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New Pic Of Shirtless Edward - 'New Moon' Trailer: Sneak Peek Before The VMAs!

It's been almost two weeks since we told you MTV will exclusively premiere anexpanded "New Moon" trailer at the 2009 Video Music Awards on Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

You've waited long enough, right? Don't you deserve a little advance taste of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner as they return for the second installment of the "Twilight" franchise? Of course! So behold MTV's "New Moon" teaser video, filled with looks at Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black, with insight into many of the film's essential plot points and peeks at the ruthless Volturi coven. (Beware of spoilers below!)

When it comes to Bella, the teaser video shows the high school student bereft after Edward leaves for Italy, which leads her to attempt an adrenaline-seeking series of stunts. The trailer shows Bella submerged underwater as a vision of Edward floats upside down next to her and Jacob's arm reaches out to pull her to safety. We also see Bella speeding down a road on a motorcycle as a vision of Edward flutters in the background. No doubt, she is continually haunted by his presence throughout the film. But eventually, Bella shows up in Italy, and we see them together again, albeit uneasily.

We also get the Volturi, those vampires residing in the ancient Italian city of Volterra who have become a kind of royal governing authority in the vampire world, delivering swift, violent justice to anyone who threatens their way of life. There's red-pupiled Jane (Dakota Fanning), a powerful young member of the clan whose special ability is to inflict incapacitating pain with her thoughts — a skill she developed after being burned at the stake as a child. The teaser also delivers a shot of the Volturi leaders: Aro (Michael Sheen), the founder of the coven and its de facto leader; super-creepy Marcus (Christopher Heyerdahl), who wanders through life in a zombie-like haze; and Caius (Jamie Campbell Bower), a viciously cruel vampire with murderous inclinations.

And don't forget about the two male heroes of "New Moon." We see the werewolf Jacob consoling Bella after Edward has skipped town, as well as a rad shot of the beast bearing its fangs as several more of its kind sniff around in the woods. Meanwhile, off in Italy, we see Edward taking off his shirt in broad daylight. For a vampire, that cannot be a good thing! He also gets into a fight with one of the Volturi, who grabs him by the neck.

There'll be more Edward, more werewolves, more Volturi and more of all things "New Moon" when the full trailer debuts at the VMAs. Pattinson, Stewart and Lautner will be there too. Tune in starting at 9 p.m. ET to check it all out.


Some Screencaps From The 3rd New Moon Trailer


I'll say it again - Chris Weitz for Breaking Dawn!!!

Ashley Greene Thinks Making 'Breaking Dawn' Is A 'No-Brainer'

The cast of "Twilight" has already wrapped the second film in the franchise, "New Moon," and is just in the beginning stages of filming the third, "Eclipse." But there has yet to be any official word that the series will extend to a fourth film.

With a fourth book in the "Twilight" series, there's a good chance that Twilighters will get to see all their favorite vampires, werewolves and mortals come back for a film version of "Breaking Dawn." But Ashley Greene, who will be MTV News' VMA fashion correspondent on Sunday, can't make any promises just yet.

"I think it's expected to do a fourth one. I definitely think that they want to," she told MTV News. "But again it depends on how the second one does, and the third one."

The second and third installments are highly anticipated, which bodes well for the possibility of a fourth. But first, Greene would have to finalize any arrangements to come back to reprise her role as Alice Cullen. "There's nothing for me personally. There's nothing saying I'm going to do the fourth one, but there's nothing saying I'm not. My team, my management and the studio haven't even really discussed it," she explained.

Twilighters, don't despair! Greene, who shared earlier this week how sheshe's gotten battered and bruised making "Eclipse," is pretty sure that more from the "Twilight" saga is bound to get the green light eventually. "If it keeps going in the direction that 'Twilight' went, in as far as the success and the popularity of it, it would kind of be a no-brainer."


Rob & Kristen's Romance Eclipses Kellan Lutz

Don't expect a threesome with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Kellan Lutz—or even just a lunch date—to happen any time soon.

They don't hang.

"They're just so complex, and I like to laugh and smile," Twilight's Emmett Cullen told E! News at the W Hotels lounge backstage atMercedes-Benz Fashion Week just before the Monarchy show.

As for everyone's favorite couple…

Yeah, Kellan's not sure either.

"I don't know what's going on. I have no idea," he claims. "I don't hang out with Rob or Kristen."

And, while he promises that "a romance" is not the reason for this, he also quite clearly prefers one half of Robsten over the other.

"They are attractive humans, yes they are," he admits. "I'm nice with Rob also. I look great with him too. I think I look better with Rob…Rob's awesome. I love him to death."

But don't get the wrong idea. Despite word of a breakup, Kellan was chilling right next to 90210'sAnnaLynne McCord in that fashion-friendly lounge and they both had colds, so you do the math.

Sniffles aside, Kellan says shooting Eclipse has its pros and cons and, of course, it all comes back to Rob and Kristen.

"It's going great. We all love Vancouver. It's just that there's just so many paparazzi everywhere," he admits. "We've been moving around to new places like every two weeks. Especially for Rob—we feel bad for him. Like, we go out to cast dinners and, whenever Rob's shooting, that's when we can have free time because usually that's when everyone is trying to shoot Rob or Kristen. So then we can actually be free to walk around the city and shop and go out to eat. You know, when we want to do cast dinners, it's tough because you can't just chill."

Instead, Kellan plays board games like Risk and Clue with Ashley Greene and friends while Pattz and that girl whose name he hardly mentioned do whatever "complex" people do.




Thanks God for Chris Weitz and let's hope he comes back to direct Breaking Dawn!!!

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Ultra High Quality Bella & Edward New Moon Posters

GORGEOUS!!! Clicky for super-big size.

'Twilight in Forks' Acquired by Summit, To Be Released With 'New Moon' DVD

Big news for the “Twilight” community today, kicking off what’s sure to be a huge VMA-filled weekend: MTV News is exclusively reporting that Summit has purchased the rights to “Twilight in Forks,” and will release the eagerly-anticipated documentary alongside “New Moon” when both hit DVD together in early 2010.

Hollywood Crush readers have been following the development of the first-ever movie about Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” phenomenon for several weeks now, as the filmmakers debuted its initial details, as well as theone-sheet and teaser trailer with us over the last several weeks.

Although the move is a surprising development for the independently-shot film, it’s one that makes sense for all parties involved. The “Twilight in Forks” filmmakers get an official release from the studio whose films helped inspired their labor-of-love documentary, Summit Home Entertainment lands a high-profile film that Twilighter's are already eager to see, and the fans themselves should appreciate the added convenience of a huge DVD release alongside the “New Moon” disc.

For those who haven’t been playing along at home, “Twilight in Forks: The Saga of the Real Town” explores the small Washington logging town that helped inspire Stephenie Meyer’s literature and film phenomenon. Featuring a unique mix of high-definition camerawork and interviews with the people who live at the unique intersection where “Twilight” ends and reality begins, the flick is premiering exclusive footage tomorrow at Forks’ Stephenie Meyer Day festivities.

Of course, our story is only the beginning of a big “Twilight” weekend, which culminates Sunday evening at the Video Music Awards in New York. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will appear at the VMAs to unveil a never-before-seen, expanded “New Moon” trailer, and MTV will also be premiering Death Cab for Cutie’s “Meet Me on the Equinox” video at that very same day.


New 'New Moon' Trailer Includes More Edward, More Volturi

FYI - just so there's no confusion - the trailer above is the one that was released last month.

Fans asked and Summit Entertainment has delivered. The second full-length "New Moon" trailer contains everything the first teaser trailer and the "Meet Jacob Black" trailer have not: more Volturi, more werewolves and more visions of Edward. The
newest trailer is being shown before screenings of "Sorority Row" (out today), but an extended version will also be exclusively shown at the VMAs on Sunday,presented by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

If the focus of the "New Moon" teaser trailer was on the breakup, and the focus of"Meet Jacob Black" was, obviously, to introduce a new werewolf Jacob, then the focus of this newest trailer is on what comes next. Most of the clip is set in Italy at the end of the film, when Bella is (spoiler!) trying to stop Edward from killing himself by turning himself over to the Volturi.

But there is much more to the trailer than just Alice's shiny yellow Porsche. The element that will probably get the most people excited is the inclusion of Dakota Fanning as the evil vampire Jane (only briefly glimpsed in the last trailer), who has the power to create illusions of pain. The new trailer opens up with a shot of her in Volturi garb and then shows the rest of the Volturi guard before revealing Michael Sheen's Aro — the head of the Volturi — snapping a poor human's neck.

The trailer then hits lightly on Edward breaking up with Bella and the heartbreaking shot of her lying bereft on the forest floor. But it quickly moves on to Bella seeing a vision of Edward with his car at Forks High, and then we see Jacob comforting her after the fact. One of the locations the twosome are sitting at is the movie theater in the scene Mike Welch and Taylor Lautner fought so hard to keep in the film.

Director Chris Weitz showed how he kicked the CGI up to the next level by including clips of Bella trying to outrace visions of Edward on her motorcycle and a lot more of the cliff jump than was showed in "Meet Jacob Black." It is almost a work of art as Bella is floating under the water and sees Edward hovering upside down next to her after her jump. When an arm comes to pull her out of the water, she reaches out to touch Edward, and the illusion gets muddled and washed away.

The rest of the trailer revolves around Alice telling Bella about Edward's plan, Bella's epic run to save him, hints of some abs as Edward prepares to walk shirtless into the sunlight and some shots of the Volturi looking ready to kill spliced with a full wolf pack transformation. Bella's token line, "No, Edward, don't!" is thrown in for good measure, and the trailer ends on a high note, with Jane stating, "This may hurt just a little."

It will be interesting to see what extra footage will be added to the trailer at the VMAs, though an extension of any of the scenes shown will be something to look forward to. In the spirit of "Twilight Saga" clips shown at MTV awards shows, whatever is shown is sure to be enough to whip fans into a frenzy.

But first, be sure to tune in at 8 p.m. ET for MTV News' 2009 VMA Preshow to see "New Moon" star Ashley Greene work the red carpet as our special fashion correspondent.

The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards air live this Sunday, September 13, at 9 p.m. ET, but New York is celebrating the VMAs all week long! Stay tuned for party coverage, concert reports, behind-the-scenes updates and more.

Rolling Stone's Fall Movie Preview Includes New Moon

Pushing for Profits:
The Twilight Saga: New Moon
November 20th

This sequel might just hack it as the fall’s fattest cash cow. The first film from Stephenie Meyer’s four-book series of bloodsucking lore collected nearly $400 million worldwide. And that was before Robert Pattinson, as vegan vampire Edward Cullen, found his suitable-for-sucking face on every tween’s bedroom wall. It could hurt that Pattinson cedes screen time in the sequel to Taylor Lautner as Jacob, the werewolf who fights Edward for the human heart of Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart). But my guess is it’ll double the pleasure of Twi-hards who won’t care if critics snicker. They did the first time. Like that mattered.

Get Your Official 2009 VMA Countdown Widget, Watch As It Transforms Into The 'New Moon' Trailer!

Hello and welcome! In case the giant text didn't already give it away, that beautiful thing down there below this here copy is your official 2009 MTV Video Music Awards countdown widget. When the clock strikes 9pm on Sunday night, it will auto-magically transform into a new banner, one urging you to turn on your TV and check out the awards show.

But wait! There's more! At the appointed hour -- ie after the new "New Moon" trailer debuts -- the widget will transform again, into a video player containing... wait for it... THE TRAILER!!! You can also feel free to appropriate this widget for your own use; just click "Share" and copy the code into your HTML document of choice.


Info On New Moon Trailer Being Shown Ahead Of Sorority Row This Weekend & Possibly VMA's - SPOILER WARNING!!!


Here's the info on the new, New Moon trailer that is being shown ahead of the Sorority Row movie this weekend. It's probably the same trailer that is going to be unveiled at the MTV VMA's on Sunday night as well. Don't say I didn't warn you...

- Volturi lair - Aro, Caius, Marcus
- Felix fighting Edward
- Edward being thrown about the lair two or three times.
- Bella begging them to not hurt him

- Edward leaving Bella in the woods (more dialogue than we've already heard)
- Bella in the woods
- Bella in despair in her room
- Bella confronting the pack, Paul morphing in to a wolf in front of Bella
- Bella and Jacob with Jacob's "I would never hurt you" line
- Bella on the bike seeing Edward and falling over.
- Edward vision in the school parking lot with voiceover from Bella saying it's the only way she can see him

- Bella and Jessica walking with Jessica saying "so you're an adrenaline junkie now"
- Bella on the cliff diving into the water. Bella in the water seeing Edward
- Jacob rescuing her and asking why she did that
- Alice appearing and telling Bella that Edward is going to kill himself
- Jacob trying to stop Bella from leaving to stop Edward
- Shot of the Porsche in the countryside, and Bella and Alice in the car
- Volterra and the parade
- Shirtless Edward
- Bella running to stop him in the fountain

- Jane saying something like 'this may hurt a little'

If that doesn't give you an Edward fix then I don't know what will. I might have to drag Mr. TDG to the movies on Saturday night (under the guise of seeing something else of course) and sneak into the beginning of Sorority Row!

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Twilight Fail For Russell Brand - Rob Not Confirmed For Audience Now?!?

From E! Online:

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner may be appearing at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, but that doesn't mean show host Russell Brand knows a thing about Twilight.


When I caught up with Brand earlier today during VMA rehearsals at Radio City Music Hall, he made no apologies for not being able to tell me if he was Team Edward or Team Jacob...

"I don't know what those words mean," the British bad boy explained. "I am afraid I am not the demographic. I wish them both well, but I don't think I am their type of audience."

That doesn't mean Twilight won't get plenty of attention. "You just look at the landscape and see what's prevalent," Brand said. "It's pretty obvious what things are going to work and what things people are interested in."

Does that mean he's gunning for the Jonas Brothers again? Brand came under some serious criticism last year when he mocked the JoBros for their purity rings.

"If you'd have asked me last year, 'Is the script controversial?' I would've said no," Brand said. "So perhaps I am not the best barometer of what constitutes as controversial."

Meanwhile, the seating plan was coming along nicely this afternoon. Except there was no marker for Pattinson. I'm told producers haven't been told yet whether he will be sitting in the audience during the show.

Lautner and Stewart are definitely there. They're a seat apart from each other in the fifth row, as is Ashley Greene.

As our pals over at The Awful Truth stress, Robsten PDA at the VMAs is unlikely. However, we do suspect Pattinson will be slipping into one of those empty seats next to Stewart.

-- Post From My iPhone

Taylor Lautner Takes Robert Pattinson’s Seat at the MTV VMAs?!?

Damn that stupid puppy!!! Pics from earlier this morning show our beloved Robsten seated next to each other. Now, according to the video above it shows Taylor Lautner is in Rob’s spot, beside Taylor is Kristen, and beside Kristen is Ashley Greene. With no Rob in sight! What the Forks indeed...

Russell Brand Preparing His Jokes About Twilight

As MTV reporter Jim Cantiello says in the video below, "sharpen your fangs, Twilighters." As you all should know -- as you all had better know! -- this Sunday is the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" star and all around funny dude Russell Brand is the host. Another big component to Sunday night's broadcast, as I'm sure you know, is that MTV will be premiering new trailers for the Michael Jackson documentary "This Is It" and the "Twilight" follow-up, "New Moon."

Yeah, we've been talking about it all week. But Brand + "New Moon" = jokes. At least, that's the plan. In the below video from Brand's VMA rehearsal, you can see how the comedian plans to rib on Stephenie Meyer's vampire series come Sunday night.


Ashley Greene Gets 'Battered And Bruised' On 'Eclipse' Set

Ashley Greene is getting her action star on for the third installment of the "Twilight" saga. For "Eclipse," the actress who plays Alice Cullen promises that the group is hard at work to ensure that the book's famous vampire battle is going to translate big when it hits the screen next year.

"We're getting battered and bruised, but it's good, though," she told MTV News. "We're kind of just getting into it. All the battle and fight stuff is going to happen next month."
The actress, who recently signed on to be MTV News'
VMA preshow fashion correspondent, assured fans that if you see pictures of her all black-and-blue, there's no need to worry for her well-being.

"It's going really smoothly. It's going really well," she said. "We're all working really hard and learning how to kick butt. I don't know if you've seen recent pictures, but I have bruises all over my body. It's those wires. It looks like a hand mark on my arm, and it's definitely from wires."

She assures fans that all the pain will be worth it in the end. She is pretty sure that "Eclipse" is really going to please the Twilighters who are anxiously anticipating the franchise's third flick.
"I think we're trying to make it more of a drama and then add the fantasy in," she said. "So, I think the film as a whole will be very solid."


Exclusive Eclipse Set Photos From Yesterday!!!

SQUEE!!! Robward is back in action!!!

For more pics head over to BreakingDawn.FR here:

Twilight Weather Report: Can We Get Our Robsten VMA Hopes Up or Not?

Remember last time we got a smidgen frustrated with loveable Robsten, and then later that day we wound up with the first of many photos showing Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart hanging out together all over L.A.? Well, for the Video Music Awards this weekend, we're going to try to recreate that reverse psychology phenomenon again.

We've been getting tons of excited tweets about Rob, Kristen and Taylor's VMA appearance set for Sunday, and many are asking whether we can hope for a public makeout sesh or any "confirmation" PDA for those having Robsten doubts. And our answer is? Not likely. Which blows! And we're damned pissed about it.

Think of the past hyped public Twi appearances. There were the MTV Movie Awards (where Rob ditched the carpet), Comic-Con (where Rob and Kristen were publicly separated) and the Teen Choice Awards (where both Rob and Kristen skipped the carpet and posed apart for pics).

Yes, we've told you what has happened with some of their alone time together, but we want some public cuteness just like the rest of you.

So if we're lucky enough to see both R.Pattz and K.Stew walk the carpet this Sunday, is it too much to ask for some shots snapped together? Without the third wheel? If they do make that rare appearance (Lautner surely attached), we just hope Ashley Greene doesn't blow it and can get something cute, hot, quotable and—most importantly—photographic out of 'em.

Anything! Just let's not play the "we haven't seen each other naked" game, 'K? 'Cause we're so done with that one.


'New Moon' Star Jamie Campbell Bower Had 'Fun' Tearing People Apart

With only two more months left before "New Moon" finally hits theaters, many fans have begun looking past the series' stars (RPattz, KStew, Taycob) and wondering who the next big breakout will be. And while it might be smart to place your money on such newcomers as Kiowa Gordon, Dakota Fanning or Cameron Bright, we feel like the man to beat might just be Jamie Campbell Bower.

Handsome, witty and starring in the high-profile role of Volturi vampire Caius, Bower has one secret weapon at his disposal that his co-stars don't: two other high-profile projects (the next "Harry Potter" movie, TV's "The Prisoner") scheduled to wage war on our pop-culture awareness soon.

When we caught up with Bower, the up-and-coming Brit was eager to deliver some surprising news about his accent, walking in the "Potter"/"Twilight" footsteps of Robert Pattinson, and why he enjoys tearing people apart.
(And don't miss the
exclusive "New Moon" trailer premiering at the 2009 Video Music Awards on Sunday, presented by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.)

MTV: So, Jamie, you told us that you experimented with different accents while working on "New Moon." Is it safe to say that Caius and the other Volturi will have Italian accents, since they live in Volterra?
Jamie Campbell Bower: Actually, I have an English accent. Because they're so old — they're 2,000 years old, these guys — they would've tried [everything]. They're speaking English now, but they wouldn't have spoken English throughout all of their life. And so there's sort of a round vowel sound. The R's are very pronounced. It's kind of strange. It's almost medieval, the way we speak.

MTV: We're going to see you in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" as Gellert Grindlewald, joining Rob as the only actor to have a foot in both of these phenomenally huge franchises. Have you guys bonded over this?
Campbell Bower: Well, Rob is quite a significant character in the "Potter" movies, I believe, from what I can remember. My character is a bit smaller.

MTV: Have you and Rob discussed things he learned as he tried to go from one franchise to the other? Did he have pointers for you?
Campbell Bower: No. There isn't much difference between them, apart from the story. They're both massive franchises, and they both work like a machine, you know? Everyone's on time, and everyone's doing the best job that they can.

MTV: Some people might say that "Twilight" is more for girls, while boys enjoy "Potter" more. Would you agree?
Campbell Bower: I'd say that they've both got fairly specific fanbases. "Twilight" is more for your 13- to18-year-olds, although there are people who obviously enjoy it — older people — which is great. But I think the main audience is the 13- to 18-year-olds, maybe because of Rob and the fact that they love Edward. [As for] "Harry Potter," it's a bit younger. Although the recent films are a bit dark. I saw [a "Potter" film] the other day, and I thought it was quite scary. You've also got your older audience [there].

MTV: What's the difference between how you approach each franchise?
Campbell Bower: Like, am I playing them the same? No, I mean, they're two different characters, they're two different people. [To play them the same] would be like, "I've just eaten some cheese, and now I'm eating an apple, and it tastes like cheese." When you're filming anything, you've just got to believe in the character and believe yourself that you are the character.

MTV: What's the one scene in "New Moon" you most enjoyed filming?
Campbell Bower: Well, there's a particular scene where we rip this guy apart, and I just sit there smiling and really enjoying it. When I got the script, I was like, "That's the one I want to do the most!," because there's nothing to say. It's really sordid, gross and really grim — that was pretty fun.


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Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner's 2010 Cinematic Showdown, Where Will You Be?

Twilight fans may or may not face a bit of a conundrum on February 12, 2010. It is the shared date of release for Remember Me and Valentine's Day.

Remember Me stars Robert Pattinson (Edward in The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse), while Valentine's Day stars Taylor Lautner (who plays Jacob in the saga).

Both films were shot with the Twilight actors during their off-time between filming New Moon and Eclipse and will be released on the same day - perhaps reanimating some of the Team Edward versus Team Jacob spirit?

One might care to wager that Kristen Stewart's summer-shot film The Runaways would probably not be slotted for the same release date.

So, if you have to choose (and you just might), which of the two films would you see on February 12, 2010? Does the joint release date hinder your plans to see both at all? Comment below and let us know!


TDG Note: AS IF there's even a competition going here! Plus, the puppy probably only has a few minutes of screen time whereas Remember Me is all about Rob, Rob, Rob!!!
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