kristen Stewart (her new movie "The Runaways" is out March 19), she'll taking a seat on Jay Leno's new "The Tonight Show" couch on March 10.


'The Runaways' Soundtrack List Revealed: Lots Of Dakota & Kristen


The Runaways biopic, starring Twilight’s Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning, melted the snow at its Sundance premiere and hits theaters across the U.S. on March 19th. While fans have gotten a few sneak peeks at the film via its teaser trailers, Rolling Stone now has your exclusive on what songs will feature on the film’s punk rock soundtrack. Since this is a film about the Runaways, the group’s catalog features heavily on the disc, and its track list is split between the original recordings and new versions by Fanning, who plays Cherie Currie, and Stewart, who portrays Joan Jett. Rounding out the album are 1975-era punk anthems by MC5, Nick Gilder, Sex Pistols, David Bowie and more.

That’s the soundtrack artwork up top and it’s pretty sweet, with a literal “cherry bomb” against the backdrop of a well-worn vinyl sleeve. The Runaways soundtrack will be available digitally on March 16th, with a physical release planned for March 23rd. You can pre-order both formats over on the soundtrack’s official Website. Until then, check out the entire Runaways track list below:
1. Nick Gilder – “Roxy Roller”
2. Suzi Quatro – “The Wild One”
3. MC5 – “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World”
4. David Bowie – “Rebel Rebel”
5. Dakota Fanning – “Cherry Bomb”
6. The Runaway – “Hollywood”
7. Dakota Fanning – “California Paradise”
8. The Runaways – “You Drive Me Wild”
9. Dakota Fanning & Kristen Stewart – “Queens Of Noise”
10. Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning – “Dead End Justice”
11. The Stooges – “I Wanna Be Your Dog”
12. The Runaways – “I Wanna Be Where The Boys Are (Live)”
13. Sex Pistols – “Pretty Vacant”
14. Joan Jett – “Don’t Abuse Me”


Kristen Stewart: “My Life is Very Good”

 The Twilight star opens up about her new drama, The Yellow Handkerchief, what it’s like not playing Bella and the truth about her and Robert Pattinson.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart thanks her lucky stars every day. Even though the Twilight actress has got the paparazzi hounding her every move — especially now that they are trying oh-so hard to capture her and rumored boyfriend Robert Pattinson canoodling — she doesn’t dare grumble. “I love when people complain about how horrible it is to be famous,” says the 19-year-old, calling from her suite at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles, where she’s promoting her new drama The Yellow Handkerchief. “On the outside, it looks like my life is hell. But I get to work with great people who are amazing and then go hang out with them. My life is very good.”

How did the role in The Yellow Handkerchief come about for you?
For me, it was a real typical situation. I read the script and it made me sick, just sick, to think that I might not be able to play the part. Then I met the director, auditioned and actually got the part.

You seem shocked. You're a big star now!
Oh man, you never know. But when something becomes solid, it's like you've been given this immense responsibility. This is a character I love.

Tell us about playing Martine, a troubled Southern teen who goes on a road trip with two complete strangers.
I saw this girl to be overly tender and an emotional person. She is doing everything she can to hide that. She is running from something and is disappointed by guys and the people around her.

Kristen Stewart and William Hurt

Like who?
She doesn't have the greatest relationship with her dad. But she remains a strong-minded, stubborn person.

Is it true that Jodie Foster, who you worked with years ago in Panic Room, recommended you for this role?
I just learned that today. Our producer has known her for years. Thank you, Jodie!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Is it weird to play someone who is not Bella?
It's funny because that is a really relevant question from an outsider's perspective. It seems like Twilight is the biggest thing in my career in terms of getting attention and making such a wave. I've found it's not weird to play another character because the experience of making a film is the same. It's the character who is unique and different.

Besides, you filmed this before the first Twilight movie.
I did Yellow Handkerchief a year and a half before Twilight. So I'm not rebelling against Bella. I'm just doing something new, unique and personal.

What do you do when you hear good news, like getting the role in The Yellow Handkerchief? Call a girlfriend? Yell and scream?
I just get really excited. But then fear sets in. I don't know if I can do it. But the moment is exciting and then fear sets in. First, I go, “Yes! My God, I can do this!”

Do you really have doubts about your abilities?
I get those doubts before I do every scene. I go, “What are we doing… Oh, my God.” If it's something you really care about, it's scary.

How are you handling the fact that you're internationally famous and can't just walk into McDonald’s without causing a frenzy?
In terms of making concessions, it's not that bad. The coolest thing in the world about this kind of fame is that people actually want to see your movies. But I don't take a lot of credit for Twilight. Whoever got to play Bella Swan would be in the position I'm in now.

So what’s really going on with you and Robert. Are you dating?
The whole rumor tabloid stuff is so obviously false to me and I knew it was false even before I became a part of it. It has been like some sort of ridiculous show. It's like a soap opera, but filled with false realism. I don't take it personally. It might seem real to fans, but it isn't.

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