"OK, so again, having only finished the second book, I feel like I'm sort of out on a limb a little bit, because I haven't started the third book," Walla told MTV News. "So I'm really excited to see the film and sort of see if I feel like I'm still out on a limb. Like, I love Jacob. He's great. In the middle of the book, he's the one who's taking care of Bella, and, like, where's Edward? What is he doing? What an a--hole! But he comes through in the end, and, you know, we'll see what happens."

So there you go: Chris Walla thinks Edward Cullen is an a--hole. And that wasn't the only revelation Walla had for us on the "Equinox" set. Apparently, there currently exists a five-hour version of the "New Moon" film — and, no, he hasn't seen it either.

"We were invited to see a cut that was five hours long. It didn't have any effects or Foley or music or anything in it. And we couldn't make the schedule work, because it was five hours long," Walla laughed. "We haven't seen anything more than anyone else has seen. We've seen the trailer, and that's really about it. ... I think the trailer looks great. There was the one scene where Jacob explodes into the werewolf, and it's like, 'How are they gonna pull that off? What are they gonna do?' And it looks great. So I feel like the whole thing is really going to work."

And while we'll have more information about the "Equinox" song — which premieres September 13 on MTV.com — and video in the coming days (trust us, it looks great), there's still one more bit of information we'd like to leave you with: Walla wants you to know that he's planning to finish the "Twilight" series very shortly. So if you run into him on the street, don't reveal how the whole Jacob/Edward thing plays out, OK?

"I'm a big fan of everything I've read so far. I've read both the first books, and it's kind of perfect for me, because I stopped after 'New Moon,' and I'm waiting to pick up on the next book," he said. "As this thing kinda gets going, I think I'm actually gonna dive into the third book. I really can't wait to see how it all ends up."