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Brazilian TV Red Carpet Interviews With Rob, Kristen & Taylor At The New Moon Premiere

Kristen's translation:
-They ask her what she expects from New Moon (I honestly don't know wth they meant by asking her THAT question but whatever) and she says that she's glad that it's a totally different story and that it's weird to think about this story without Edward. She says that it's a mature point of view of the same story.
-Then they ask her what this movie has that makes it so fascinating, and she says she doesn't know, that maybe people relate to the love story. She says she doesn't know why it's so big, she thinks it's a good story but that's it.
-They ask her how the books changed her life. She says that she could share what she loves to do with a lot of people, and that's not a chance that many actors have.
-And then she says that she's not as nervous as she was last year because it's not her first time anymore and she knows what to expect from the red carpets now.

Rob's translation:
About success - "A few hours ago I was eating breakfast at a coffee shop and no one recognized me"
About Edward and Bella's relationship (the tv show says its unhealthy and asks if he agrees) -
"No. Not at all. I think when you're in love everything is fine."
About fans camping for 5 days for the premiere -
"Hopefully I won't disappoint them"

New Video From The New Moon Premiere After-Party In LA

Is that Rob checking up on KStew? Hmm...


New Robert Pattinson Interview Where He Talks About Crashing The Porsche & Stealing Things From The Set Rob's a klepto? Are we really surprised? LMAO.


Twilight On T4 (UK): New Moon Promo Interviews With Rob, Kristen & Taylor

I honestly can't remember if I posted these already, so forgive me if their duplicates! There have been so many New Moon promo interviews that I honestly can't keep track.

New Moon Box Office Update: Now At $206.1M Total Domestic

North American cumulative is now up to $206.1 million!

Monday 11/23 – $10.5 million

Tuesday 1124 – $11.5 million

Wednesday 11/25 – $14.3 million.

Thursday 11/26 – $9.2 million

Friday 11/27 $17.9 million


Friday's box office estimates are in. The Twilight Saga: New Moon moved back into first place, taking in another $17.9M from 4042 locations with a per screen average of $4,429. This increases the film's domestic cumulative total to $206.1M through its first eight days of release. The current worldwide cumulative total is $338.2M. There have been no new international numbers all week so the actual total should be much higher when Summit releases updated figures tomorrow.

The film had dropped out of first place on Thanksgiving Day for the first time since its release. However,
The Blind Side dropped down to second place on Friday with $16.2M and New Moon is topping the charts once again after a whopping 95% increase from Thursday to Friday. New Moon has now made more domestically in eight days than Twilight did in its entire 147-day run from November 21, 2008 to April 2, 2009. It now stands in fourth place on the all-time list of the first eight days of wide release whenever they occurred, not just weekends, and in fourth place on the all-time list of days to reach $200 million (8 days).

International figures have so far been staggering, with numerous records dropping in every country.
New Moon was the #1 opening of all time in Australia ($15M) and New Zealand ($2.6M). In Italy it was the second highest opening for a Wednesday after Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. It was the #5 best opening of all time in Spain and ninth best weekend of all time for a U.S. film in France."But the important headline was the film’s launch in Japan, where it grossed $7 million, the biggest opening of the year for a non-Japanese title," writes Pamela McClintock in Variety. It was the first time on record that two films made over $100M overseas on the same weekend (2012 and New Moon).

So much for that theory that the "Twilight" fanbase has finally exhausted the box office potential of "The Twilight Saga: New Moon." After Sandra Bullock's "The Blind Side' nipped "New Moon" to win Thanksgiving, the vampire blockbuster made a huge comeback to capture the Black Friday crown with a super strong $17.2 million. In just eight days of release, "New Moon" has already out grossed the entire take of its predecessor with a stunning $206.1 million. Is $300 million possible? Don't doubt it.

One more fun fact. It took "Twilight" 147 days in release to make $192 million. "New Moon" did it in eight. Enjoy that harsh reality naysayers.

Kristen Stewart Interview With Elle France

She lit her cigarettes one after the other. Her legs in gray slim jeans an all-to-large tee-shirt, and Converse shoes, she's sitting astride an ancient chair, in a suite of the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Kristen Stewart, 19 years old, is not one to greet you with a smile. She rather displays a sullen pout. Interviews are note really her cup of tea. Only the paparazzi are to blame, those who changed her daily routine in a shiny laboratory rat's life.

At the time where "New Moon" is about to come out on the big screen (where she plays Bella, the heroine irrevocably in love with Edward, a 104 year old vampire played by Robert Pattinson), she is more than ever the target of the fans and the tabloids. Even her parent's house is surrounded by the cameras! Her slightest look, wave to her movie co-star becomes a huge rumor of a passionate relationship on the cover of the magazines. The two stars can't even travel together any more or arrive together on the set because they create riots! That's why, Kristen Stewart, post-teenager, remains on the defensive and play even more the wild little cat. "I'm not really fine with all this craziness. This is absolutely wild, I can't even go out of my hotel room," she grumbles. "Nobody had ever warned me that my life would become a tiny show!"

However, the "Hollywood codes" are not unknown to her. Kristen Stewart grew up in L.A., in the San Fernando valley, knew for its cool attitude and its hot surfers. Since she was a kid, she bathes in the movie business, with a script supervisor mom and an television producer dad. At age 5, she begs them to let her become an actress. Her parents agreed and let her live completely her passion. She even continued her education by correspondence. And she had held her bet : at 19, she displays a filmography of a thirty year old person : 23 movies in already eight years of career! Okay, they were secondary roles, but with a lot of celebrities. It began with Jodie Foster, in "Panic Room", 2002. They were lookalike : same cute nose, same green eyes, same fragile body. Kristen never stopped. She played small roles with Sharon Stone and Dennis Quaid in "Cold Creek Manor", and later with Robert De Niro in "What just happened?". But above all, in 2007, she interpreted her hippie-like girl in the amazing "Into the wild" by Sean Penn. During the scenes in the desert, she stole the show to Emile Hirsch, hero of this sadly beautiful story. "Of course, I feel extremely lucky to have worked with Sean Penn. He makes you feel you're the right person to play that role, and with that much confidence, you can only give the best of yourself," she tells. "He speaks very little and let you free. But when he tells something, it's so profound that it can almost project you through the room."

How did she deal with Bella's role in "Twilight"? "I wasn't a fan, I hadn't read Stephenie Meyer's books," she confesses. "but I immediately loved the character when I read the script. Bella has something that bewitches you. In "New Moon" she goes by a very dark moment. During the filming, in Vancouver, I folded in that dark atmosphere. I listened to "Shadoplay" by Joy Division and "Blow It All Away" by Sia all the time. This playlist was perfect with the movie's soundtrack, imagined by Chris Weitz."

Like her mythical character, (even Edward can't read through her) Kristen Stewart is introvert and uncatchable. She's the kind of person to play guitar alone in her hotel room (she just filmed a biopic on the rockstar Joan Jett and she played all the songs herself) or read books for hours. "Except foracting, my passion is the writing. It's one of my English teacher who made me discover the words' power. I enjoy writing so much. It has nothing to do with acting, where you don't have time to philosophize! When I read a script, I scribble and write notes everywhere, and after I forget everything." She always has a notebook where she writes down her thoughts. She called it her "thumbnails". Her favorite author? "Henry Miller. He is dark, hard and serious and he speaks about him without ego." Finally, it may be because she grew up in a glittery pool that she refuses that glittery culture.

Her life after "Twilight"? She hasn't thought about it yet. Two others movies are provided to end Stephenie Meyer's masterpiece. She says she works with instinct. Now, her next fantasy is to make a big trip: "I dream to go to Australia one day, where my mom comes from. Take a car, and go on the road. Over there, people are down-to-earth. There is not that absurde pressure of succeed or make you be someone. There is no right behavior or wrong behavior."...

'New Moon' Costume Designer Tish Monaghan On Edward's Suit And Jacob's Cut-Offs

You have to immediately like a costme designer who’ll admit that she’s wearing sweatpants while chatting with you from her Vancouver home. We phoned Tish Monaghan, who took over styling duties for The Twilight Saga: New Moon and Eclipse, to talk about how Edward ended up in a suit, why Jacob’s muscles are bulging through his shirt (when he actually wears one), what department mandated that the wolf pack’s jean shorts be extra tight, and more.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Anyone who’s listened to the Twilight DVD commentaryknows that Robert Pattinson wasn’t a fan of Edward’s pea coat.
TISH MONAGHAN: He wasn’t a fan of the pea coat. He wore it in virtually every scene, and I think maybe he just got tired of it. I’m guessing. [Laughs] He just wanted a more mature look. That was part of Edward’s Grade 11 year, and now he’s getting into his graduation year, he’s in a relationship. He had worn hoodies and jeans and sneakers, and Robert, the director [Chris Weitz], and I all wanted to portray him more as a gentleman, more elegant and classic. With our vampire characters, I always went back to the time period in which they were turned to see if there’s any element I could try to simulate in contemporary clothing. He came out of the Edwardian period, around 1910. Of course, most of the gentleman from that time would be wearing suits, coats, hats, etc. We had to pick something that was iconic for the character that would suffice to be used throughout the whole film. At the very beginning of the film, he has one school outfit, and then there’s Bella’s birthday party and disaster strikes. So Edward ends up in that same costume for the remainder of the film. I was thinking of just putting him in a dress shirt and a pair of pants, but Robert wanted to be in a suit.

So I found a modern contemporary look that would be appealing to him and to the massive fan base, a very slim cut, and a fabric that to me was a bit Old World — this beautiful tweed fabric that we got out of England. It had the gray base, which is kind of essential for the Cullen characters in their cool tones, but also had little interesting flecks of blue, which is also Cullen, and a tiny little bit of rust, which I liked because Bella wears earth tones and that kinda linked her into the picture. The general texture of the suit would hold up well no matter what setting he was in: Inside the house for the party, or in the forest, or in the Volturi chamber. We had to show wear on the suit, and it’s much easier to rough up something that has texture to it than just a flat piece of wool. His pants are worn at the knees, they’re rumpled.

I don’t know if anyone’s looking at his pants when he removes his shirt in Italy.
The fans were very excited to see that, I don’t know if Robert was particularly excited to perform that in front of 1,500 people. I think it was quite hard for him to do. We originally tested Edward in a plain white shirt, as a forlorn-looking option. That is also what Robert wanted — he wanted something that would wash him out. But you need to have a color that makes you pop, and so we actually dyed the fabric this beautiful ink blue ourselves. It highlighted his vampire white skin really well. I think it’s a great moment when we see him in these clothes that he’s worn from September to May. When he goes to sacrifice himself, he’s in disrepair. Robert and Chris wanted his shirt to have a rip across the chest, so that’s what we gave him. It’s really kind of tragic to watch him take off his shirt, because he really is sacrificing himself. It looks like he’s just giving up. He’s exposing himself and he’s completely vulnerable, and he just takes his shirt off and he drops it at his feet with his eyes downcast. Then he gets attacked by Bella, who shoves him inside the doors. [Laughs] I don’t find it like a beefcake moment. It really is a moving moment, and I think Robert did a really amazing job for that scene.

The tear across the chest was to symbolize that his heart was torn out when he thought he lost Bella?
Maybe. [Laughs] They just said, “Rip it across the chest.” I said, “Are you sure? No shirt’s gonna rip like this.” And they said, “Yes.” So I did it.

Why couldn’t he remain shirtless for the indoor fight scene? Why put on the robe?
the guards who grab him were supposed to be coming from the outside — that’s why they give him the robe. But the setting was changed, and they grab him on the inside. So why do they hand him this robe? Because, quite honestly, it looks very cool fighting with this long, flowing garment, and it does hide pads, protect him.

Moving on to the wolf pack, was it easier to dress them since they were shirtless?
We still had to have a lot of fittings with them. You had to be very careful with where the shorts fall on the hip bone, we had to make sure everything sits at the same place when they run. Each individual actor had their own request, but we also had requests from the visual effects department, because if we had big, loose shredded shorts on when they morphed into wolves, it’s too much work and too many hours to magically get rid of that clothing on camera. They wanted the shorts as close-fitting to the leg as possible, whereas the natural tendency of the guys would be to have something baggier so that they didn’t look like they were wearing hot pants. [Laughs] So if I knew they were going to morph, then they had tighter-fitting shorts, and if they didn’t have to morph, then we would give them something a little bit looser and longer. There were lots of Levi’s, American Eagle, Old Navy. Quite honestly, I tried to shop where I figured the wolves would shop. [Laughs] So we went to Wal-Mart. The general concept was that anytime they went off to hunt, those shorts got destroyed because they’d change into a wolf. So they all had a secret little stash, buried in a hole somewhere in the forest, where they went running naked. [Laughs] That’s what we imagined. They had an unlimited selection of cut-off pants.

And did you or did you not pay special attention to where the sleeves of Jacob’s T-shirts fell on his biceps? Because job well done.
Absolutely. Everything was geared towards making sure that
his arm muscles really showed. There’s a scene where he’s working on a motorcycle, and his muscles are really pulling against this plaid shirt he’s wearing. He looks very strong and very built, and we tried to do the same with this T-shirts. There was no way since it was the same actor that we could show somebody that had grown like six inches. So it was Chris Weitz’s genius idea to tailor his clothes, to make the sleeves a little bit shorter, a little bit tighter — make it look as if he’d grown out of his clothes in a couple of months and hadn’t had time to go get new ones. We found T-shirt brands that fit him well with hardly any adjustments and just stuck with those in earth tones — The Gap, Banana Republic, American Apparel, Levi’s. We tried more expensive T-shirts, but he looked too pretty.

Tell me about dressing the Volturi.
I knew that one scene involved the painting somewhere
in the 1700s coming to life and them walking into their chamber to don their robes. It was really important to get the right shape and to ensure the audience that they were judicial robes because they are sitting in judgment. I did a lot of research into judicial gowns, I looked at a lot of religious paintings from the 1300s and 1400s. For each of the three prime Volturi — Aro [Michael Sheen], Caius [Jamie Campbell Bower], and Marcus [Christopher Heyerdahl] — we made the gowns the same shape in a black wool bouclĂ©, but with different trims.

Is there any significance to Caius’ scarf?
It looked pretty. [Laughs] It was described in the script that Aro was wearing a suit and it was the blackest of blacks because there’s a color palette power structure and the most powerful is the blackest. So I wanted to still have elements of black on Caius, but break them up a bit soAro would appear blackest of all. There was so much gray and pale stone in that Volturi chamber that I wanted to bring some of the red element from the religious festival outside into play in the interior. But it was also just a beautiful texture, a paisley wool pashmina-type shawl that I grabbed in Little India.

Let’s talk about the ladies. Rosalie and Alice?
There wasn’t much chance in New Moon to go into the backstory of Rosalie, but she has graduated from high school. You only see her at home, and at home, she can dress exactly how she wants. Harking back to the era that she came from, one of the icons that [Nikki Reed] and I discussed was Veronica Lake. Sensual, glamorous, tieing in with the blond hair. Alice, of course, is still a high school student and she had a very successful fashion-y look fromTwilight, so we wanted to continue with that. We wanted things that looked cute and feminine on her, paying more attention to detail with the little swing coat, arm warmers, and a scarf at her neck. To me, all of this was an aide of covering up parts of her body that could potentially sparkle. When she was going to Italy, I just had in my mind Audrey Hepburn. You have this woman driving this Porsche, which was originally supposed to be a convertible, so I wanted a beautiful scarf around her head, big sunglasses, little capris. When I mentioned this whole Audrey Hepburn look to Ashley [Greene], she said, “Ohmygod, she’s my icon!” The funniest thing I saw was Ashley standing next to her stunt double on the cobbled streets of Montepulciano, in Italy, both dressed identically. She looking beautiful, pale and pixie-like, wearing her headscarf, red gloves and Michael Kors jacket, and the stunt double the same, but with a generous Roman nose, and a heavy 5 o’clock shadow. Too funny.

What was your vision for Bella’s look?
I think that the previous designer really successfully captured the essence of this girl who was a little bit misplaced and ill-prepared coming from Arizona to the Pacific Northwest. I wanted to continue the look that she was a very practical girl. She didn’t dress to entice, she threw on a jacket if the weather was cold, she layered up because she probably gets colder than the average girl from that area. In discussions with Kristen [Stewart], she also wanted to look a little bit more mature and put together. At the beginning of the film, when she’s happy and in love with Edward, she wanted to be linked colorwise to his world, the cool tones. When he leaves her, she kinda falls into disarray and gets sloppy and just throws on any old thing. But the any old things that we threw on her were in the earth tones [of Jacob's world]. We didn’t bring back her cool color palette until she was encountering Edward again.

What piece of Bella’s New Moon clothing do you expect everyone to want?
a green shirt from Boy by Band of Outsiders that she wears at the end of the film in Italy that a lot of people seem to like.

In the end, which character did you take the biggest risk with?
Laurent. Chris wanted both Lauren and Victoria more elegant, less rock ‘n roll. Laurent had a leather jacket and really cool pants and was barefoot, and I put him in a suit and cool shoes. [Laughs]
We made the suit, but I would say my inspiration for Laurent would have been Alexander McQueen. And I didn’t go as far as I wanted to go. There was this incredible mohair long plaid coat down to the ground, but it was too risky. It was going to end up looking too campy. The point with these bad vamps is that they are scavengers, so they will just put on their most recent acquisition. So he just found somebody with a really cool suit in downtown Seattle. [Laughs]

Last question: What can you tease about the costumes in Eclipse?
We go back to the 1700s and do a complete Quileute tribe. I had to go to museums and pour over clothing that was dug up from burial sites, and I went into diaries of sailors to read what their first encounters were with the Indians on the Pacific Northwest coast. Then we did vampires from the Civil War era, then we did the 1930s, then we did our contemporary world, then we did fantasy Volturi flying over on a jet to Forks, Washington. Then we did an army of vampire newborns. It’s pretty cool stuff.

Times Live (UK): Chat With Robert Pattinson

On a balmy autumn day in Vancouver, Canada, a young man is longing for a walk outside in the sunshine, and deciding against it.

Far easier for him to stay in his hotel room, cocooned in five-star luxury, with a cellphone that has run out of charge, safe at least from the girls chanting his name outside.

Robert Pattinson, 23, from Barnes in southwest London, ought still to be one of Hollywood's beautiful dreamers, moving up the ranks of movie acting, enjoying his American adventure, his guitar, his good looks. Instead he lives in danger of being trampled in a stampede of teen love. He plays the vampire Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga, the biggest books-to-screen phenomenon since Harry Potter - in which, by the way, Pattinson was Cedric Diggory, heroic golden boy and victim of Voldemort. Boy, his life has changed since Hogwarts.

In Canada, he is shooting Eclipse, the third of Stephenie Meyer's quartet of novels. The second, New Moon, was released this month in a publicity extravaganza that involved shutting down New York's Times Square. The last time the actor was there, the square was also closed to traffic, for an event only marginally more fascinating to the world: the election victory of Barack Obama. We talk on the phone. Even now, a year afterTwilight's release, Pattinson sounds utterly stunned by the hysteria swirling around him.

"It's been a little frightening," he laughs, a sort of embarrassed chuckle, the sound of someone negotiating the best bit of luck they have ever had, not wanting to sound blasé or overexcited. "In England, no one had heard of the series when I went for the audition, so it has been a total, utter surprise. The change to my everyday life is so extreme. Before this, I was used to working 10 days a year. Originally, I did a three-picture deal, but I wasn't even really thinking about that . I had no idea I'd still be working on it now."

Does the poor boy, who still calls London home, feel he has to hide?
"I tend to stay in the hotel because where I'm staying is publicised all the time. There's always a bunch of people outside. I can't really be in Los Angeles now at all. It's not that the fans are threatening, but the paparazzi follow me all night." This hounding can evoke an absurd sympathy, considering the kid's fortune and prospects. But then he brightens, telling me he was buying a guitar the other day and had to spell his name 12 times, and the guy still didn't twig. "I loved that."

When he read the first script, he had no idea how to play it.
"I thought Bella, the heroine, would be a damsel in distress and I'd have to be the alpha-male hero type, so I thought I was never going to get it. But then they cast Kristen Stewart and she's not really like that, so I realised there was a different way to play Edward, to show his vulnerability." Could he get trapped and find it hard to move on to different sorts of roles?

"It worries me, because the whole Twilight thing keeps getting bigger and bigger, and now it's so big, even my own ego can't cope with it. A certain amount of success you can mentally deal with, but there's a point where you think: 'Jesus Christ, what is this? I'm not that great!' I just wanted to make an American film, and I wanted it to be relatively good and to be good in it. I have never pushed to do anything . As soon as you start going to the gym every day and try to look like a movie star, you're going down a worrisome track." He laughs. "Being an English guy, you get a lot more breaks. You're allowed to look a little worse. It's that thing about English teeth."

To say New Moon is eagerly awaited is like saying the Pope could use a miracle. Moreover, it promises to be twice as hormonally charged as Twilight, since it offers two poster boys for the price of one.
Is Pattinson embarrassed to have millions of girls in love with him?
"The only time it's embarrassing is when you do a photo shoot and people try to force you to look clean-cut," he says. "When they use pictures where you're smiling sweetly and having your hair brushed, because that's not what you want to be known for. I don't really know why the girls love the movie so much. The series has become a bit of a cult. People like being part of the club. They're obsessed."

2 New Robert Pattinson Interviews From Spain & Japan

1.- You once said that if there was ever a fight between Edward and Jacob, Edward would be the winner. Could Robert also win over Taylor?
2.- There's something that intrigues me, if Jacob is in love with Bella, and he's also really hot, why do you think Bella doesn't like him? Could it be because he doesn't own a Volvo?
3.- Could you tell us how do you deal with going out on the streets and running into a lot of girls who are screaming how hot you are? Do you sign autographs for all of them or do you just run out of there screaming 'Jumanji!!!'
4.- Yesterday I was watching some interviews on YouTube and I found one that happened during the Teen Choice Awards in which Kristen was asked where you were. She said that you were probably in the bathroom looking in the mirror and playing with your hair. Do you really spend that much time on your hair?
5.- Could you tell us a funny anecdote that happened during the filming of the movie?
6.- A couple of hours ago I was live tweeting all of what was going on during the press conference. Aren't you interested in sharing your thoughts with your fans through Twitter or Facebook? The Jonas Bros, who were here yesterday, are already doing it.

Qs rough translation:
0:03- What is your favorite scene in New Moon?
0:27- How about the scenes you appear in?
0:49- What if you are in a forbidden love?
1:02- So you are not logical but emotional?
1:15- What do you think of Jacob?
1:42- What is your weakness?
2:09- Are you scared of going to a doctor?
2:51- What is the difference before and after Twilight? for example, you made lots of new friends...?

"i'm terrified of dying" @1:57
that was an unexpected answer.


Friday, November 27, 2009

2 New Interviews With Robert Pattinson From New Moon Promo Time - Speaking Korean & Slow-Mo Walking

He speaks Korean in this one!

In this one he talks about his infamous slow-mo walk at the beginning of New Moon (you know the one where he's doing the supermodel strut)! Hehe.

15 New Moon Movie Mistakes - Did You Spot Them?

Continuity: After Bella awakes from the first nightmare, we see her Romeo and Juliet book on thepillow beside her. When Charlie brings in her presents the book is gone, but then reappears on the pillow between shots.

Continuity: Bella goes to Italy to save Edward. Alice drops Bella off - when Bella gets out of the car to ask where Edward will be, first you see Bella in front of the car door, then she is suddenly behind the car door.

Visible crew/equipment: In the montage scenes where we see Bella's depression, when the camera is circling her, the camera man is shown in the mirror (twice) behind her.

Continuity: When Edward takes Bella to the forest to tell her he is leaving, Bella's hair hangs down her back. But in a following shot most of it is tucked up in the hood of her coat.

Continuity: When Alice jumps over the staircase in school to wish Bella happy birthday, between shots during the scene the positioning of the decorated scarf around her neck varies.
Continuity: When Bella pulls up at the Black's, she spots Jacob, gets out of her truck and her door doesn't fully close . Later you can see in the background that the door is firmly shut.

Revealing: The rims of the vampires contacts can be spotted occasionally during the film, especially the Volturi's during the ending scenes, e.g. Jane's in the elevator.

Continuity: When Alice is driving Bella to the Volturi, she is wearing a headscarf and sunglasses. During the scene the way the headscarf is tied changes; the size and shape of the knot (and the colours on the knot) are different.

Continuity: When Mike and Jacob are standing outside the cinema waiting for Bella, between shots the Burger King takeaway bag sitting on the trashcan next to them changes position.

Factual error: When Bella is flying to Italy they show a Virgin America airplane. Virgin America only flies within certain cities in the US. Virgin Atlantic flies from the US to Europe.

Continuity: When Jacob first shows off his tattoo, it is up at the top of his shoulder. Then when he is in the forest at the end with Bella and Edward, his tattoo is about 2 inches further down his arm.

Factual error: In the main title when the giant new moon appears on the screen the shadow fades over the moon from right to left when it should actually fade from left to right. The moon travels around the earth clockwise. The waning moon should turn to a new moon, not the waxing which is shown.

Visible crew/equipment: In the very last scene, right before the ultimatum, if you look into the tail lights on Edward's car you can see various members of the crew reflected.

Continuity: When Bella is at the cafeteria table with Mike and he is asking her to the movies her hair keeps moving from behind her ear to hanging, and back again.

Continuity: When Edward and Bella turn around to leave the Volturi Chamber, Edward's robe is tied. When they show them leaving from the back it is undone.

Two New Kristen Stewart Interviews From The New Moon Promo Tour

Kristen also drops an interesting word of choice in this one!

Q1: Well, Taylor is a warewolf that's quite sexy, but you are not in love with him, is it because he doesn't own a Volvo?

Q2: You have been in Spain before, tell us the difference between the two visits, have you noticed the growth on the fanbase?

Q3: What is more scary, a vampire or a fan?

Q4: I don't know if you like to navegate the internet as much as I do, but I found this really nice panties with Robert's face on them. Would you ever wear this panties?

Q5: Tell us a funny thing that happened during filming.

Q6: A few hours ago I was telling people in our twitter what you said in the Press Conference, why don't you use twitter like, for example, the Jonas Brothers, who were here yesterday, are you afraid to tell your fans so many things?

New Moon Box Office Update - Close To Matching Twilight's Full Domestic Take

UPDATE 7:00 PM FRIDAY 11/26:

With Friday-Thursday totals counted,
The Twilight Saga: New Moon ($188.2M) had the third largest opening week of all time, behindThe Dark Knight ($238.6M) and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest ($196M), and ahead of Spider-Man 3 ($182M). It also putsNew Moon in sixth place on the all-time list of the first six days of wide release whenever they occurred, not just weekends. With just a few million to go to reach Twilight's total domestic box office take of $192,769,854, after today's numbers come in New Moon will have made more in eight days than Twilight did in its entire 147-day run from November 21, 2008 to April 2, 2009. Although the film was toppled from first place on Thursday by Warner Bros.' football-themed The Blind Side with $9.5M, New Moon is expected to take the weekend.

UPDATE 1:00 PM FRIDAY 11/26:

Thursday's box office numbers are in. The Twilight Saga: New Moon took in another $9.2M from 4024 locations on this first of the four-day Thanksgiving holiday weekend. This increases the film's domestic total to $188M. The current worldwide total is $320.3M. There have been no new international figures released all week so the actual total should be much higher.

With just a few million to reach Twilight's total domestic box office take of $192,769,854, after today's numbers come in New Moon will have made more in eight days than Twilight did in 147 days.


Wednesday's box office numbers are in. The Twilight Saga: New Moon took in another $14.3M from 4024 locations. This increases the film's domestic total to $179M. The current worldwide total is $311.1M.


Tuesday's box office numbers are in. The Twilight Saga: New Moon took in another $11,328,695 from 4024 locations with a per theater average of $2815. This increases the film's domestic total to $164.7M and was the 11th highest grossing Tuesday for any film, 3rd highest since Christmas 2007. This also puts New Moon in sixth place on the all-time list of the first five days of wide release whenever they occurred, not just weekends. New Moon is now the #10 film of the year on the domestic charts and the 16th highest grossing film in the world. The current worldwide total is $296.8M.

There is no doubt the film will pass $300M worldwide today, if it hasn't already. Overseas numbers are slow to come in.

Kristen Stewart's Fearless Fashion - Her New Moon Looks Broken Down

Kristen Stewart's personal stylist says the 'Twilight Saga: New Moon' actress is ''fearless'' when it comes to fashion.

Kristen Stewart is 'fearless' about fashion. The 'Twilight Saga: New Moon' has had something of a style transformation in recent months since making it big as an A-list Hollywood star and her stylist Tara Swennen says she's willing to try anything. She added: 'She's comfortable in her own style and has a natural edge to her, but when she's in the mood she likes to go elegant.' Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana also agree, saying: 'It's Kristen's desire to experiment that puts her in a league of her own, as she effortlessly manages to pull of an uber-cool look every time.' The pair are such big fans of the new film they even co-hosted a special screening of it in New York. The men behind Proenza Schouler also said they thought 19-year-old Kristen had a 'strong individualism' and 'a self-awareness beyond her years'. Kristen has previously spoken about how much her style has changed. She said: 'I have grown so much. The biggest change for me has been sort of opening up.'

Clicky for bigger on all the photos below for an up close look at KStew's fierce fashion!

Classic, elegant, and so chic for Paris. It's nice to show the ladylike side of her.

Proenza Schouler

Kristen's favourite look. She loved the edgy prints and feathered skirt.

Elizabeth & James

She loved dresses with pockets and this worked with her new shaggy bob.


She loved this on the catwalk. The sheer panels are very edgy - very Kristen.


We shortened this into a mini to show off her amazing legs.

Herve Leger

She has a perfect body so we wanted to show it off. She was totally confident.

Oscar De La Renta

Kristen wanted to give the fans something really special with this dress.

Jason Wu

This fit Kristen amazingly and we loved the print. The belt gave it an edge.

"Few people understand she's fearless when it comes to fashion," explains Tara. "She's comfortable in her own style and has a natural edge to her, but when she's in the mood she likes to go elegant." As for the Oscar De La Renta floor-length tulle gown she wore to the world premiere, "She wanted to do something special and different in LA - dressy but not blingy." The desginer approved: "Kristen is a very talented actress. She looked beautiful, very feminine," he said.


"It's Kristen's desire to experiment that puts her in a league of her own, as she effortlessly manages to pull of the uber-cool look ever time. We adore her spirit for setting her own trends!", say design duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, who are such fans of the film they co-hosted a special screening in New York.

Proenza Schouler duo agree: "Kristen has a strong individualism that we find attractive. She seems to possess a a self-awareness beyond her years. We respect her strength of character."

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