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New Vanity Fair Outtake Of Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

It's the photoshoot that just keeps on giving! This is actually just the full version of the photo that I posted earlier this week with the other VF know the contained "the kiss" and "the hand" also noted above.

Tons Of Brand New 'New Moon' Stills Revealed In New Trading Cards

Clicky for bigger! I'm loving all these new pics from the trading cards (which I may or may not have purchased on ebay very recently)! Take a look at the titles on the cards for hints as to what scenes they are. There's 72 cards in total so to check out the rest, head over to the source below.

So we've basically seen the entire movie now through promotional stills, merchandise and everything else. Not that I'm complaining! This is going to be the longest 5 weeks!

A Preview Of Entertainment Tonight's Sneak Peek Of New Moon On Monday


Make sure you tune into Entertainment Tonight on Monday to see the actual scene, plus more never-seen-before New Moon footage!

Friday, October 16, 2009

'New Moon' Fandango Survey Gets Into The Minds Of Twilighters - 83% Team Edward

A Fandango questionnaire reveals fans' thoughts on new director Chris Weitz, Edward vs. Jacob and more.

With "New Moon" about to rise in theaters nationwide, the state of Twilight Nation is entering a crucial transition period filled with questions: What percentage of the fanbase is still made up of old-school Stephenie Meyer fans? Is there faith in new director Chris Weitz? And can the sequel make more money in its opening weekend than last year's surprise blockbuster?

As Twilighters have flooded, and to buy advance tickets for the first showings of the November 20 film, they've been leaving information about their constantly evolving thoughts on the franchise. Upon closer examination, they provide an illuminating snapshot into Twilight Nation — as if Edward himself had read their minds.

"Obviously, 'Twilight' had a huge following of book readers before the first movie was released," said Harry Medved, a spokesperson for Fandango, sharing the results of the movie-ticketing site's online survey exclusively with MTV News. "But these results might indicate that the first movie broadened the 'Twilight' following and expanded its audience — and that many moviegoers started reading the books after seeing the movie."

Indeed, the statistics indicate that that out of 2,500 recent "New Moon" ticket-buyers surveyed, an astounding 96 percent had read the novel — and 94 percent had read the entire series. But the tale gets even more interesting when you realize that 68 percent of the ticket-buyers weren't aware of the "Twilight" franchise until the first film was released in November 2008. So, in essence, only 32 percent of the fans who have bought "New Moon" tickets have been "Twilight" fans for longer than 12 months.

The next question on the survey (which would pop up after a fan purchased a "New Moon" ticket on Fandango) revolved around series newcomer Chris Weitz, who initially faced harsh criticism from the fanbase when he was chosen to replace "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke. Asked if they had faith the "Golden Compass" filmmaker would do a good job with "New Moon," 95 percent of Twilighters answered positively.

"This is a real turnaround story for Chris Weitz," Medved marveled. "Some avid 'Twilight' fans were skeptical when a man was hired to direct 'New Moon,' but ever since his presentation at this year's Comic-Con, the fans have been on his side, and they believe he can do justice to the story."

A big part of that turnaround, it would seem, is the commonly held belief among Twilighters that Weitz will do a better job with the action scenes than his predecessor would have. Indeed, 93 percent of all buyers had watched the "New Moon" trailers online, with 77 percent saying the action scenes were a main draw and 98 percent (!) saying the action glimpsed in "New Moon" looked better than "Twilight."

"The action appears to be a big draw for 'New Moon,' " Medved added, saying he expects more boyfriends and husbands to come along to the theater this year. "It may help expand its audience so that it's the ultimate date-night movie."

Last year's midnight showings made huge news — and huge money — and we can expect it to happen again next month. Fifty-three percent of Twilighters surveyed plan to see the first "New Moon" show at midnight; 26 percent will see it at a different time opening day; and 21 percent will see it during opening week or thereafter. Out of that crowd, 79 percent are making plans to bring three or more friends.

"The 'New Moon' sales continue to be strong — it's not just for the very first showtimes — and if the film delivers, you can expect heavy repeat viewings," Medved said. "It looks like the opening weekend may turn out to be a social event. You kinda have to be there."

Lastly, Fandango even has stats on the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob rivalry — and, well, it's not looking pretty for Taylor Lautner. Although "New Moon" will feature far more screen time for Jacob Black, only 17 percent of ticket-buyers said they'd choose him, while 83 percent are Team Edward.

"I'm personally bummed that Jacob doesn't get more respect from the fans," Medved laughed. "He's a nice guy, and he deserves better."

Meanwhile, sports-betting Web site has asked its odds-makers to determine how much "New Moon" will make in its opening weekend; 40 percent believe the film will take in somewhere between $66 million and $80 million. That total would put it on track to equal or exceed the receipts of the first film.

Twilight Hype Decoder: How Not To Lose Your Mind During New Moon Press

From Ted Casablanca's 'The Awful Truth' at E! Online:

With the New Moon premiere countdown on (one month exactly), the Twilight cast is going into press overdrive, and it's superimportant to learn the crap from the cool:

Now, E! Online's own Jen Cady (who some folks on Twitter seem to find even cattier than Answer B!tch—happy Jen?) gave a good rundown of what to find in this week's tabloids, but there's more you should know.

Here's how to sort what you need to pay attention to this week, from what you don't:
First off, gotta say, someone give Ashley Greene a cookie for accurately following her press notes (yes—we've seen a "do" and "don't" list given to the talent back during this year's Comic-Con) re: New Moon promotion!

We can summarize what they say in two phrases: deflect, deflect, deflect and Taylor Lautner!
But back to our Twi forecast, here are three points on how you must prepare...

1. Get ready for more quotes like this one in People magazine:
" 'It's a pretty hot movie,' says Ashley, who thinks Stewart and Lautner 'have this undeniable chemistry.' "

Team Jacob is going to be pushed like no other in the next month—by
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, too. We've been told this from the get-go by the highers-up at Summit, and we're being told this still. This is an unavoidable gross-out move, sorry. Learn to accept it, not to read too much into the fact Taylor's name is inserted where Rob's usually is. It's about the storyline, nothing more.

2. We love Robsten, but sorry, there is no love nest like they say in OK:
Guess where Team Awful stayed (by coincidence, too) up when we were up in Vancouver? The Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre. The hotel was like a jail, not a love nest. Pap's were camped outside all day—and night. Also, the staff is on major restrictions there—they're not chatting to OK, hate to say. Rob and Kristen may cuddle up together, but it hasn't become a place they adore being in. More like they're just working with what they've got. Think prison showers—and with no soap, sorry, not sexy in the least.

3. Really prepare yourself for multiple recycled interviews.
You put any of these Twilight kids on the cover of a mag and it'll be one of the highest-selling issues to date. Editors know this—they are scrounging to make old Twilight cast interviews relevant again. And with embarrassing results, too. Like that press release People sent out last week blabbing that R.Pattz couldn't "get a date." Uh, two things: He has a girlfriend, and that quote was from an interview as ancient as
Nikki Reed's R.Pattz crush.

Another example: Back during the 2008 Comic-Con, did you know Summit PR peeps were begging press to interview Rob and Kristen? Swear, true story. Some reporters did it as a favor to their publicist friends, and now they've hit the jackpot. So when random outlets pop up with "exclusive new interviews" beware—some of the time they are very old.

Of course, there are many of our darling colleagues who would prefer we didn't mention that bit o' info. Too bad!

Need A Rob Fix? Then Feast Your Eyes On These New Pics...

I think I might faint...seriously. Did the pic really need to be cropped at the bottom right there?!? FYI, it's from Joepie Magazine (Belgium). Clicky for bigger on the first one!

Updated: With 6 additional pictures from "the photoshoot" by Stewart Shining. heart just stopped.

Robsten Fanfic Competition: People Magazine vs. OK! Magazine - Lies, Lies, Lies

From E! Online:

Double New Moon covers this week! And both feature Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart!

People's Special New Moon Collector's Edition Extravaganza Party Issue is mostly about the upcoming film, but they do manage to sneak in a little Robsten fanfic. How could they not?

Meanwhile, OK! isn't ashamed to let all their Robsten fanfic hang out right there on the cover. "All the intimate details about our life at home," the headline reads. Yes, this is first-person, like Rob and Kristen are really saying this. And, no, the magazine never talks to them.

So whose fanfic about the maybe lovers is best?

For their Robsten article, People largely repurposes year-old unaccredited Entertainment Weekly andComic-Con quotes to rehash the story of Rob and Kristen becoming a couple—even though the mag never legitimately confirms the union. And let's face it, their nonstory is pretty much common knowledge to anyone that reads our Awful Truth column:

  • Rob jokingly proposed to Kristen several times on the Twilight set
  • Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke cast them because of their chemistry
  • Rob had a fling with Nikki Reed
  • Rob and Kristen love music, hate Hollywood
  • They hang out in Vancouver off-set
  • Then there's some anecdote Hardwicke told at 2008's Comic-Con about Rob getting passionate during a kissing scene and falling off the bed. According to People, that "told her everything she needed to know."

Moving on to OK!: This is where things get fun, as the tabloid gets supercreative describing Rob and Kristen's "love nest" in the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre. Some of the more awesome made-up quotes:

  • "Rob and Kristen sleep in a king-size bed, gaze out from floor-to-ceiling windows at the stunning Vancouver skyline, microwave Rob's beloved Hot Pockets in one of three full kitchens..."
  • "At night, the movie buffs watch DVDs on a large flat-screen—if not a contemporary flick then perhaps an old standby."
  • "Their rooms contain no fewer than six natural-gas fireplaces, in front of which Rob serenades Kristen with Van Morrison and John Lee Hooker tunes...and Kristen reads aloud from the volume of Virgil's Doomed Love that he gave her this past year."
  • "They sleep on and off all day, and cuddle."
  • "'They love to play little games together, like outrunning the paparazzi,' a source tells OK!. 'One night when they got into the hotel elevator, they were laughing so hard! Kristen collapsed onto his chest, and he rubbed her head.' Then they ascended to their celestial nest and left the real world behind."

The most believable part of the whole thing is that Rob loves Hot Pockets. He seems like a Hot Pockets sort of guy, but other than that, it's mostly just a fun read. We can't decide which is best: Kristen reading Virgil in front of the fireplace or the "ascended to their celestial nest" bit.

You know it's just a matter of time before OK! reveals how Rob and Kristen have shared their very special wedding plans.

Trick Or Treat: Site Fakes Quotes From New Moon Director Chris Weitz

Gossip Cop’s inbox was hit by a flood of questions today concerning an interview “New Moon” director Chris Weitz gave to Empire magazine. A purported “version” of the interview posted on a site calledReel Loop included an alleged “quotation,” attributed to Weitz, that appeared to confirm that co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are a real-life couple.

Here’s what we now know:

- The Empire interview is real. What’s actually in the pages of the magazine and on Empire’s web site come from comments Mr. Weitz gave during Comic-Con.

- The final passage Reel Loop “quotes” is complete fabrication. And we’re told Weitz himself is troubled by that, but more about that in a bit.

Here’s the controversial passage:

“Oh, one last thing, I was so joking, New Moon is straight up for the ladies. Jacob is naked during the entire production. Yeah, it was awkward for a bit but we all got used to it. What we didn’t get used to was Javier, the food cart guy. Homie was pant-less…and underwear-less when he served us scrambled eggs. If Kristen Stewart wasn’t dating Robbie, she told me that she would ‘fix his ferris wheel like a drugged-out fairy’…I don’t know what that means either.”

Gossip Cop can confirm what many “Twilight” fans concluded – Chris Weitz never gave those comments.

They’re in a “voice” that is nothing like Weitz’s, they’re without context, and they were designed to deceive readers. Erik Buckman, the author of the Reel Loop piece, fabricated them. Tonight he Tweeted, “It’s way too easy to frighten/trick Twilighters.”

But since almost no one follows Mr. Buckman on Twitter, we wanted to expose his trickery here.

Gossip Cop has been on the phone with sources close to Weitz and the “Twilight” production all afternoon and evening. The director himself was understandably troubled by the Reel Loop’s fabrication. His spokesperson tells Gossip Cop the alleged “quotation” beginning with “Oh, one last thing …” is “completely untrue.”

Gossip Cop is happy to be able to set the record straight.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Seventeen Magazine Presents: Secrets From The Set Of New Moon

Get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at Seventeen's visit to Vancouver and the set of New Moon.

Facebook Stalkers
Despite trying to keep a low profile, the shoot locations were announced on Facebook when fans realized that New Moon had set up in their neighborhood. Local Vancouver radio station 94.5 also began broadcasting shoot locations, causing pandemonium during early filming.

Fans slept on collapsible chairs with comforters to stay warm, but it paid off: Some lucky fans were used as extras for a parking lot scene.

The Cullen’s New Digs
The Cullen residence was recreated for this movie in a 1950s modern home since the house used in the first film was in the Portland, Oregon, area (where Twilight filmed). The house was located in a leafy suburban area just north of Vancouver, BC.

Protecting the Floors as Much as the Actors

While walking on set in the Cullen house, the crew and actors had to wear hospital booties on their shoes to protect the floors.

No Tweets Allowed!
A fake Twitter account was made in director Chris Weitz’s name at the beginning of the shoot. New Moon’s people had the account shut down since it wasn’t official, but an official account was just recently launched!

Listening to Britney?

The area that became the actors’ home base, where all their trailers were parked, was nicknamed “Circus.”

For Kristen’s Eyes Only
During filming, K.Stew was very serious about watching her playback. Immediately after finishing a scene, she would make her way over to the monitors and often covered the screen with her robe so that she could watch it alone.

Prepping for the Role

To prepare for the scene when Carlisle is stitching up Bella’s arm, Peter Facinelli bought chickens and sewed them together to practice the movement. He would then cook the chickens and eat them for dinner at his hotel room.

New Moon Roomies
During filming, Kristen Stewart shared a hotel room with Nikki Reed at the Sutton Place Hotel in downtown Vancouver.

Staying Warm on Set
Kristen changed into comfy Uggs between scenes to keep warm.

She’s a Coke Girl!
Kristen drank Coca-Cola out of a straw between takes.

Blurry Vision
The contacts that the vampire cast wore for their roles were often so blinding that they couldn’t read their e-mails with them in.

Jackson’s Side Job

Jackson Rathbone’s band 100 Monkeys performed a live show for fans at record store Neptoon Records in downtown Vancouver.

Peter’s Blond Moment
Peter Facinelli had his hair died for Twilight, but because the die irritated his head so much, he opted for a wig on New Moon.

VIP Access Only
To disguise that they were filming New Moon, the badges to access the set said “USM” on them, which was the working title of the movie: Untitled Sports Movie.

A Chill Birthday Party
While filming, the cast and some of Kristen Stewart’s friends helped her celebrate her 19th birthday at Chill Winston, a popular Vancouver restaurant.

Does Rob Watch Over Her at Night?
Kristen told us she’s a good sleeper and can get to sleep when she needs to, which made the grueling, always-changing shooting schedule a little easier for her.

Empire Magazine's 100 Sexiest Movie Stars - Rob #2 (Men) & Kristen #7 (Women)

Hottie overload...

Muse May Be On 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Soundtrack As Well!

Muse are apparently fully embracing their status as the "Twilight" band. They've already had their track "Supermassive Black Hole" on the first film's soundtrack, and come Friday, Twilighters can get their hands on the "New Moon" soundtrack, which features the group's remixed track "I Belong to You."

Now it looks like there's a good chance the British rockers will be back for even more vampy fun on the "Eclipse" soundtrack. "It's great to have the feeling of being a new band again in so many people's eyes or minds ... we might even do something for the third one," drummer Dominic Howard told MTV News. "How about that for a scoop?"

Nothing is set in stone yet, but Howard noted that besides being a favorite of "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer, they also have an in with "Eclipse" director David Slade.

"[Slade is] kind of a friend of ours 'cause he directed about three or four of our videos for the second album, and he's a really great video director," Howard explained. "I know he did that really great kind of sick horror [film '30 Days of Night'] which was a bit of a vampire/zombie vibe, wasn't it? So I think he's a great director, and he's quite a funny character as well. So, yeah, we might do something for him as well."

Although Muse have no problems selling albums without the assistance of "Twilight," Howard notes that they're not going to pass up the chance to work on music for the hugely popular franchise. "That's not the sole reason why people know about us, because this is now our fifth album," he said. "But it's a nice side project to be involved with."


Twilight Watch: On The Set Of Eclipse With Ashley Greene

Direct from the set of Twilight: Eclipse, caught up with Ashley Greene (aka “Alice Cullen” in the Twilight saga) to discuss filming the upcoming New Moon, cast reunions, and how becoming a vampire has changed her life. So you’re in Vancouver right now on the set of Eclipse …
Ashley Greene: I am. I just got to set! It’s an hour drive every day, really pretty; we’re way out in the middle of nowhere.

What are you filming today?
There’s a lot of action in this [movie], a lot of fight-sequence choreography. Me, Nikki [Reed], and Kellan [Lutz] are working today, and we’re doing another installment of the fight sequences. We’re doing a section of the huge vampire/Cullen/wolf/newborn battle.

What’s it like working with different directors on the same character?
At first, it’s a little difficult; it’s a lot of give and take. Everyone’s different and has their own take on it, but it’s been pretty good. You have to sit down and go, “This is what I’ve been doing, this is why I feel this way,” and you have to take suggestions. Basically, it’s about communication, and it hasn’t been a problem yet.

Your role as Alice Cullen becomes more significant as the series continues. What was your experience filming New Moon?
It was incredible, and I think the timing was right. I’m glad that [my role] wasn’t that big in the first one because I was wide-eyed and nervous. By the second one, I had the time to fully develop this character, and I’m really comfortable with Alice Cullen now. It’s going to be sad to be done with it. I was really excited when I read the script because I had, of course, read the book and you never know how they’re going to translate it, how it’s going to read, and filming it was great. Chris [Weitz, the director] was awesome.

Have you seen the finished film yet?
I got to see it a month ago. I’m really happy … I’m really excited about it. When we saw it, it was completely unfinished. It was one of the first cuts, and it looks really good. The first thing that went through my head was, “Oh my gosh, it’s beautiful!” The way that it’s shot … Javier, our D.P., he did such a beautiful job. We all look really, really good!

How much does it differ from the first film?
It’s more dangerous; it’s darker in the costumes, scenery, and tone. The Volturi come in, and they definitely make them look scary. I think that’s why the lighting was so important; it was key. A good part of it is in Italy …

What was it like filming there?
Incredible. I want to go back! We were in the countryside—you could take a picture and it was a postcard. The place that we stayed in was private, seven villas, and the people who owned it cooked us breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day and were just really cool. Even going to work where we were filming—there weren’t built sets—it was crazy to be able to go into these incredibly old, gorgeous buildings. What was going through my head was, “People actually live here … I would like to live here!”

What was your favorite scene to shoot?
Driving the Porsche was really fun. [Laughs] I got to drive it up these tiny, cobblestone roads having to deliver lines. I’m actually proud that I did it and didn’t crash! But filming one of the first scenes, where Alice throws this party and Bella gets a paper cut, was really fun because we were all there. During [New Moon] it was basically me and four or five other cast members. The Cullen family was really only there for a week. It was nice because we started out with coming back, reuniting, and seeing everyone again … and we got to see Jasper in action.

What would you say is the one major thing that has changed about your life since Twilight came out?
My life is a crazy whirlwind right now. I’m just working and working and working. With the success of the film, there are a lot of things you get offered, places people want you to go just to have you there, and I really haven’t been able to do that. Between this and other films, I’ve just been working. You know, I was a struggling actor, and I was modeling to pay bills. I was worried about rent, and I was living with two other people. To go from that to me going, “I need a break, I need a day off,” is a crazy thing. It’s good, and it’s tiring, but my mom being able to see what I’m doing every single day on the Internet? It’s crazy! From nobody really knowing or really caring who you are or what you do to suddenly making headlines with what you’re eating, where you’re going, who you’re hanging out and having coffee with is nuts. But I guess it helps when I’m walking into these rooms with directors and producers, all of a sudden they know who I am. That’s the craziest thing ...

What is?
My whole outlook has changed. You go into rooms with producers and directors and you’re so nervous, and you’re thinking these are big, bad studio heads and they want you to fail. Then you do something like this, and you can walk into these rooms and they want to know what you think, what you want to do, how you view their script. I go into these rooms [now], sit down, and have conversations with these people, which is what I should have been doing from the beginning. It’s a different world.

Have there been any changes in the way you interact as a cast?
Yeah, a little bit. We’ve gotten to know each other, we’ve been thrown together, and we’re working together six days a week, 12 hours a day. So we’ve definitely gotten to know each other better, and there’s a lot of real chemistry. There are also days when you know someone’s grumpy! There’s one big thing that we can all relate to, and that is how all of our lives have changed drastically. We can rely on each other a little bit more. If someone’s going through something, there’s someone else in the cast who has gone through something or who is going through the same thing. It’s nice.

So you and Kellan Lutz are throwing a Halloween party in Vegas … do you have a costume yet?
Yes! I can’t tell you what it is yet … O.K., I’m going to be a bird! My stylist found this costume for me because I asked her if I could have it created, and she found this amazing, beautiful costume. I think I’m going to add some feathers to it to make it a little less “Halloween Sexy Bird.” It’s going to be really fun.

What’s your word of the day?
Nervous! I’m a little nervous about the fight stuff. [Laughs] Acrobatics


Eclipse Casting News: Kirsten Prout Cast As Vampire Lucy

TDG Note: If your immediate reaction to this post title was "who the hell is Lucy?" then here's a little Eclipse refresher: Lucy is one of the trio of vampire girls that changed Jasper...she was with Maria. On to the article:
Kirsten Prout has been cast as the vampire Lucy in the third Twilight movie, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Prout is best known for her role as Amanda in ABC’s Kyle XY but her resume includes guest starring roles in Stargate SG:1 and The Dead Zone. She also appeared in the super-hero action film Elektra.

The story of Eclipse will follow heroine Bella Swan as she nears graduation while trying to navigate the dangers of the ongoing vampire-werewolf struggle. Mysterious killings turn up around Seattle and a malicious vampire looks for revenge.

David Slade (30 Days of Night / Hard Candy) will direct.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will be released in theaters June 30 2010.

New Kristen Stewart Outtakes From Entertainment Weekly Photoshoot 2009

Showing Kristen a little love today since I've been in Robward overload mode! These new outtakes are from the EW covershoot she did with Taylor for the Fall Movie Preview cover.

New Moon Exclusive Fashion Collection On Sale At Nordstrom & Online Today

SEATTLE, Oct. 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Starting today, the BP. departmentat Nordstrom stores and will begin to sell its exclusivefashion collection in partnership with Summit Entertainment, Awake, Inc. andN.E.C.A. inspired by the highly-anticipated November 20 release of TheTwilight Saga: New Moon, the second movie in Summit's Twilight film saga. Also starting today, while supplies last, select Nordstrom stores will offercustomers advanced movie screening passes as gifts with purchase. The retailer is also holding an online sweepstakes for tickets to the movie'sNovember 16 Los Angeles premiere, and will host in-store styling events inNovember.

Advanced Movie Screening Tickets Gift with Purchase
Beginning today, Nordstrom will give fans the opportunity to receive one moviepass to an advanced screening of The Twilight Saga: New Moon on the evening ofNovember 19 when they purchase $50 or more in BP. merchandise (promotionexcludes online purchases) at select Nordstrom stores (limit four passes perperson; please see store for details; while supplies last). Participatingstores include those within and surrounding the following markets: Atlanta;Baltimore; Boca Raton, Fla.; Boston; Chicago; Dallas; Denver; Los Angeles;Miami; Orange County, Calif.; Paramus, N. J.; Portland, Ore.; Sacramento; SaltLake City; San Diego; San Francisco; Scottsdale, Ariz.; Seattle; andWashington, D.C.

Online Movie Premiere Sweepstakes
Customers can enter an online sweepstakes at throughNovember 2 to win two tickets to The Twilight Saga: New Moon movie premiere onNovember 16 in Los Angeles (no purchase necessary to enter; please see abovewebsite for details). The winner will be notified on or about November 5 andwill receive roundtrip airfare for two, two-night hotel accommodations, cartransportation, premiere get-ready styling party hosted by the BP. team atNordstrom at The Grove (includes swag bag), and two tickets to the moviepremiere.

Twilight Takeover Styling Events
Nordstrom stores will host Twilight Takeover Parties in the BP. department onNovember 14 and 15 (depending on the participating store) where fans can workwith stylists to create looks from the exclusive collection. Customers canvisit to learn what events are taking place at theirnearest Nordstrom store and sign-up for email alerts.

Created by Awake, Inc. for Nordstrom, The Twilight Saga: New Moonfashion-focused apparel collection includes T-shirts, tanks, hoodies, dressesand jackets that reflect the mood and spirit of the film. Prices range from$30 for a T-shirt to $48 for a jacket. The collection of silver andgold-plated fashion jewelry created by N.E.C.A. for Nordstrom includesnecklaces, bracelets, earrings and key chains.

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