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Taylor Lautner Arrives Back In LA For Teen Choice Awards

Taylor Lautner has arrived back in LA from prepping Eclipse in Vancouver in order to attend the Teen Choice Awards with the rest of the case. The TCA will be taping Sunday night and airing Monday night on Fox at 8pm.

You can check out the rest of the pics at Socialite Life and TwiFans.

People Magazine: Robert Pattinson and Kristen's Stewart's Low-Key Concert Nights

We've got another pic from RobPattzNews this time showing Rob backstage at the Hotel Cafe on Friday night. Their sources report that Rob is sitting there on the stool (obv) with his agent Stephanie Ritz on the right, and Kristen sitting hidden on his left.

People magazine has picked up on the story now and here's what they've got to report:

Before jetting off to Vancouver to begin filming Eclipse, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart got some downtime together and enjoyed a concert Thursday night and then again, Friday night, in Hollywood.

The Twilight stars snuck into Bobby Long's concert at Hotel Cafe about three songs into his set with Pattinson's close pal Marcus Foster (who wrote a song on the Twilightsoundtrack) on Thursday. The group watched the performance from a curtained off area on the stage where there was sound equipment and a few bar stools.

"Robert was super low-key when he walked in," an onlooker tells PEOPLE, adding Stewart, 19, and Pattinson, 23, went unnoticed by fans the entire night. After Long, a friend of Pattinson's, finished his set, the group quickly exited the venue and jumped into a waiting cab.

The two headed out for a second night in a row Friday, this time catching Foster's show at Hotel Cafe.

"Kristen and Rob, just the two of them, came in and walked towards the curtained-off area on stage where they watched Marcus," says a source. "They seemd to go unnoticed."

Stewart and Pattinson later showed up together with a group of pals at the Chateau Marmont, and hung out well into the night.

While the two have remained tight-lipped on their relationship, the actors have spent time together off set – and are more than costars, according to a source.

"Word on the set of Twilight is that [Michael] Angarano, [Kristen's boyfriend], and she are completely broken up," a source tells PEOPLE. "While people don’t want to talk about it, everyone is pretty convinced that Pattinson and Stewart are hooking up."

UPDATE: Added another pic of Rob exiting Hotel Cafe courtesy of TwiFans.

First Pics Are In of Robsten Leaving Marcus Foster Concert In LA Last Night

Thanks to Spunk-Ransom we've got the first pics showing Robert and Kristen leaving the Marcus Foster show at Hotel Cafe in LA last night. According to fan reports, they were whisked (or ran in KStew's case) into a waiting car to avoid all the paparazzi and couldn't stop to pose for pics with fans. In case you're wondering, the guy waiting in the car for them is Rob's manager, Nick Frenkel. Still not sure who the blonde is yet. I'll keep you posted with any further developments.

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Another LA Sighting For Robsten - At Hotel Cafe For Marcus Foster Concert Friday Night

Thanks to Rob Pattinson News for bring us the details as they're happening! As always, will bring you any pics if they ever become available. RPattz and KStew are at Hotel Cafe in LA for the second night in a row, this time attending Marcus Foster's concert.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Another Eclipse Cast Dinner & More Working Out - Sick Of The Celebrity Mundane Yet?

More cast Eclipse cast pics and scoop courtesy of Lainey Gossip (you can also click there for the rest of the pics):

Work out together, hang out together

"Several Twilight cast members left Vancouver today to head to the Teen Choice Awards in LA. Last night they once again gathered together for a group dinner, walking in a row downtown, reminds me of that press shot of Friends…was it Season 7?

By request, Twi-Hards, by request, the photos are attached.

Eating together and also working out together – here are Kellan Lutz and Elizabeth Reaser after the gym. Kellan as you can see is totally ripped. Me I’m not down with dudes who walk around in beaters. This is a personal preference. Am sure many, many, many of you don’t mind. It’s whatever quivers your lady business. Beefcakes have never quivered my lady business. Please however go ahead and let the Lutz quiver your lady business. I’m your pusher.

PS. Taylor and those dress shoes. It needs to stop

TDG (TwiDazzledGal) Note: I have a love/hate relationship with Lainey. Sometimes her snark is too extreme and mean, but she's the only source of pics/gossip for the Twilight movies because she's based out of Vancouver. So...I'll only post her scoop when it's worth posting and not trashing our beloved Twilight.

New Moon Wolfpack Member Kiowa Gordon (aka Embry) Gives Some Scoop At The BandSlam Premiere

New Moon wolfpack member Kiowa Gordon (aka Embry) was interview on the red carpet of the BandSlam premiere by MTV and the Insider. This was his first red carpet and I think he's adorable! Here's an excerpt from the MTV interview:

MTV: Break down the wolf pack for us.

Gordon: Alright, the head is Sam Uley — he's played by Chaske Spencer, who is a great guy. He's the leader of the pack, he runs us and helps us go through our phase. Next is Jared — he transforms next, and he's the fun boy, the jokester. He's played by Bronson Pelletier, and he's a funny guy too — he's awesome, we became really close. And Alex Meraz plays Paul — he's the hotheaded, ferocious guy that always wants to be in the middle of the action, and he's the go-to guy if Sam needs something taken care of.

MTV: And how about yourself?

Gordon: Jacob's really weirded out that I joined this cult of shirtless Natives. [We] thought that Paul, Jared, and Sam were just these [egotistical] guys that thought so highly of themselves and called themselves the protectors of the tribe, and I'm just the shy, lanky kid. Then Jacob sees me [join them] and he's like, "Wow, I've lost a friend," but that's really not the case; we can't tell Jacob or other Quileutes about our transformations until they have transformed themselves. Then, next in line is Jacob of course, and he's so natural to it; his wolf is stronger than like any other one.

MTV: You and some other "New Moon" stars were exposed to the public for the first time at Comic-Con. How was that?

Gordon: Yeah, I went to the Comic-Con for the "Twilight" screenings, and the question- and-answer [sessions], and it was crazy. They all started screaming as soon as we walked off the bus; the whole time we were answering questions they just kept screaming and screaming. It was so surreal for me. I've also gone to my own things — like I've gone to this unity conference out in New Mexico where Native American youths gather and share their tribal affiliations and all that awesome stuff. And [Twilighters were there and] they went crazy.

MTV: Taylor has said that he gets to speak the Native-American language of the tribe a bit in "New Moon." Do you?

Gordon: No, I would just — we make noises.

MTV: Noises? Can you give us an example?

Gordon: Hopefully I won't get in trouble for this. But yeah, [there's a scene where] we get out of the car, and we have to do this call — this signal that we're home. Me and Jared, we go [he unleashes a loud, yipping noise]. It's kinda funny. But it's awesome.

You can check out the rest here.

Twilight Cast's Seating Arrangements At The Teen Choice Awards

E! Online has the following scoop on the Twilight cast’s attendance at the Teen Choice Awards this Monday.

Twilight fans, rejoice! Robert Pattinson & Co. have some of the best seats in the house at this weekend's Teen Choice Awards.Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will be sitting next to each other. Also in their row: Jackson Rathbone, Justin Chon, Ashley Greene, Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed. Director Catherine Hardwicke is directly behind them, as are Megan Fox, Miley Cyrus, Cameron Diaz and Hugh Jackman. Sadly, it looks like Rachelle Lefevre will be skipping the festivities.

According to the seating plan I saw today, the Black Eyed Peas are the only celebs in front of the Twilight cast.

However, I gotta feeling that will change.“Let me put it this way,” Bain says, “the Twilight cast can sit any place they want—and you can quote me on that!”
With our fave young-vampire-love movie up for so many awards, expect to see plenty of Pattz & Co. “There’s also a big presentation at the end of the show for the entire cast,” Bain says.

Latest Speculation In The Robsten Circus - KStew Leaving Rob's Hotel?

Here's the latest speculation from OK Magazine after the spotting of the pair leaving last night's Bobby Long concert in LA. Straight from the very reliable source:

One day after Robert Pattinson was photographed from Kristen Stewart's L.A. home in his car, it’s Bella that’s the one attempting to make a stealthy exit.

On Friday morning, the Twilight star was photographed leaving the side exit of the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Hollywood, where R-Pattz has been staying since returning to L.A. earlier this week.

Five minutes after she left, Rob himself was spotted chowing down on the hotel’s patio.

I think this just looks like two random photographs of them. It's not like they're coming out of a hotel room together. I want to see proof dammit! What do you think?

Here's even more gossipy trash/goodness courtesy of another very reliable source, Radar Online:

Rob Pattison and Kristen Stewart evaded screaming girl fans Thursday night as they snuck out of the Chateau Marmont and hit a local Hollywood hot spot for a friend’s concert. Twilight blogger Moon gave the exclusive details about her sighting of the dynamic duo and Rob’s fellow Brit Packer Marcus Foster – who is playing at the same venue tonight. Do we think we’ll spot the pair again?

Looks like Edward and Kristen are doing more than just dazzling each other on screen.

Only can report thatTwilight co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart spent the night together --in the same room -- at the fabled Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles Thursday night!

Our witness spotted RPattz and Kristen along with fellow Brit Packer Marcus Foster entering a suite of the legendary hotel Thursday evening.

Around 8:45pm, a guitar was delivered to their room. (We all know Rob loves to play the guitar!)

And while Kristen was quiet around others, she got a chance to be alone with Rob later. A source close to the situation told that around 1:30 a.m. Friday Marcus Foster left the suite. Rob and Kristen stayed inside the room.

Many of Rob and Kristen's Twilight co-stars arrived in Vancouver, British Columbia this week to prepare for the start of filming of Eclipse --the third movie in the Twilight saga. Rob and Kristen are enjoying some down time together in Los Angeles before re-joinin their castmates Sunday at the Fox Teen Choice Awards in Universal City, California.

Note: by very reliable source, I mean very unreliable source. I'm just being snarky because these gossip mags and sites love to spread the Robsten rumors. No pic = no proof.

More New Moon Vamps From Glamour Magazine

We've got some more photos of the New Moon gals from September's Glamour Magazine and the accompanying article which shows how to take your makeup look from day to night. Pictured in the spread are Nikki Reed (Rosalie), Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria), Ashley Greene (Alice), and Noot Seear (Heidi). The foursome show off their day and nighttime looks, share their beauty secrets and dish on those cast hookup rumors.

Here are the quotes from each vamp in the feature and you can read the rest at Glamour:

Get an after-dark glow:
Nikki Reed, 21, (a.k.a. Rosalie) welcomed the radiance; Robert Pattinson (Edward, her adopted brother) might not have. “The whole pale thing works for Rob, people who like to stay indoors and out of the sun, like vampires, but not for me!”

Let color come out at night:
Just how transformative is cherry red lipstick? “After the shoot, I bought one,” says Rachelle Lefevre, 30, who plays Victoria, a vampire out to avenge the death of her mate. “In Twilight, I put in a little playfulness,” she says. “In New Moon, I didn’t have any fun—it’s just pure anger!”

Vamp it up…the easy way
The idea is to look sexy, not man-eater-y, so try smoky brown eyes like Ashley Greene, 22 (Alice, Edward’s future-seeing sister), has here. We asked her if the nonstop cast-hookup rumors were true; she won’t confirm or deny, but admits that there’s a lot of heat on set. “I’m glad I don’t have a boy-friend. It’d be hard to tell him, ‘I have a crush on Jackson Rathbone!’”

Go for killer eyes:
It’s something Noot Seear, 26, got to do in her role as Heidi, a siren who lures prey to her lair to “dine.” Thing is, the contacts the cast wore (shades of violet, amber or red, based on their mood) made them nearly blind at times: “I had to learn to wear them—not a beauty tip I’d recommend!”

Thanks to Twilighters Anonymous for the story.

Twilight and SYTYCD Together? Winner Jeanine Mason Interviews Ashley Greene

Could it really be? My two favorite things, Twilight and So You Think You Can Dance and Twilight are together in one clip!!! Last night's SYTYCD winner, Jeanine Mason got to co-host a morning program where Ashley Greene was interviewed. Apparently, Jeanine is not the only Twilight fan on this season of SYTYCD because Randi also declared her love for Twilight on her facebook.

Thanks to Twilight Lexicon for the video.

And, as an extra-added bonus here's the SYTYCD video of Kayla & Kupono's contemporary performance to Blue Foundation's "Eyes of Fire," choreographed by Sonya (my favorite), off of the Twilight Soundtrack.

Jimmy Fallon Spoofs Robert Pattinson (Again...) - This Time It's Shark Week Style

Jimmy Fallon has decided to try and get his ratings up by taking advantage of us Twilight madness for a second time. He spoofed RPattz again last night, this time in the style of Shark Week. The original spoof took place several weeks ago when Harry Potter came out and consisted of dueling Jimmy Fallon's: Robert Pattinson vs. Daniel Radcliffe. NBC sucks and there's no sign of the original video on YouTube or else I would post it for comparison.

NBC actually went so far as to make a website just for this clip, which you can check out at Robert is Bothered. Weird...

What We've Been Waiting For - RPattz & KStwew Spotted Leaving Concert In LA Together!!!

Here you go Robstenites! It's what we've all been dying to see since The Sparkly One landed in LA this week. We've got a blurry pic of RPattz and KStew hopping into a cab together after leaving the Bobby Long concert!

Thanks to Letters to Twilight for the pic!

New Moon Set Report - Fansite Friday Links

Here are the links to the New Moon set reports from the Twilight Fansites. Most of the reports are narratives that are too long to post on here. So you pick and choose which ones you want to check out:

Twilight Lexicon (this one has got a slideshow of pics)

I'll post links for the other two as soon as they're up!

Fansite Friday's Starting Today - Weekly Reports From New Moon Set

Starting today, some of the most popular Twilight fansites are going to be doing weekly reports called Fansite Friday's revealing details from their New Moon set visits back in April. Only a select few sites were selected to visit the set and they include:

These sites went on-set during the production process and were able to take exclusive interviews with cast members from the film and more. According to the Twilight Lexicon, "Starting tomorrow and continuing for the next 5 Fridays the fansites that were invited to the New Moon set are going to be bringing you our set reports. We’re going to kick things off tomorrow with our overall observations and each week we’ll bring you more detail. By detail we mean interviews with the people who were on set that day like Taylor Lautner and Chris Weitz, just to name two."

I'll be sure to bring you the details as soon as they post them.

Vampire Tourism In Forks Still Going Strong

According to a new article from the Twilight Examiner, Forks, Washington has had almost as many tourists in July 2009 as they had for ALL of 2008. Here are some of the more interesting excerpts from the article:

For instance, it was reported by Marcia Bingham (of the Forks Chamber of Commerce) that in the month of July alone, more than 16,000 tourists made their way to Forks to visit.

According to her also, this is double the rate in June and nearly as many as the total for the year 2008.

Back in August, 2008, Bingham had spoken to the Seattle Times about the then-increased tourist traffic. "By spring, Forks Chamber of Commerce Director Marcia Bingham estimated the daily average of Twilighters at 30 to 50 people; by last week, she guessed it was more like 90."

At 16,000 a month, that is roughly 515 a day now - a staggering leap from the already-increased numbers discussed this time a year ago.

The subject matter up for discussion?

According to the recent article, Bingham now "notes that in the 'old days' the Visitor Center focused mainly on teaching people about logging and coordinating tours of local natural resources. These days it's all about vampires and werewolves. Logging tours have been cut back from three a week to one."

And the numerous visitors come armed with questions. Among them: Is it safe to go camping with the vampire problems in the area?

Side note: As some of my readers know, I'll be on vacation from August 20th through 30th visiting Washington and Alaska. I'll be visiting Forks, La Push and some other Twilight-related areas for a couple of days. Mr. TDG (aka my husband) is being a good sport about this mecca to Twilight-ville since it's only for 2 days out of our 10 day trip. I'll be blogging and uploading pics while I'm away (but can't promise to be doing it as frequently as I am now).

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Interview With Twilight's Christina Serratos (Angela) From MTV

Here's a new interview with Christian Serratos, who will be reprising her role as Angela in New Moon. This is a bit of the interview where she speaks specifically about filming New Moon:

MTV: OK, so let's talk "New Moon" a little bit. How was the shoot?

Serratos: Chris [Weitz] was amazing, like, fantastic. I was really happy working with him. We shot in Vancouver [British Columbia], which was a good change from Portland [Oregon]. I love the city Portland, and I've been back there since, but in Vancouver the weather was a lot better, and I didn't wanna die at the end of the day, because it wasn't extremely cold. I'm excited to go film "Eclipse." That's gonna be next month already — they are already cranking it out.

MTV: And they'll be shooting that in Vancouver as well?

Serratos: Yeah. I haven't read the script yet. I didn't bring my laptop with me, so I saw it on my phone — on my e-mail — and I was like, "I wish I could download this as an attachment, but I can't!"

MTV: How were the re-created sets in Vancouver? Obviously, most of your stuff takes place in the school cafeteria.

Serratos: Yeah, they did a really good job re-creating things. Obviously, we didn't have the same parking lot and everything. There were a lot of green screens and things. I don't even know how they do it.

MTV: Was it weird walking into the "new" cafeteria with the other humans?

Serratos: Yeah, because the cafeteria was still a cafeteria. When we walked into that cafeteria, we were like, "We're in a different country, and it still looks exactly the same!" Like, seriously, they could have just picked it up and dropped it in Vancouver. It looks identical — that was creepy until I got used to it. But the parking lot, that is what was green-screened.

MTV: What did you think of the footage we saw at Comic-Con, of Rob as a "hallucination"?

Serratos: I still haven't seen it; but I wanted to stay and watch it. Rob's gonna be in it a lot more [than in the book]. I really love how they did that. It was really clever.

MTV: You seem like you're as much of a fan as an actor sometimes.

Serratos: Oh, God, yeah. We're all "Twilight" fans. We all read the books, we all fell in love with the books — and being a part of it is great and everything, but we want to see the footage!

You can check out the rest at MTV here.
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