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Kristen, Anna & Ashley All Nominated For Glamour UK's Stylish Women Of 2010

Glamour UK announced their nominees for Stylish Women of 2010 and Kristen Stewart, Anna Kendrick and Ashley Greene all made the list. Here is what they said about each young lady.


Kristen Stewart Age: 19 Made The List Because: Kristen’s punky style shocked conservative Hollywood (but in a good way). She famously teamed a Yigal Azrouel mini dress with a pair of Converse trainers on the 2009 MTV Awards red carpet – and actually got away with it! The Next: Juliette Lewis

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Anna Kendrick Age: 24 Made The List Because: This year’s plethora of nominations has transformed Anna Kendrick from teen star to Hollywood big-hitter – and her wardrobe has only emphasised this. Elegant without being showy, Anna has given the red-carpet veterans something to talk about. The Next: Sandra Bullock

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Ashley Greene Age: 22 Made The List Because: We have the distinct feeling that this Twilight star is still finding her fashion feet – her style picks include a neon-pink shift dress and a red pin-striped suit – but her experimental choices are certainly heading in the right direction. The Next: Rachel Bilson

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See all the nominees here.


Box Office Mojo Previews Eclipse & It's Blockbuster Chances

Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart) inThe Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Release Date: June 30
Studio: Summit Entertainment
Genre: Romantic Fantasy
Director: David Slade
Writer: Melissa Rosenberg (based on the novel by Stephanie Meyer)
Cast: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Billy Burke, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz, Elizabeth Reaser, Peter Facinelli, Gil Birmingham, Dakota Fanning, Anna Kendrick, Bryce Dallas Howard
Studio Description: As Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge, Bella (Stewart) once again finds herself surrounded by danger. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward (Pattinson) and her friendship with Jacob (Lautner) — knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella has one more decision to make: life or death.

Analysis: After Twilight, the first entry in The Twilight Saga before the franchise was called "The Twilight Saga," became a box office sensation in 2008, ultimately grossing $192.8 million, its sequel, New Moon, was dubbed one of the most-anticipated movies of 2009. It did not disappoint, drawing massive crowds out of the gate and finishing the year with nearly $290 million and counting. While the first two movies had pre-Thanksgiving launches, the third, Eclipse, has been aligned with the Independence Day holiday, in part, because the next Harry Potter reclaimed that series' historical pre-Thanksgiving slot. Eclipse is scheduled for Wednesday, June 30, or only seven months after New Moon.

Odds are that Eclipse won't reach the heights of New Moon, given the history of closely-timed, serialized sequels. The Matrix Revolutions, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and even Back to the Future Part III all grossed significantly less than their predecessors. When a second movie is hotly-anticipated after the first movie's success, it's highly unlikely that the next picture will even maintain the momentum (The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter being notable exceptions), and signs from New Moon's run suggest that The Twilight Saga will follow the pattern. New Moon had one of the biggest openings of all time, was extremely front-loaded and probably wasn't as well-liked as the first Twilight: Box Office Mojo readers gave it a "C+," compared to the first movie's "B." Also, the vampire fad could show fatigue by the summer, given the flood of vampire-themed TV shows, movies and paraphernalia in the market.

However, it would be silly to bet against Eclipse's chances at being a big box office draw in its own right. The Twilight brand is so strong right now that even a massive drop-off would mean a near blockbuster run for Eclipse, there are few other offerings this summer that will be as attractive to younger females, and there's always the possibility that it pulls a Harry Potter in terms of longevity. With no trailer available at publication time, it remains to be seen how Summit will up the ante in its marketing campaign.


New Behind The Scenes Interview With Ashley Greene For SOBE LifeWater

Peter Facinelli Talks About The Training For ‘Eclipse’

Peter Facinelli spoke with New York Magazine about the training they did for the fight scenes in Eclipse.

Ever since Taylor Lautner miraculously went from total weakling to strapping, eight-abbed man-beast during the short break between the shooting of the first two Twilight movies, his male co-stars have been inspired to play catch-up. Last night we ran into Peter Facinelli, who plays Carlisle Cullen (Robert Pattinson’s dad) in the series, at an absurdly long-named event in Los Angeles (Calvin Klein Collection & L.A. Nomadic Division Event in Support of L.A. Arts Month and ALAC, in case you were wondering). “I’m really excited about Eclipse — we did a lot of training for that movie, like six weeks of fight training,” he told us. “It was funny because it became almost like an in-house competition and everyone was always in the gym or working out. Sometimes we’d work out like three times a day. One time, I was in my apartment and I was going down to do my workout, and the elevator doors opened and Kellan Lutz was [in there] doing push-ups. I was like, ‘Okay, Kellan, you win! You win the competition!’”

Team 411 Reviews Kristen Stewart's 'The Runaways'

'The Runaways' - Apparition Films

So, #411 got the chance to check out Kristen Stewart's rock-heavy The Runaways this week, and Team 411 is bringing their review to you!

Do be warned, though, there are a few spoilers!

I was very fortunate this week and got to attend a screening of The Runaways, the much-anticipated rock biopic of the 1970’s all-girl punk band of the same name. Dakota Fanningstars as lead singer Cherie Currie and Kristen Stewart stars as Joan Jett. As big a fan of Kristen as I am, Joan Jett is my original girlcrush. I love her, I love The Runaways, so of COURSE, I was beyond stoked to see the movie now, instead of in March. So how did I like it? It was a better movie than even I expected--I was extremely nervous of first time writer-director Floria Sigismondi--but it wasn’t flawless. I did have a few issues with it, mostly revolving around pacing problems through the middle of the film. Let’s get on with the review. Please note, this will be spoiler heavy.

The acting makes this movie. Too often in a music movie the soundtrack takes first precedence, but here the acting is the center of the movie. The three central performances--Kristen as Jett, Dakota as Currie, and Michael Shannon as sleazy record producer Kim Fowley--are the lynch pin for the whole film. Shannon walks away with the entire film. He stomps all over everyone else, stealing scenes and chewing up scenery. Crazy costumes, over the top soliloquies--Fowley is THE role in the movie and Shannon makes the most of it.

Kristen gives a ferocious, fearless performance as Jett. Her Jett is no na├»ve waif. When their sound check is shut down by the headlining band, Rush, Jett retaliates by urinating on their guitars. She does drugs (at one point she snorts so much coke that her face is covered in powder), makes out with chicks, and thrashes her guitar with wild abandon. Her best scenes are with Shannon as their Jett and Fowley play off each other. Whether it’s writing songs like “Cherry Bomb” on the fly or engaging in screaming matches, Stewart and Shannon are perfect foils who bring most of the snap to the movie.

As for Dakota, her performance is the best I’ve seen from her in years. In turns a sweet-faced Valley Girl and Glamazon rocker in towering platforms, Currie is by this much [ ] the lead role in the movie. We see more of Currie’s home life than Jett’s, as Currie leaves her twin sister, Marie (played by Riley Keough), to deal with their alcoholic father. We also see Currie’s mother (Tatum O’Neal) abandoning her daughters to raise themselves as she moves to Indonesia. Currie soon bails for life on the road with The Runaways. Dakota goes for a vulnerable, “little girl lost” vibe that mostly works for Currie, especially as she is overwhelmed by a combination of drugs, exhaustion, and exploitation.

It’s been the big hype of the film--the kissing scene between KStew and DFann. But in context of the movie it comes and goes, another moment in a complicated relationship. They make out, the off-camera suggestion is that they have a night together, and then Dakota is standing on a table in Currie’s iconic corset and fishnets, saying, “I’m going to wear this,” daring Jett to tell her no. Their chemistry sparks most when they’re fighting, as when Jett snarls, “Sell the music, not your crotch,” at Currie as Jett throws a magazine full of soft-core photos of Currie at her. The Runaways works best when it’s splitting time evenly between the two.

As for the rest of the cast, Keough and O’Neal stand out the most. Scout Taylor-Compton and Stella Maeve don’t have much to do as Lita Ford and Sandy West, respectively, but Compton nails the physicality of Ford playing a guitar. Alia Shawkat is totally wasted as Robin Robins, the generic bassist. (The producers couldn’t secure the life rights for The Runaways’ first bassist, Jackie Fox, so they created a composite called Robin.) Shawkat had no lines and was little more than background scenery. Ford and West were also underrepresented, although Compton gets a nice scene toward the end, having a blow out with Jett in the recording studio.

Though it is her first feature film, writer-director Floria Sigismondi has had a lengthy career as a music video director, helming videos for Marilyn Manson, The White Stripes, and The Cure. She brings a highly developed visual style to The Runaways which is especially suited to a ’70’s era look. There’s a grainy quality to the film and her trademark zoom-in, zoom-out cuts echo the sort of filmmaking that was considered so raw and edgy in the ’70’s. The concert footage is especially strong, looking as though it came from the actual shows The Runaways performed over thirty years ago. The production/artistic design are incredible. 1970’s Los Angeles is represented in all its punky, grimy glory without ever crossing into kitsch or dewy-eyed nostalgia.

Where Sigismondi stumbles a bit is with pacing and editing problems. Some scenes linger a bit too long, others are redundant. For instance, while on tour in Japan there’s a shot of Currie standing, exhausted, in her shower. It cuts immediately to Currie standing, exhausted, in an elevator. The shower scene accomplishes nothing, especially since the elevator scene climaxes with Currie collapsing once the doors open. Also, the camera tends to linger too long on Dakota’s face. Her performance is somewhat hindered by this, giving it a vacuity that I don’t think is really there. It’s just a wee bit too much staring off into space. That’s a problem throughout the film that could easily be fixed with some minor re-tooling. Things slow down and get draggy in the middle as the story focuses in on Currie, but then it picks back up at the end when Sigismondi goes back to cutting between Currie and Jett dealing with the band’s breakup.

The soundtrack is awesome. Sigismondi has confirmed the tracks the actresses recorded for the movie will be included, as well as original recordings by The Runaways. The only song we see performed fully in the movie is “Cherry Bomb,” but there are also clips of “Queens of Noise,” “Dead End Justice”, and Kristen singing “Playing with Fire.” Though she doesn’t sing the track, Kristen delivers chills when she picks up a guitar and begins jamming on “I Love Rock ’n Roll.” There are nods to Runaways influences Suzi Quatro and David Bowie, there’s a smidge of the Sex Pistols, but The Ramones are oddly absent.

Overall this is a solid, if predictable, rock biopic that benefits from three fantastic performances. Kristen and Michael Shannon are the standouts, and with a little bit of cleaning up in the editing room, Dakota’s performance would lose that maybe-accidental-vapidity that’s flattening it right now. It’s a little disappointing in its failure to maintain the wild energy of the first thirty minutes (please cut out Currie constantly staring off into space!), but The Runaways is an entertaining love letter to ’70’s punk and a band that broke the gender barrier for future generations.


Leonardo DiCaprio Talks About Robert Pattinson's Fame

He says "RPattz" LOL.

Taylor Lautner Interview For ‘Valentine’s Day’ & Clip

Taylor Lautner was interviewed about his upcoming movie Valentine’s Day. He talks about his character Willy, why he got involved with this film and his hurdling stunt.

Plus, here’s the clip of his hurdling scene from Valentine’s Day! Watch TayTay eat some dirt when he falls over the hurdle!

There's also error on the video. It says ‘Who plays Tyler’! Rob Pattinson plays TYLER in Remember Me! Taylor’s character’s name is WILLY in Valentine’s Day!


Friday, January 29, 2010

Preview Of Kristen Stewart On The Cover Of Vanity Fair's Hollywood Issue

Vanity Fair cover from ET. Like it or not?

The magazine hits newsstands on February 9th!!!

'Ask Rob' - Remember Me Video #2 - Robert Pattinson Reflects On Working With Pierce Brosnan

Yesterday, the first in the "Ask Rob" series at the Remember Me Facebook page was released, and Robert Pattinson (who portrays "Tyler" in Remember Me and "Edward Cullen" in The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) talked about his attraction to the script and character in the film.

Today, the second in the series has been released, and Pattinson has answered the following question: "What was it like to work with such an experienced actor as Pierce Brosnan?"

In Remember Me, Pattinson portrays Brosnan's son, and Pattinson said (in response to the question) that he found that Brosnan was able to bring a "much more sympathetic" read to the character, "Charles," than was available in the original written script.

In the trailer for Remember Me, you get a good glimpse at the relationship that exists between the two characters they portray. "You could do worse than to have a father who bails you out of jail," Charles says. "I don't want to be bailed out of anything," Tyler responds. "Why do you think Dad doesn't want to spend time with me?" his sister "Caroline" says. "She knows I'll take care of her, and that's all there is, Tyler," Charles continues. "That's all there is?" Tyler smarts back. "It's not enough."

Clearly, the film will offer a great deal of interaction between the two, and it should be interesting to see it play out on-screen.

Source & Source

CONFIRMED: 'Remember Me' Premiere On March 1st In NYC

There has been a lot of Internet speculation about the premiere of “Remember Me,” starring Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, and Pierce Brosnan.

The film, which revolves around two people who fall in love as they cope with tragedy, was shot last summer in New York.

And that’s precisely where the premiere will be, says a source.

Gossip Cop is told that, as of now, the stars will walk the red carpet in New York on March 1.

“Remember Me” opens nationwide on March 12.

Generally, premieres are closer to the film’s release date, but because Pattinson is working on “Bel Ami” in Europe and can’t go back and forth, “Remember Me” will have it’s big red carpet at the same time he’s doing its press junket in the Big Apple.

Xavier Samuel Talks About His Sydney Audition For 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' (& Rob Too)

Did you know that some of the The Twilight Saga: Eclipse auditions for the part of "Riley Biers" took place in Australia? Well, now you do!

In this brand new interview with Eclipse starXavier Samuel (The Loved Ones, Road Train,Drowning), who ended up getting the part, Samuel explains that his first audition for the role of Riley took place in Sydney, Australia.

"Just did an audition here in Sydney . . . the audition kind of came along, and then I put it down on tape, sent it over, and then flew to Vancouver and it was kind of happening before I knew it," he explained. "There's a lot of hysteria surrounding [the Twilight series]."

Samuel went on to explain that there were a lot of fans that surrounded the film set, noting that "they're very patient."

It is very interesting to hear that auditions for the part took place in Australia.

Back in July, when cast members for Eclipse were first revealed, it was noted that "The global nature of interest in the Twilight series has certainly opened the casting process to a wider sphere of interest."

It was also noted that "With The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, the nationality of cast mates will be at its pinnacle of diversity (as necessitated by the book's description of the newest characters' origins)." Fair enough, huh? It'll be interesting to see where auditions will take place for Breaking Dawn, then, won't it? The Amazon? Ireland? Romania? Hmm . . .

Of course, the conversation eventually devolved into matters a little less relevant to Samuel's career (and the film), but Samuel handled it like a pro, did he not? Take a look!

Peter Facinelli & Kellan Lutz At The Calvin Klein Collection & LA Nomadic Division Celebration

Peter Facinelli and Kellan Lutz appeared at the Calvin Klein Collection & Los Angeles Nomadic Division’s 1st Annual Celebration for LA Arts Monthly and Art Los Angeles Contemporary on Thursday, January 28th.

Holy hotness!!!

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