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Taylor Lautner & Kellan Lutz At The Direct TV Celebrity Beach Bowl

Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz competed in the Direct TV Celebrity Beach Bowl in Miami, Florida on Saturday, February 6th. Taylor and Kellan were both on the blue team coached by Mark Sanchez, but they lost.

Taylor Lautner was interviewed on the Direct TV Celebrity Beach Bowl & he talked about extreme martial arts, picking the Colts to win in the Super Bowl and fans in the bathrooms!!!

David Slade Tweets A Goodie About The Eclipse Movie Editing

David Slade tweeted a goodie this afternoon about Eclipse post-production! More Edward? There's only one word to describe how that makes me feel: SQUEE!!!

Vanity Fair Hollywood Edition Scans Featuring Kristen Stewart - HQ & Untagged

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Taylor Lautner & Kellan Lutz At The Audi Super Bowl XLIV Party

Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz attended the Audi Super Bowl XLIV Party at the W Hotel in South Beach, Florida on Friday night, February 5th.


Behind The Scenes Video Of Kellan Lutz's Calvin Klein Photoshoot

Try not to pass out, k? You're welcome.

Taylor Lautner Expands His Career By Landing Superhero Role 'Stretch Armstrong'


Taylor Lautner is quite literally becoming a boy toy. The "Twilight" werewolf is already set to star in "Max Steel" — he'll play the titular extreme-sports-star-turned-superhero based on Mattel toy line — and now he's stretching his acting limits even more.

According to a press release, Universal Pictures has lined up Taylor for "Stretch Armstrong," a.k.a. another franchise based on a toy (this time it's a Hasbro-owned one).

The 3-D adventure, set for release in 2012, will be based around the very flexible action figure (his arms and legs can stretch "up to four times his size!"), which arrived in toy stores in the 1970s and re-launched in the 1990s.

"In the past two years, Taylor has emerged as a real star at the global box office. He brings the perfect balance of energy and athleticism to the role of an unlikely super hero with a fantastic super power," said Universal Pictures Co-Chairman Donna Langley in a statements. "We couldn't be more pleased that he has agreed to be our Stretch."

The team behind the Universal pic will include Hasbro President and CEO Brian Goldner, producer Brian Grazer ("8 Mile," "American Gangster") and writer Steve Oedekerk ("Bruce Almighty"). Hasbro is also bringing another classic of theirs to the big screen: "Battleship." Though today, the release noted that its premiere date was bumped from July 2011 to Memorial Day weekend 2012.

What do you think about Taylor Lautner as Stretch Armstrong? Perfect idea or (wait for it!) a real stretch?

Here's the full press release:

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif., Feb. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Universal Pictures announced breaking news about its upcoming event film based on the popular Hasbro brand, Stretch Armstrong. The announcement was made today by Universal Pictures Chairman Adam Fogelson and Co-Chairman Donna Langley.

Taylor Lautner (the Twilight saga) will play the title character in the upcoming 3-D superhero adventure Stretch Armstrong, to be released in 2012.

"Universal has put all the elements in place to successfully launch two of our classic Hasbro brands on the big screen," saidBrian Goldner, President and CEO of Hasbro, Inc. "The addition of Taylor Lautner and the 3-D twist to Stretch Armstrong is sure to pay dividends when the film is released in 2012."

Stretch Armstrong is moving to 2012 to allot time to shape the project into a 3-D superhero adventure and to accommodate Lautner's existing commitments.

"In the past two years, Taylor has emerged as a real star at the global box office. He brings the perfect balance of energy and athleticism to the role of an unlikely super hero with a fantastic super power," said Langley. "We couldn't be more pleased that he has agreed to be our Stretch."

Stretch Armstrong is based on the iconic action figure made popular around the world beginning in the 1970s and re-launched in the 1990s. Academy Award®-winning producer Brian Grazer (A Beautiful Mind, 8 Mile, American Gangster) will team with Hasbro to bring Stretch Armstrong to life. Steve Oedekerk (Bruce Almighty) has written the screenplay, and Hasbro's Goldner and Schneir also produce.

First Photo From Robert Pattinson's Upcoming 'Details Magazine' Photoshoot

Clicky for HQ to lick & save. You know you want to...just sayin'!

This details magazine photoshoot is going to be HOT. I. AM. DIED.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Kristen Stewart's Help for Haiti Continues

Kristen StewartMichael Buckner/Getty Images

Kristen Stewart is making like Jennifer Aniston and following up on her commitment to help Haiti.

We hear the Twilight star will be on hand later this month at the opening of La Vida restaurant and lounge in Hollywood. The night will benefit the American Red Cross' recovery efforts on the disaster-stricken Caribbean island...

Other celebs expected to attend include ourDancing With the Stars/Brothers & Sisters palGilles Marini, Without a Trace star Anthony LaPaglia and members of the actors' Hollywood United Football Club.

Stewart's been busy working for the cause in other ways as well. As our pals over at the Awful Truth first told you last month, four people paid a nice sum of cash for a trip to the Sundance Film Festival to hang with Stewart.

In other celebrities-helping-Haiti news, Kris Allen tells us he will make a trip there, but he promises not to turn it into a photo op. "I'm going to go in March," the American Idol winner says. "Simon Fuller asked me, 'You want to go to Haiti?' and I was like, 'Absolutely!' I want to help out in any way I can."

Singer Usher and New Orleans Saints player Will Smith have teamed up with the United Nations Foundation to send a medical clinic to Haiti. The two men asked youths around the world to do what they can to raise $5 each to help them in their efforts.

And former bad-girl supermodel Naomi Campbell's Fashion for Relief-Haiti NYC, 2010 will take place Feb. 12 to benefit CARE's work to aid mothers and their babies in Haiti. Hosted by Duchess of YorkSarah Ferguson, the event's runway show will be styled by reality-TV fashionista Rachel Zoe.

Remember Me 'Ask Rob' - Video #4 - Tyler's Journey

Robert Pattinson: Remember Me Quickie Confirmed!

Robert Pattinson

We've got some good and some bad news today for Robert Pattinson fans.

First the bad: We've unfortunately officially confirmed that Rob will not be spending too much time stateside to promote his upcoming flick Remember Me.

And now the good news...

Pattinson can't be here too long because he's all over Bel Ami, the movie he's currently filming in Europe with Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci and Kristin Scott Thomas.

"He is in every scene of [Bel Ami], so he is getting out once to go to New York for the press junket premiere and talk shows," a rep for Remember Me tells us.

Cameras reportedly began rolling on Bel Ami earlier this week in London. In this movie adaptation of French writer Guy de Maupassant's 1885 novel of the same name, Pattinson plays a Parisian journalist who gains power in the city through the manipulation of some very wealthy women.


Behind-The-Scenes Video From Ashley Greene’s 'Marie Claire' Photoshoot

Ashley Greene in Marie Claire - Photo: Simon Burstall

Wednesday, new pictures of Ashley GreeneThe Twilight Saga: New MoonThe Twilight Saga: Eclipse) in Marie Claire ("Alice Cullen" in and magazine were revealed, and today a new behind-the-scenes video from the shoot has come about.

In the video, Greene describes her style, saying "I would define my style pretty classic, I think, probably clean lines and then I always add kind of an edgy shoe or some type of bold kind of statement necklace to it. My style icon's always been Audrey Hepburn, and she kind of has that go-to like classic style. Gwenyth Paltrow is another big one for me. I always like how she's kind of able to kind of capture ... there's still this elegance, and there's edge and sexiness, but it's still classy."

She also took time to speak up about her Twilight series character's style. "Alice Cullen tends to have, kind of again like the clean lines, very sleek, and then we added some type of lace or some type of frill to give her kind of that elegance," she explained.

Finally, Greene stated, "The trends that I find myself migrating to right now are definitely animal prints or really tall booties. I like a lot with like a skinny jean or a legging. I like high-waisted stuff a lot lately."

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More Praise For Robert Pattinson From 'Remember Me' Co-Star Pierce Brosnan


Co-starring with a hot vampire hunk.
"Remember Me with Robert Pattinson is a really beautifully written piece about a family coping with the death of one of their boys. I play Robert's father, and for me it's about the loss of a son, while from his perspective it's about the loss of a brother. It's nothing like Twilight but it packs an emotional punch. I think you'll see Mr. Pattinson giving a fantastic performance, which will prove he's really working hard on his acting."

Filming with Pattinson isn't easy.
"We filmed in New York and there always seemed to be a hundreds of screaming teenage girls around and I knew they weren't screaming for me. I know it's tough for Robert to cope with that kind of attention. I've been there and I sympathize with him, but I think he's handling it quite well. I think that, so far, he's got it under control."

From Gossip Cop

Pierce Brosnan, who stars with Robert Pattinson in the upcoming Remember Me, has only praise for his young co-star.

He tells, ”Remember Me with Robert Pattinson is a really beautifully written piece about a family coping with the death of one of their boys. I play Robert’s father, and for me it’s about the loss of a son, while from his perspective it’s about the loss of a brother.”

“It’s nothing like Twilight but it packs an emotional punch. I think you’ll see Mr. Pattinson giving a fantastic performance, which will prove he’s really working hard on his acting.”

Brosnan also touches on the pandemonium surrounding Pattinson. He says, ”We filmed in New York and there always seemed to be a hundreds of screaming teenage girls around and I knew they weren’t screaming for me. I know it’s tough for Robert to cope with that kind of attention.”

“I’ve been there and I sympathize with him, but I think he’s handling it quite well. I think that, so far, he’s got it under control.”

As Gossip Cop broke earlier in the week, Pattinson will promote Remember Me on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” on March 1, and then again on “The View” with his co-star Emilie de Ravin.

Kellan Lutz Spotted Leaving LAX For Miami To Compete In The Direct TV Celebrity Beach Bowl

On Saturday, February 6, the DIRECTV Celebrity Beach Bowl returns home to South Beach, the site of the inaugural Beach Bowl. Now in its fourth year, the Beach Bowl brings together gridiron greats and a who’s who of the entertainment world in a no-holds-barred flag football game.

Hosting this year’s Beach Bowl is Dan Patrick. Super Bowl-winning quarterback Eli Manning will coach Team Palladia HD, going head-to-head with Team Spike HD coach Mark Sanchez. Former NFL players Warren Moon and Rich Gannon will captain their respective teams at quarterback. Other former NFLers playing in the game will include Eddie George, Merril Hoge, Mark Schlererth, Desmond Howard, and Daryl Johnston.

Rounding out the teams will be TV and films stars including Taylor Lautner, Jennifer Lopez, Chace Crawford, Marisa Miller, Ed Westwick, Kellan Lutz, Nancy O’Dell, Brian McKnight, Michael Clarke Duncan, The Wayans Brothers, Olivia Munn, and Jessica Szohr, all looking to prove they are just as much competitors as celebrities. And keep checking back to see what other celebrities will be taking to the sand.

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EXCLUSIVE: 'Twilight' Star Thrilled With Anna Kendrick's Oscar Nom: 'Human pride! Represent!'

For nearly a year now, fans and the media have been speculating on whether Anna Kendrick could become the first “Twilight Saga” star to earn an Oscar nomination. Well, unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you now know that she earned the Best Supporting recognition on Tuesday, which is huge news to “Twilight” fans.

Now, her costar and fellow Forks High student Michael Welch has reached out to MTV with his reaction — and let’s just say he’s happier than a vegetarian vampire with a freshly-killed deer.

“Human pride!” Michael beamed when we spoke, revealing where Mike Newton's loyalties lie. “Represent!”

That's right: For those of you keeping score at home, it's vampires zero, werewolves zero, humans one.

Michael was clearly thrilled for his friend and co-star Kendrick, but added that with the "Twilight" saga bringing together so many talented actors, it was just a matter of time before one of them made it into the Oscar promised land.

“There are a lot of people in this that are capable of the kind of work that could lead to an Oscar nomination,” he said of the immensely popular series. “It doesn’t happen to many actors.”

“Anna deserves it. She has an uncanny ability to get under the skin of her characters,” Michael said of the “Up in the Air” actress, who plays Jessica Stanley in the “Twilight” films. “She really seems to understand the mindset of the girls she plays.”

“It’s almost as if she starts out with clichés that we are all familiar with, then builds the character by figuring out their world view, making them unique and personal and therefore turning them from clichés into real people,” he marveled. “Her characters are familiar, but one of a kind. It’s remarkable.”

Michael also revealed to us that he texted her a congratulatory message as soon as he heard the news about her nomination.

“I haven’t gotten to talk directly with her about it,” he said, adding that he hopes to catch up with her soon. “From what I know about Anna, she’s not in it for the awards or accolades, only the work. This — ironically — is why she deserves the awards and accolades!”

Although Anna may be the first "Twilight" star to be nominated, Michael vowed that she won’t be the last. “There are a lot of people in this saga that are capable of the kind of work that could lead to an Oscar nomination,” he said, expecting more Oscar glory ahead. "I think potentially we have what it takes; we’ve just gotta keep working hard."

Hey Twilighters, who do you think will be the next Saga star to earn an Oscar nomination?

TDG Note: there any question that it will be anyone other than Kristen Stewart?!?


Taylor Lautner Spotted At The LA Lakers Game...With No Friends? Is He The 'Teen Tom Cruise'?

SPORTS NIGHT photo | Taylor Lautner

With his 18th birthday just a week away (that's Feb. 11!), Valentine's Day star Taylor Lautner takes in a courtside view of the Lakers-Bobcats game Wednesday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The L.A. Lakers beat the Charlotte Bobcats, 99-97.

From the snarkalicious Lainey Gossip:

Taylor Lautner turns 18 next week. Last night he was sitting courtside at the Lakers game. Seems like a normal famous teen Wednesday night activity, right? Sure, totally normal. Except he was with adults. Surrounded by adults. A 17 year old who never seems to have any friends his own age. Aside from being photographed on dates with Taylor Swift, how often does he roll with a younger crowd? Where are his friends?

Note to Lautner Management: must audition friends. Because while they’ve overmanufactured him on so many other fronts, creating a teen Tom Cruise in his painfully uncool earnestness, and sold him to us as a leaping, flipping, karate kicking hunk, they’ve also forgotten to give him a proper entourage, one that doesn’t include his agent and his publicist and his personal trainer and, sometimes, even his DAD.

That’s the thing about child stars, non? They spend entirely too much time with grownups.

Teen Tom Cruise will be heading to Miami this weekend for the Super Bowl. He’s participating in the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl.

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Kristen Stewart -- Key Player in Prostitution Case (WTF?!?)

Kristen Stewart's civic duty involved sex, prostitutes and an undercover cop -- and the guy on trial even got a happy ending.

TMZ has learned Stewart was a member of an L.A. jury this week -- in a 3-day case involving a man accused of trying to pay an undercover cop for some temporary lovin'.

The defense argued that their client was innocent because he doesn't speak English very well and the whole sex solicitation thing was just a case of lost in translation.

In the end, the "Twilight" star -- along with her peers -- agreed with the defense and found the man not guilty.

After the trial, we're told Stewart was so proud of her contribution to society that she asked if she could keep her juror badge ... and they let her.


Robert Pattinson's 'Remember Me' Quickie Promotional Tour

Robert Pattinson, Remember Me

As we all know by now, Robert Pattinson will be on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon March 1 and The View March 2 to promote his new, nonvampire flick Remember Me.

But how much more press he'll be doing around the time of the film's release is probably going to be limited to not much else...

While he'll be in New York City the last week of February for the press junket and is expected to attend the big premiere on March 1, he has to get back to Europe sooner rather than later to continue filming Bel Ami.

When asked if there is a chance Pattinson would be hosting Saturday Night Live, like Taylor has done already, our insider said, "I can't imagine he could. Maybe he can make a cameo, but to host you need about a week to rehearse."

Pattinson's Remember Me costar Emilie de Ravin will pop up on The View with him, but she'll probably do a publicity push in Toronto without him.

As we first told you, Pattinson and de Ravin shot a fashion spread at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for an upcoming issue of Vogue.

Although we're hopeful Rob will be able to squeeze in some more television appearances for Remember Me, don't fret too much. We hear Summit is planning another gangbusters promotional tour for the June release of Eclipse.


10 New 'Remember Me' Stills, 3 Featuring Robert Pattinson

The rest of the stills from the source. Not Rob.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kristen Stewart Jury Duty Pic Triggers Mini Scandal


Kristen Stewart was just trying to do her civic duty. Too bad it's put two men into some real doodie.

The Twilight starlet (and reigning Vanity Fair covergirl) appeared in Los Angeles Superior Court earlier this week to serve jury duty. Apparently, one of the security guards was a Twi-hard and asked K.Stew to pose for a quick camera-phone photo. Obviously, she was in the giving mood, she obliged.

However, it appears that perhaps K.Stew shouldn't have been so generous. The guard's pal (who was also there) then allowed his wife to post the picture on the Internet...and now the two men could lose their jobs because of it.

"Cancelled because unfortunately the photo that went up from Kristen in court was stolen and put on several blogs and got to the media (the press) and reached the ears of the court," reads the wife's Spanish notice in place of the initial blog post and image, which can still be seen on "Right now my husband and the security guard are in trouble for it having gone up and second because it is confidential when celebrities are in court."

Apparently, Kristen can instill some of the same fear in people that vampires and werewolves sometimes do.

"Now I feel bad...I am really scared, because I think it is possible that they could lose their jobs," she admits.

Well, at least she didn't totally slam Taylor Lautner, right?


'The Runaways' News! Kristen Stewart And Dakota Fanning Flick Will Screen At South By Southwest

Hot off the heels of premiering at Sundance last month, "The Runaways" will make its second public appearance in Austin, Texas at the South By Southwest film festival in March. The SXSW featured films were announced this week, and "The Runaways" was one of seven "Headliners" selected by the festival.

Along with "The Runaways," the Duplass Brothers comedy "Cyrus" starring John C. Reilly and Jonah Hill, and the Bill Murray and Robert Duvall film "Get Low" are reappearing after Sundance. Two exciting films that are premiering for this first time at SXSW, however, are the much anticipated "Kick-Ass"(which will be the opening night film) and "MacGruber."

"Twilight" fans rejoice, because Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning won't be the only "Twilight" stars with films showing at the festival. Xavier Samuel, who won't really enter the Saga until this summer's "Eclipse," has his film "The Loved Ones" screening at the festival as well. The film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year, but this is the first time the film is hitting the States. It is in the "Midnighters" category of the festival, which we believe is self-explanatory as to when the film will be screened. ("Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil" is also in this category.)

With the focus of SXSW being a combination of film and music, it seems like the prime place for Kristen and Dakota to hop on stage and perform with Joan Jett & The Blackhearts like they did at Sundance. While we haven't seen any confirmed appearances, we wouldn't be surprised if all three made their way down south to promote the film. Which leads us to wonder: when will "The Runaways" premiere on the East Coast??

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