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Peter Facinelli & Jennie Garth At The Premiere Of Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Viva Elvis’

Peter Facinelli and his gorgeous wife Jennie Garth attended the premier of Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Viva Elvis’ Friday night February 19th in Las Vegas.  How cute are they?


New TV Spot For 'The Runaways'

8 New Outtakes Of Kristen Stewart From Entertainment Weekly

How gorgeous are these outtakes of Kristen from the November issue of Entertainment weekly?  Now if only they were untagged!


Is Kristen Stewart's New Movie Really That New?

Kristen StewartTodd Williamson/Getty Images
In The Yellow HandkerchiefKristen Stewart does what Kristen Stewart does best: She plays a "troubled and lonely teenager," as the plot synopsis describes it.

The flick was shot years ago (pre-Twilight), and K.Stew's fab acting ability remains intact. But this role seems to be one we've seen her do a few times before.

So does Kristen think this is another repetitive troubled love story?

We're so looking forward to seeing this movie, but when first reading over what it's about, it's described as "a love story at its core." This is hardly the first movie about twisted love to come along, and definitely not the first time you've played the angsty teenager role...

"Yeah." [nodding in agreement]

So when you sign on to a movie like this, how do you bring your own originality to it?

"Well, I think it had originality to it. There were two love stories that were all about characters that would normally not be leading characters. I looked at every single one of them and sort of went like,they're weird.

"They're not your typical leading men. Gordy [Eddie Redmayne] is not your typical leading man, nor is William [Hurt]'s seriously hurt Brett [character]...the fact that it's a quaint story and a love story, and twolove stories that are more exploratory and unique and not necessarily this epic thing. It's not a movie that has a bunch of plot events. Really everything happens within tiny little glances."

Ugh, we just totally heart this girl; she could pretty much sell us on anything.

So, as you've heard straight from Kristen's mouth, she doesn't think The Yellow Handkerchief qualifies as just another love story.

But are you sold to see it? The film comes out in limited release Feb. 26.


Robert Pattinson's 'Water For Elephants' Filming Locale Not Confirmed Until April; Film Title Changed To 'Circus', Now In Pre-Production

According to independent film analyst, Larry Richman, Robert Pattinson’s next rumored movie, "Water for Elephants", went into pre-production status this week. IMDB is listing a new name for it – "Circus", and has  identified Rob as part of the cast. However, Larry has tweeted that Rob has not yet been confirmed for the movie.

Here's the scoop on the filming locale:
Despite widespread Internet rumors stating that a certain vampire will visit Ithaca this summer, no production plans for the movie Water for Elephants will be confirmed until April, according to University Press Officer Blaine Friedlander.

“If they are going to film [Water for Elephants] here, we would love to have them and we would love to cooperate,” Friedlander said.

After rumors began to spread, the University called Fox 2000, the production company that won a bidding war to film the movie, but nothing final has been planned, according to Friedlander.

The movie, based on the best-selling novel written by Sarah Gruen, will tell the story of a Cornell veterinary student who drops out of school just before graduation and joins the circus.

While only Reese Wither­spoon has confirmed her participation in the film, Robert Pattinson, of Twilight fame, has been in talks with producers for over a month about the part of Cornellian Jacob Jankowski.

Christoph Waltz, the award-winning actor who played a supporting role in 2009’s Inglourious Basterds as a sadistic German officer, has been offered the part of the nefarious circus trainer married to Witherspoon’s character, according to reports from The role had been previously offered to Sean Penn, but talks fell apart as Penn continued his humanitarian mission in Haiti.

Jankowski’s story in Water for Elephants is told through a series of flashbacks recounted from his nursing home bed. Cornell University, although not at the center of the story, will presumably be the setting for multiple flashbacks, including the pivotal moment when Jacob learns of his parents’ death.

Filming on campus would generate revenue for local businesses and excitement for students, faculty and locals alike. Bruce Stroff, the marketing communications manager for the Ithaca/Tompkins County Convention and Visitors Bureau, said the movie could mean expenditures of up to $50,000 a day locally, according to the Ithaca Journal.

Water for Elephants would not be the only recent major motion picture to feature the University. In the 2009 film Up in the Air, nominated this year for a Best Picture Oscar, actress Anna Kendrick portrays Natalie Keener, a recent Cornell graduate with a psychology minor.

In Neverwas, produced in 2005, Aaron Eckhart plays a Cornell professor who leaves the University to work at a private mental institution where his father, played by Nick Nolte, spent some time. Neither film features any scenes shot in Ithaca, according to the Internet Movie Database.

Even if Water for Elephants never makes the journey to Tompkins County, Ithaca can still claim its place in cinematic history. According to local historian and founder of Ithaca-made Movies, Terry Harbin, before Hollywood became the center of the entertainment industry in the 1920s, independent studios had the chance to reach national audiences with thrilling action serials.

Starting in 1914, what is now Stewart Park in downtown Ithaca became the home of Wharton Inc., a silent movie production company. Before ending in financial ruin in 1919, the company produced more than 70 multi-part movies with major movie stars of the era, including Pearl White, Irene Castle, Lionel Barrymore and a young Oliver Hardy.

Source & Source

Taylor Lautner Paid $7.5 M For ‘Stretch Armstrong’; 'Northern Lights' Loses Him "Over Casting Issues"

According to Deadline Hollywood, Universal will pay Taylor Lautner $7.5 million for Stretch Armstrong, Northern Lights loses him and two movies are wooing him for that April spot.

EXCLUSIVE: I've learned that after 5 PM today, bidders will be told who won that Taylor Lautner-attached script Abducted which the new motion picture lit agency Verve sent out for its client Shawn Christensen. (At one point, Lionsgate had an exclusive negotiating window but couldn't agree on terms.) 

Meanwhile, there's a lot more Lautner news. He and Skydance's flyboy movie Northern Lightshave "respectfully parted ways over casting issues", sources tell me, noting, "Taylor's people want to step up and put the best actors and directors around him." (I hear the Northern Lights project will continue to move forward without Lautner...) 

Now 5 more movies have been offered to the Twilight Saga's 18-year-old co-star, including 2 for that open April slot. As for that new salary high of $7.5 million Skydance had offered him for Northern Lights, I've learned that Universal paid him that sum to play the title role in Stretch Armstrong

It's good to be Taylor right now. (And let me talk you off the ledge if you're not.)


Entertainment Weekly Continues Its Robsession With 2 New 'Remember Me' Stills, Features & Polls

EW just released this still in an article talking about the Eclipse trailer to debut in front of Remember Me:

Summit Entertainment has announced that the trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will debut in front of the studio’s Robert Pattinson film Remember Me in theaters March 12. Sure, on one hand it could be perceived as a cheap way to lure bodies into the seats. On the other, if you’d pay money just to see the Eclipse trailer, chances are you were already going to see Remember Me. Right? Poll!

Vote at the poll at

This is featured in the issue of EW on newsstands now:

Here's a bigger version of the still:

Friday, February 19, 2010

Kristen Stewart & Eddie Redmayne On Bonding In New Orleans & Robert Pattinson’s British Boy Pack

LOS ANGELES, Calif. --
Kristen Stewart was a pre-“Twilight” 17 years old when she filmed the coming of age drama “The Yellow Handkerchief,” with British actor Eddie Redmayne in New Orleans, a film due out later this month. But the two stars revealed to on Thursday that Kristen learned her first details about her then-upcoming co-star Robert Pattison from Eddie, who turned out to be a R-Patz pal.
“Randomly, at the end of this, you were about to do ‘Twilight,’” Eddie said, turning to his “Handkerchief” co-star Kristen during Access’ interview. “I had known Rob since I was [younger]. So I was like, ‘Yeah! You’re working with my mate Rob!’ You’re like, ‘Really? What’s he like?’ I was like, ‘He’s a good boy.’”
Kristen said although she first attempted to find out more about her “Twilight” co-star from his pal, she realized Eddie’s lips were fairly sealed.
“I sort of got from [Eddie] that they were friends for a long time and he wasn’t going to say anything bad about him. Even if there was something bad, it was just sort of like, ‘Yeah, it’ll be good,’” Kristen laughed.
Eddie confirmed he and his British boys club buddies stick together, a group that includes Eddie, R-Patz and “Vanity Fair” actor Tom Sturridge.
“They’re like, so almost incestuous,” Kristen said.
“It is incestuous,” Eddie laughed. “Rob and Tommy Sturridge and I – we’ve all been at it for a while now and it [is] so funny what happens when you start doing the jobs and you work with other people and you realize the whole industry is incredibly incestuous.”
While Eddie didn’t have his triumvirate on set with him on “The Yellow Handkerchief,” which also stars Maria Bello and William Hurt in a troubled love story, the Brit was taken into a new group – the Stewart Family.
Due to her age at the time, Kristen’s family lived with her while she played the part of Martine, a lost 15-year-old, and when they realized Eddie was an Englishman alone in New Orleans, they took him out.
“I remember your family [was] there as well. I was like, all by myself and Kristen kept thinking I was this sort of lost British loner, but I remember it was Mother’s Day or something and we went into The Quarter…”
“And had brunch,” Kristen chimed in.
“Her family invited me to Mother’s Day,” Eddie said smiling.
But it was while making the moving story, set across a post-Katrina New Orleans, that Kristen realized she values being older and independent, for the purposes of work.
”[Eddie was] living in New Orleans in an apartment – he’s not been in that city before. I was like, ‘God, you’re alone. I have my parents and my brothers,’” she recounted. “Now I would be like, I have to…”
“Get away,” Eddie filled in.
“You need concentration,” Kristen added of how she focuses on work. “It’s like, I need to get as close to him as I possibly can, so I don’t need my brother being like, ‘When are you coming home?’”


What's Making KStew's Latest Costar So Nervous About Blabbing On Her Good Lip Service?

Eddie Redmayne, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson
Last night, we hit up the L.A. premiere for Kristen Stewart's latest indie flick, The Yellow Handkerchief, and had chatted with an unusually calm K.S. (you should have heard the photogs screaming at her) and her adorable costar Eddie Redmayne.

Earlier, K.Stew had fessed how she preferred Eddie's lip-lockin' skills to Rob Pattinson's, and even stuck by her choice when cross-examined later by Marc Malkin.

So, how did Mr. Redmayne—Rob's longtime pal, FYI—rate Kristen's kissability?

After making sure Eddie was filled in on how Kristen thought he was a good kisser, we had to ask if the feeling was mutual.

"Well, I paid her to say that. But yeah, absolutely mutual," spilled Eddie at the Pacific Design Center event last night.

However, the yummy Brit started to get a tad awkward when continuing on...

"I can't, I can't...I have to be careful what I say because she's...she's a wonderful girl."

Uh, come again? What exactly is making Eddie so nervous about blabbing on Kristen's good lip service? She had no problem joking around!

We think it's Guy Code 101. Let's fill in the blanks for E.R., shall we?

I have to be careful what I say because she' good mate's girl.

We think that's pretty feasible, don't you?!

Kristen did dish yesterday on whether she ever feels awkward filming the more intimate scenes, like the ones with Rob's buddy:

"It depends on how you're thinking about it," Miss Stewart, who looked stunning dressed in Azzaro, said. 

"You're probably going back and forth every other second going, This is weird to No, it's my job to I'm actually really into this to This is weird. You know what I mean? You should be able to lose yourself. But of course you're standing around 100 people."

K.Stew is a pretty lucky babe to have both Eddie and Rob as onscreen smooch notches. But we all know which guy she'll choose when the cameras aren't rolling, right?

Remember Me 'Ask Rob' - Video #5 - Little Sister


Kristen Stewart Hopes 'Eclipse' Proposal Scene 'Turned Out All Right'

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are getting married. Wait, it's not what you think. In "Eclipse," out in June, their characters Bella and Edward decide to take their relationship to the next level and get engaged.
But Stewart had some apprehensions about shooting that scene. She didn't want the scenario of two teens, one being a vampire who happens to be many years older than his facade of 17, deciding to marry one another to look silly or unbelievable.

"Well, to decide you're gonna marry someone at 18 is a pretty hefty decision," she told MTV News from the red carpet of the premiere of her new movie, "The Yellow Handkerchief." "And I didn't want to look stupid. I didn't want it to look like kids getting married. You know what I mean?"
Stewart admits she had to find an emotional space that allowed her to make a teenage engagement seem plausible. "I wanted to be, like, 'Oh! Wow! I would say yes too!' You know what mean? So I don't know how you do that. You try to do it for real, and it felt good. I hope it turned out alright."
The actress also shared which scenes she'd like to see appear in the "Eclipse" trailer that's set to premiere in March during showings of Pattinson's "Remember Me." "Oh, my gosh! There's a really cool thing that happens on a cliff with Jacob that should definitely be in there," she explained. "Battle stuff. I would say the [newborn vampires]. The newborns are going to look awesome."

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