Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Details For The New Moon Preview At Rome Film Festival

Yesterday was the press conference for Rome Film Festival, and here are some official news about the NM event:

- It’ll be on October 22, 2009 at 16.30 (4.30 pm) in a hall of the Auditorium
- There’ll be Red Carpet Event
- Some of the cast and Melissa Rosenberg will be there

US Weekly's: The Sexy Stars Of Twilight New Moon

You can pick up your version of US Weekly's "The Sexy Stars of Twilight New Moon" anywhere that sells magazines and it's on stands now. To see the rest of the 70+ pics inside check out the source below! Nothing that we haven't already seen though.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hayley Williams Talks Paramore’s New Album And ‘Twilight’

In the latest issue (October 2, 2009) of Entertainment Weekly, Hayley Williams of Paramore discusses their new album “Brand New Eyes” and Twilight. Click through to read!

Your new disc, brand new eyes, has a lot of personal stuff about conflict within the band. Was it anything like No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” video, where Gwen Stefani is the focus of all the media attention and the guys in the group are hating it?

We lived that video! I mean, I don’t look as good in diamonds and cropped tank tops. [Laughs] But I think it’s the case with any girl singer. I relate to those lyrics so much.

But you don’t have your [No Doubt bass player] Tony Kanal, whom Gwen dated and wrote so many songs about…

It happened, but it was a long time ago, when we started. We’ve never talked about any of that stuff, and we’ve never talked about our band not getting along until now.

Being from Tennessee, do you feel like you identify as a Southern band?

We’re definitely proud of our roots, and especially over the past year I’ve really gotten into Loretta Lynn and Hank Williams. I like being from a town with a lot of history. But I don’t think it comes across in our music. We’re not like Kings of Leon. You can tell they’re Southern. [Laughs]

You wrote a songs for Jennifer’s Body, and of course you were on the Twilight album. Are you the go-to soundtrack girl now?

No! We got asked to do Transformers 2 and New Moon, and we don’t want to be the movie band. You know, we have our own record to push. And I like zombies—they’re way cooler than vampires. [Laughs] But when they brought up New Moon, we definitely weren’t like “Eww, I can’t believe you even asked!” It was time for another band to do it, and Death Cab for Cutie’s gonna be better anyway because they’re just better. It makes me feel good about myself: If they did it too, I’m okay. [Laughs] They were one of the first bands I ever got into. I went and downloaded all their songs. I was obsessed.

Did you know Twilight would be the huge deal that it was?

No! I knew our fans were obsessed with [us doing] it. I would go on the message boards—I’m such a nerd, I hang out on my own band’s message boards—so I knew they liked it. Or they liked it until it made us famous, and then they were like, “This sucks.” It’s weird to go from that [small] world to one where you’re everyone’s game, you know? It’s like you’re not special anymore.

Another New Moon Still From Chilean Website & New Jasper Hale Promo Pic

Why does it seem like all the foreign countries have way cooler websites than the US version?? On another note, Jasper is looking mighty scary and ready to take a bite out of someone in that new promo pic!

Here's the translation for the Edward poster:

What choice do I have?
I can’t live without you
but I can’t destroy your soul.

Eclipse Wolfpack Comes Out Of Hiding In Vancouver

Some scoop from Lainey Gossip:

Those vampires with their pasty faces and Walmart wigs vs the healthy natural beauty of the wolves – based purely on aesthetics, I am of the lupine persuasion.

These are members of the pulchritudinous Quileute Nation out and about Vancouver recently– young BooBoo Stewart with a new haircut, Chaske Spencer and the rarely seen and very beautiful Tinsel Korey. She’s stunning.

BooBoo spent a few days working on set before heading out again after shooting the large wolf gathering scenes last week around the fire during which “Bella” hears the tale of Taha Aki and the Third Wife.

Also, oh la, Alex Meraz who doesn’t seem to be capable of taking a bad photo. I mean really, it’s like a photo shoot every time.

New Edward Italian Promo Poster & More New Moon Stills!

We've got a new Edward promo poster for the Italy movie release and several new stills for New Moon that I think are from the upcoming Illustrated Movie Companion! The one of Charlie holding Bella makes me sad...

Eclipse Set Goes Into Lockdown?

From E! Online's The Awful Truth:

Summit has us just where they want us. And by us, we mean Robsten fans, Twilight fans and the media.

See, Team Awful is planning on making an impromptu (totally!) trip up to Vancouver, B.C.,very shortly to do a little Eclipse snooping since everyone on set is MIA in the media and all mouths are on may-jah lockdown.

We put a call in to Summit to see if we could get any on-set access ('cause how much Twipimping do we do?), not to molest Robert Pattinson or anything, but just to observe a bit of how filming is going.

Let's just say they didn't say, "Ted and Taryn, come on down!" Two's company though, because we were told not even Oprah's being granted permission to visit the set. Swear. The Big O…zero access. It's friggin' nuts!

Well, don't forget:

We just happen to have more than a few besties who are already there, so no sweat! But really: It's smart on the studio's part to keep the media at bay, 'cause it gives them all the power. Which Summit knows, of course. Now that they have their Robsten situation totally in control, it's time to whip some journalists in line, too.

Here's what the suits have in store:

That incredibly bland ass-kissing rag People has been playing nice recently after the whole "Rob's Messy Love Life" debacle and is being graciously rewarded by at least one superexclusive New Moonpic for a Twi special they're putting together (on stands mid-October we hear).

"That's one reason why no one is allowed on the set of Eclipse," fesses Deep Twi. "It's time to get the emphasis off the third film and back on New Moon."

Please, as if any of us have forgotten? But in case you have, look for Us Weekly to have another specialTwilight edition out momentarily—only this time it's filled with paparazzi shots, or so we're told.

Hey Summit—Team Awful can play nice too (sorta). If we're extra good can we get any special photos? Or at least first rights when the Robsten sex-tape is released? We kid, we kid, but seriously...throw us a friggin' vampire bone! Right fans?

AMC Movie Theaters Gets the First Batch of the New Moon Promtional Items

It's less than two months until The Twilight Saga: New Moon hits worldwide theaters, and the theaters are already prepping for the release.

A blogger at found that AMC Theaters was already placing New Moonpromotional items such as these cups (which feature Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner) and Vitamin Water ads in their locations.

Fans had already reported seeing posters for the film in theaters quite a while back, but with theaters selling out tickets like hotcakes this early in advance, it is probably not surprising that they'd also be readying and presenting their promotional materials as well.

More information about the New Moon merchandise available at AMC Theaters is available at TwiFans here.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart To Confirm Romance In Harper’s Bazaar December Issue?!?

According to PopCrunch (not reliable):

Robsten are sharing their love — on and off the set. Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will reportedly go public with their clandestine romance in a revealing interview on the pages of the Dec. issue of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine.

The tell-all interview with confirm months of speculaton romantically-linking the young stars of the wildy-successful vampire francise, insiders reveal in the Oct. 5 edition of In Touch Weekly.

“Rob and Kristen were relatively open about their relationship,” says a Harper’s employee who accompanied the couple to an Aug. 20 photoshoot for the magazine.

According to GossipCop (sort of reliable):

Today’s “Twilight” rumor has Robsten watchers on the edge of their seats.

Sites are picking up a sizzling In Touch magazine claim that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will “go public with their clandestine romance in a revealing interview” in this December’s edition of Harper’s Bazaar. “Insiders” tell the tabloid that the “tell-all interview” will confirm months of speculation that the co-stars are a real-life couple.

An employee for Harper’s who “accompanied the couple” to a photoshoot last month supposedly says, “Rob and Kristen were relatively open about their relationship.”

Here’s what Gossip Cop can confirm – the stars DID shoot, in Vancouver, a big feature story that as of now is slated for the magazine’s December cover.

But a source close to the production tells Gossip Cop exclusively that Pattinson and Stewart “do NOT” discuss whether or not they’re a couple.

So there you have it.

New Moon Sneak Peek: Howls for the Hunk

From People

Taylor Lautner may play a werewolf in the Twilight sequel New Moon, but he'd better prepare for some catcalls! In a photo from The Twilight Saga: New Moon: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion, a bulked-up Lautner, who plays Jacob Black, shows off his muscles while trying to win the affection of lovelorn Bella (Kristen Stewart), still reeling from her breakup with vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson).

For hungry fanpires counting the days till New Moon's Nov. 20 release, the tie-in book might prove the perfect thirst quencher. Due in stores on Oct. 6, it's filled with behind-the-scenes photos and tales from the film's cast and crew, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the making of New Moon.

For more exclusive New Moon photos, pick up this week's issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.


'Scene It? Twilight' New Details Unveiled: Test Your Expert Edward & Bella Knowledge On Wii And DS

There’s already Twilight The Game, but now new (exciting!) details have been released as “Twilight” enters into another genre of movie trivia games. Two months ago we teased initial information about Scene It? Twilight, which will hit shelves on October 1. But today Konami and Screenlife released new news that the Twilight edition will be available not only as a board game, but will be released for Wii in the fall and DS in spring 2010.

The DVD board game (pictured) is slated for ages 14 and up, will cost about $30 and will available at all major retailers (in fact, you can already pre-order the game on There was no news on how much the Wii or DS versions of the game will cost.

The Wii features will differ from those of the board game, which we discussed in our previous post. The Wii Scene It? version will contain over 500 multiple choice questions based on movie clips, music and audio (similar to how the board game works), but will have a new user interface. According to the press release, “the new Scene It? Twilight Wii version presents a new look and feel, giving fans a great reason to play both the Wii and the DVD boardgame versions.” We’re not sure what that could be, but we’re hoping its somewhere along the lines of different version of Edward shirtless and maybe the possibility of us virtually simulating the touching of his abs.

Scene It? Twilight for the Wii will incorporate the use of the Wiimote to buzz in, instead of the controllers the board game comes with. There will also be two new gameplay modes: single and multiplayer (you're already planning a firls sleepover now aren't you?) and new scoring systems.

Though there was no news on how the DS game will differ from either of the other formats (six months is still pretty far away), we’re assuming — like most Wii to DS games — its look and functionality will remain similar. So there you go, “Twilight” fans. Edward and Bella are coming to Nintendo products near you, and now you have a new reason to buy a Wii and DS.


Breaking Dawn Screenwriter Set—But Will It Be Two Movies?

Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg will definitely be finishing what she started when it comes to adapting the fourth and final book of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn. Deep Twi tells us that, although it won't officially be confirmed for a while, Melissa is tapped to finish out the films.

Marc Malkin chatted with Melissa last week, and while she was playing very coy about BD plans (as well as Robsten), using the whole "everything is still up in the air" line, our well-placed source dishes that it's a done deal.

Like we assured all Twi-fans last month, the entire crew—Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, etc.—will also be back to grace the big screen for the fourth time, too.
So any director updates? And how exactly will the final movie be made?

"There are no formal plans yet," Deep Twi tells us.

Uh, well, want to know why that is? We've heard a bit of incredibly juicy info...

Execs over at Summit are going back to the idea of splitting BD into two films.

Remember, last time we checked in with Deep Twi it was looking like Dawn would only be one movie, but recently everyone internally has been referring to it as "the Breaking Dawn films." That's right, you didn't imagine the plural ending there.

Still, nothing has been decided yet. Most likely what's happening is Rob 'n' crew agreed to a fourth…not fifth. Once the cast determines if they are up for five, then Melissa can plan accordingly about how to pen out this fourth flick.

We're totally up in the air about what to think here. We kind of wanted to release the cast into the acting wild. No need to drag out this Twilight stuff, especially since they are doing it so quickly, 'cause things get old real fast in Hollywood.

But after hearing that Rosenberg is definitely doing the fourth film we are all about a fifth...but only if someone else writes that one.

The final book in the Twilight series is definitely the craziest—it's a departure from the previous three, for sure. Hell, Robsten finally do it, ya know? We're not sure if Melissa is up for this edgy script-writing. Breaking Dawn needs someone like Diablo Cody to stir things up, and while we're at it, why not have Taylor Lautner direct the fifth one! After all, that is what he wants to do.
Twi-fans, we know you're not the best with change, but come on. Don't you think we need someone like Cody to bring the badass out of Robsten?

New Eclipse Set Pics & Filming Details: Bella Trying To Get Answers From Cagy Edward

Scoop from Lainey Gossip:
New photos of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson on set yesterday. Joan Jett hair made an appearance early in the morning upon arrival – so much better than that ghetto wig – as both look relaxed, hitting up on coffee to prepare for a long day working on Eclipse.
Billy Burke was also on set shooting a scene from early in the film that takes place outside the police station.
“Bella” and “Edward” drive up in his Volvo. She’s all curious about sh- and demanding to know everything and he’s being cagy with his answers because what she doesn’t know might hurt her because she’s so fragile and pathetic and then “Charlie” comes out and they talk about the airline ticket and going away together.
Earlier this week, Pattinson was shooting vampire fights on the second unit while the main crew filmed Stewart with Taylor Lautner’s “Jacob” and his boys and Leah’s transformation is revealed.

'New Moon' Soundtrack: An Inside Look At Artist Lykke Li And Her New Song 'Possibility'

Beyond the big names like Death Cab for Cutie, Muse and Thom Yorke on the “New Moon” soundtrack, there are plenty of unfamiliar artists with songs on the album. Swedish pop singer Lykke Li is lucky enough to get track four on the CD with her song “Possibility.” Be jealous of her: she admitted on her Myspace blog that she like director Chris Weitz's brother Paul already got to see a cut of “New Moon” to inspire her to write a track for the album.

all the artists featured on the album, the song she recorded was unique to the film. But unlike the more established bands like The Killers and Bon Iver, Lykke has only been in the industry for about two years. Through sites like Myspace and YouTube, Lykke built up an audience in the United States when she made her second &8212; this time successful — trip across the Atlantic.

Last year MTV's Kurt Loder did a
“Rising Star” feature on Lykke Li. Lykke, then 22, said it was thanks to her popularity on Youtube that she had a chance to return to the US. “That’s what got me here. Like, I have an audience before I have a record."
Lykke had made her first trip to overseas when she was 19, and she said she spent her time living in a coacroach-infested apartment in Brooklyn, learning English through improv classes and breaking out her singing career at open mic nights.

When her visa expired, she returned home to Stockholm where her father set her up with his old friend Björn Yttling of
Peter Björn and John fame.

"He produced a lot of indie people — 'I hate myself' kind of music,” she said of her initial response to working with Björn. “I didn't know about Peter Björn and John. But I needed somebody to record me. And then we met, and it was a perfect match."

Together they released her first EP, Little Bit, which through the Internet became a hit. She has since released her first full length album, Youth Novels, in 2008. Yesterday, she wrote a
post on Myspace about signing on for the "NM" soundtrack.

“I’m really proud of it and hope you will love it and need it. It’s kind of hard talking about it, cause it’s so open and obvious so my best tip is to actually listen to it when you get a chance. Lay down on a bed and just listen my love,” she said on her blog. “Love is a serious matter when it’s real. It’s blood and it’s death. But it's also life, ain't no other way around it.”


Ashley Green Covers Saturday Night Magazine, Says 'It's Sad For Rob'

Ashley Greene gave an exclusive interview to Saturday Night Magazine in which she speaks about New Moon and the craze surrounding Robert Pattinson.

What do you make of this Robert Pattinson craze? It’s starting to get to the point where the pandemonium is putting him in dangerous situations. What’s your take on that?

It’s sad for Rob! It’s a hard thing because we absolutely adore our fans, and he does too, and they helped us get to where we are now so you have to be thankful for that. I applaud him – with my fan encounters, there’s a process. It’s kind of like this chisel effect where there’s one and then it’s two and then it’s five, so I was kind of able to ace it. But he got slapped with 25,000 screaming girls so I definitely think he’s taking it in stride. They love him so much and I know they don’t want to hurt him, but people just don’t realize that when they’re that many people coming with a force, it can be very dangerous sometimes.


Update On Screening Of New Moon Footage At Rome Film Festival

Gossip Cop has confirmation from Summit Entertainment that there will be new footage shown at the Rome Film Festival:

A Summit Entertainment spokesperson came to Gossip Cop with answers:

- There will be an event on October 22 at the Rome Film Festival like there was last year, and the studio will screen some footage like the Comic-Con pieces and on-set b-roll.

- “There will probably be one ‘new’ scene [to be determined] just prior to talent introductions and audience Q&A,” says the spokesperson.

- The rep went on to say that Summit “will have more details in the coming days.” And we’ll be right here to let you in on them.

- Now, as for who will be there? We’re told among those likely to attend are Melissa Rosenberg, Cameron Bright, Jamie Campbell Bower, and Charlie Bewley.

Stay tuned for more info!

Robert, Kristen & Billy Spotted On Eclipse Set Wednesday

About 50 fans were lucky enough to see one of the scenes from Eclipse. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Billy Burke were all there to film at the set of the Forks Police Station.

Check out the rest at Twilight-Gossip here!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Preview Of The New Moon Illustrated Movie Companion Tonight E! News

E! News will be previewing the Official New Moon Illistrated Comanion tonight at 7pm (Eastern) and 11:30pm.

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New Bella & Edward Still - Vamp Bella?!?

Could this be for a dream sequence when Bella is a vamp??? I think it might be Alice's vision when Aro needs proof of Bella being turned!

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Look For New Moon Goodies At Burger King This November

Who could forget the Burger King crowns reported all around the San Diego Comic Con this year which featured "Team Jacob" and "Team Edward" and The Twilight Saga: New Moon?

Also memorable is the annoncement that Burger King was confirmed as a part of New Moon's product placement plans for the film in various ways.

According to a recent press release, too, fans should expect to see some New Moon-inspired goodies at their local Burger King right around the film's release this November!

For fans hungry for another bite of the "Twilight" film franchise, Burger King Corp. is revealing a few details of what will be available in participating BURGER KING® restaurants nationwide this November as part of its multi-faceted "New Moon" promotion. A special gift of holiday value, which guests will receive free (while supplies last) with the purchase of a BK BURGER SHOTS® six pack value meal, will be packed full with "New Moon" merchandise offers, retail coupons and collectible cards. Additionally, a series of limited-edition "New Moon"-themed BK® Crown Cards featuring stars from the film are available for purchase at BURGER KING® restaurants and online at Once acquired, these collectible gift cards, which have a $5 minimum limit, can be loaded at BURGER KING® restaurants nationwide. These exclusive items are just a glimpse of what will be offered in BURGER KING® restaurants and are sure to be a hit with "Twilight" fans looking for hot gifts this holiday season. More information will be revealed in early November when the promotion launches in BURGER KING® restaurants nationwide.

“Curiosity among fans has continued since our exclusive ‘New Moon’-themed BK® Crowns hit the Comic-Con scene in San Diego in late July,” said Cindy Syracuse, senior director, cultural marketing, Burger King Corp. “While full promotional details are still to come, we can confirm that beginning Nov. 16, BURGER KING® restaurants will offer guests access to a number of limited-edition, movie-themed offers and merchandise.”

St. Vincent Talks 'Vampirey' Song On 'New Moon' Soundtrack

Monday's "New Moon" soundtrack lineup announcement has ushered into the vaunted "Twilight" musical universe a whole new cast of artists. This year's big names include the Killers, Thom Yorke of Radiohead, Muse and Death Cab for Cutie.

The soundtrack also gathers together a collection of less well-known artists with a ton of indie cred. St. Vincent (real name Annie Clark) — who has been making a name for herself with solo albums and collaborations with Sufjan Stevens — hooked up with Bon Iver's Justin Vernon for the track "Rosyln."

"He sings in his beautiful falsetto and I'm actually singing very, very low," Clark told MTV News. "I think there's something vampirey and creepy about the two of us singing together. It's a simple, stripped-down kind of song. It's really elegant and beautiful."

Clark and Vernon had been talking about collaborating together for a while, and when Vernon wrote "Rosyln," neither he nor Clark had any idea the track would end up on the "New Moon" soundtrack. "We recorded the song for the joy of it, and then it looked like the 'Twilight' people were interested in using the song for the movie," she explained. "So it pretty naturally happened."

Unlike with the original soundtrack, all the music on "New Moon" is original and exclusive to the soundtrack.

While Clark has only just joined the "Twilight" family, she's been familiar with the books since she kept spotting them in the hands of her older sisters and counts herself as a fan of the movie. Her true pop-culture supernatural allegiance, though, belongs not to vampires or werewolves but to the occult, as a result of her teenage obsession with "The Craft," the Neve Campbell-starring flick about suburban witches.

"We were influenced to be vaguely goth — still mainstream but, like, mall-clothes goth," she laughed. "It was awesome!"

With her recollection of another teen-driven movie soundtrack — the 1996 adaptation of "Romeo + Juliet" starring Leonardo DiCaprio — Clark can relate to the impact and influence of music introduced to kids through cinema. "I loved that album," she said. "You swear by those things and you discover bands you wouldn't have if you hadn't had this more digestible album.
Clark is gearing up for a monthlong U.S. tour alongside Andrew Bird that kicks off in Indianapolis and has her swinging through the Midwest, into the South and through the East Coast, ending in Washington, D.C. She'll be in Cleveland when the "New Moon" soundtrack drops on October 20 and, as the European leg of her tour kicks in, at a festival in the Netherlands during the November 20 release of the film.

Just don't expect Clark to bust into her "New Moon" song during one of the live shows. "I think performing 'Rosyln' requires Justin and me in the same room together."

New Moon T-Shirt Sneak Peek From Nordstrom

If reading all four books, seeing the movie on opening night and scouring every inch of the internet for RPattz pics isn’t enough for Twilight fans, now you can wear the exclusive new Twilight t-shirts from Nordstrom.
Kristen Stewart has clearly decided she’s team Edward, but you’ll have to decide for yourself…are you “Team Edwards, Stand by Your Vampire,” or “Team Jacob Because Edward Bites?”
The Twilight cast is in Vancouver filming the third movie in the installment,
Eclipse, but we’d love to catch them out in these shirts!

Jackson Rathbone Injured On Eclipse Set - New Pics With Nikki & Elizabeth Too!

Jackson Rathbone held an ice pack as he returned to the Eclipse set after a quick trip to the hospital in Vancouver yesterday. He apparently got hurt rehearsing a scene with Kellan Lutz and considering those muscles — that we've gotten to see him working quite hard on — it's no surprise that Mr. Lutz has the ability to cause some damage. Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser were also on set and around to help nurse him back to health. Eclipse involves a lot of fight scenes and most of the cast is going to have to get pretty rough and tumble between the more sensitive moments that have all the rest of us swooning.

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